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  • kiran24
    12-06 02:29 PM
    I am probably waiting for the longest here for EAD, my app received on July 2nd at NCS. Called numerous times, sent form 7001, emailed senators twice, 3 infopass appointments, still no progress. I submitted expedite request based on humanitarian grounds last week, have been calling daