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  • raj2007
    02-19 12:18 PM
    Wellwin I am totally agree with your points and whatever you have mentioned in your message is appreciable.
    like_watching_paint_dry your points are valid but try to see from the other side I mean think if would have chosen for CP instead of 485.
    Please don't hink that CP filers are not contributing in any efforts of immigration voice, I have also sent letters to president for this latest campaign although there was no point mentioned for CP. I know that we can win this battle together.

    In short I just want to say that it would be good if we all work together please do consider the CP filers as part of this community.

    Hi TInku,

    I got my GC thru CP only and I think you were aware about the fact that CP files will not able to get EAD. There are risk and rewards with every action.
    Frankly I donot think anything is going to happen in election year regarding immigration. If anything happen it will be next year depending on situation.

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  • shamu
    01-12 04:25 PM
    In Dallas (Las Collinas), if you dont have medical insurance, you can have an arrangement with the Doctor and Hospital.

    Like one of my friend paid 3K for everything for Delivery + 5K I think for the hospitals. Ofcourse this is based on the delivery is not complicated / C-section couple of years ago.

    Hope this helps.

    To every one, thanks to one and all.

    Here are my results, that I came out after one day research

    ************ Los Colinos Medical Center (Dallas Texas)
    ***********Regular*************C section
    Dr *********4000***************4500
    Anesthesio ***0000***************1000 (approx)
    Total Exp ****7850***************11300

    ************Richardson Medical Center (Dallas Texas - Richardson)
    ************ Regular***************C section
    Dr Fees ******2800***************3500
    Anesthesio****0000***************1000 (approx)
    Total ********7200***************10900

    Total expenses if you pay by cash and this has to be paid before hand.

    There was one more option i.e parkland systems in dallas area. But for that you to personally go to them and they asses your pay for the family and only then they will let you know the cost. I beleive it would be around the same or may be around 8000 dollars.

    Thanks to one and all.

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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    12-04 06:49 PM
    this sounds more like, "Ok so you say the glass is half full, why is that great now?"

    It is a feel good factor; you still want to be cynical, go right ahead, no one can take that away from you.

    Yeah I get that the money will be transferred from the Social security system here to the Indian Govt system.
    My point is it does not do a damn thing for us workers personally. That money will dissapear into a dark hole in the Indian Gov't coffers instead of a dark hole here, further as the rules stand, I have a slim chance of getting the money from here through social security payments when I turn 65 even if I am in India. Try that within the money in Indian gov't hands.
    On the other hand, it makes the Indian gov't allign with corporate america, as they all have a vested interest in a Temp. worker program such as H1b absent green cards. Which will be a win win for all concerned except us.
    So I repeat my question..................Why is this good again?

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  • gcstudent
    08-12 03:39 PM
    In my opinion all this 5 months, 6 months rule applies only if you have not waited at any step. Like in EB1 where you can go thru the whole process in an year.. However if they made you stick to the same employer , same position for 10 yrs (maan i.e 1/4th of your working life!!) you can always have a strong argument even if USCIS decides to do something. I think those who got "freedom" , you have worried enough.. now it is the time to "go out" and enjoy!!


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  • rajsenthil
    06-10 01:44 PM
    Quite honestly, if that is how you feel - perhaps you'd need to reconsider relocating to your home nation. I'm Indian, who grew up in the Middle East. I've lived in the United States for 6 years. I've always felt quite welcome and accepted in every way possible. I believe I've been treated fairly and have had the opportunity to live with Americans and contribute in positive ways. I continue to live here, primarily based on these sentiments. I'd never live here if I felt the way you do now. Nicely put ryan. This country has given me a lot that I could think of. I may get GC lately. But that does not stops me what I want to do right now.

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  • payur
    06-28 09:36 PM
    rajakannan , since you started the thread and you called for this, please tell us the plan and strategy. What do you think will be the best option so we can spread the word?

    come on buddy, we just have 2 more days, we should plan by then. why are you sleeping at this time. you should be working 24 x 7.


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  • immi_grant
    11-04 04:42 PM
    From the director of the blockbuster "Interminable EB-backlog" comes yet another creation "V-I-S-A B-U-L-L-T-I-N...DECEMBER 2009".
    Story, screenplay, Direction; USCIS
    Production; State department
    Music; Labor department

    Awesome !!

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  • RDB
    08-20 03:45 PM

    EAD Card production ordered as of 8/19.

    E-filed: 7/11
    Receipts: 7/18.

    No Finger printing notice received. This was at NSC. Mostly will get 2 years EAD as my PD is nowhere near to current but will update everyone for sure once I receive the cards!


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  • qplearn
    12-20 11:23 AM
    Was this is a change in the procedures of USCIS? If yes, could we not request them to increase the length of the EAD from 1 to 5 years? This will help many of us too. I need to get my DL renewed every year along with the EAD.

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  • anshal
    12-30 10:04 AM
    My received date is July 3rd for 485, I140 approved July 18, notice date June 26, 07. for AC21, Is my safe date Dec 30th or Dec 31st. Should I be working on the 31st December for current(485) employer or I am safe today?


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  • Vsach
    07-27 08:01 PM
    You are being a jerk and don't encourage others to be:mad:

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  • user1205
    01-11 02:25 PM


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  • Hello_Hello
    10-29 01:50 PM
    No sir.
    USCIS has been publishing, the total number of application for all kind of services have been falling sharply in last 2 years. This is plain harassment and nothing else. I think it all started in 2007. As you guys know there were mass applications filed in 2007 from everyone who were current including EB2/ROW/I/C and EB3 /ROW/I/C.
    Just my Honest Opinion.

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  • xyzgc
    01-03 05:16 PM
    why not invest in a full-fledged mba instead? It will help you a great deal in your career aspirations.


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  • crystal
    02-10 08:44 PM
    my receipt also start with wac currently in nsc and there is an lud on my case today .

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  • transpass
    08-07 11:46 PM
    Congrats's good to see Dec 05 getting option would be to get your wife here on F1..Some of the schools required only TOEFL ..after coming to US get married again in US and apply for 485..if she is currently working in india..u can try L1 too....ofcourse for H-1B u need to wait for one more year..i don't think US embassy in Chennai will get to know u got married unless she tells them..there is no fraud or anything in this..i believe it's like..don't ask, don't say..ur not cheating anyone..trying to find a small loop hole for a very good reason..


    you have to disclose whether you are single or married. If you wanna do it go ahead, but don't give some bad advice to's not your life...


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  • kaisersose
    06-05 03:12 PM
    since there are many knowledgeable guys here ..I had another question - is there a law which says how the spillover should take place ? i.e. EB2(W) should go to EB2(I) etc ? I wonder why they don't send the extra visa's to the category that is in the worst position ..EB3 - I in this case ?

    Only ROW EB3 spillover can make it to EB3 India and as ROW itself is retrogressed, that will not happen.

    However, if you check 2007 assignments, Eb3 India got over 10K visas, though the stipulated limit is around 3K.

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  • eb3_nepa
    06-28 10:34 AM
    Atleast let's all unite now and file properly ! It seems more imminent that uscis will stop accepting applications. Just rushing and filing will not solve the problem, Read below ,


    06/27/2007: SPECIAL ALERT: I-485 Cap for FY 2007 Can Be Exhausted Before End of July? Then What Will Happen?

    According to the AILA, approximately 40,000 visas remain in all employment-based categories, other than EW, for FY2007, according to its sources, and that the USCIS has far more than 40,000 adjustment applications in the backlog queue that are ready for approval, not to mention the additional numbers which will be consumed in concular immigrant visa processing. It is thus possible that the cap may reach within a short period in July, even though no one can predict it until after July 2, 2007. The USCIS at this time does not have any policy announced with reference to July 2007 I-485 filings which are filed after certain date in July when the total number is exhausted. However, considering the fact that the USCIS currently rejects the "Other Worker" category I-485 applications even though June 2007 Visa Bulletin show current for certain applicants because the "other worker" category quota was exhausted on June 5, 2007. This raises a serious concern because as we reported earlier today, the USCIS appears to be picking up the speed of processing of backlog I-485 applications in anticipation of flood of July 485 applications. The USCIS hands may be tied, should the EB visa numbers for FY 2007 is exhausted before the end of July.
    The situation is particularly critical because of the USCIS decision not to accept the I-485 filings without the medical report. AILA demanded leniency but the USCIS reportely refused to accept such demand. Since medical report is "initial evidence" to I-485 filing, under the recent rule change, any I-485 filing with the medical report can be rejected or denied. Reports indicate that there are a huge backlog in scheduling medical examination in most of the areas in the country.

    EVEN MORE REASON to rush and file before the USCIS stops accepting applications.

    rajakannan, you seem to be talking out of ur hat.

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  • logiclife
    03-29 01:31 PM
    Good work.

    Please send an email to Varsha or Sanjay asap with exactly what you have posted above.

    I would request everyone who finishes the meeting to :

    1. Prepare a summary like Gajendra has done above, and email that to Varsha and Sanjay. Do not post here too much details.

    2. If you do post details of your meeting here to encourage others by telling them how good the meeting was, please do not disclose the names of staff members you met with. But put those details and names for followup meetings in the email you send to Varsha and Sanjay.


    10-30 12:39 PM
    Just came back from Info pass appointment.

    The officer told me that they haven't seen any thing wrong in the system.
    Further he told in both of our cases the back ground check is completed and cases are "pre-adjudicated" (i don't know what does it mean)

    Then i have asked him why the letter says "not admissible under the current law"

    He said, there might be a very minor details the officer needs to clarify or send it to his superior for review. Further more he said he does not have the physical file in his hand right now if you want i will request for the file and look into that. I asked him what do you suggest on this, he said wait for some more time as i don't see any problems in your case. If i order the file your case will be taken out for nearly two months from the queue.

    03-27 12:04 PM
    Anyone in the Bay Area planning to meet the local law makers? I'd like to join.

    Updates Via E-Mail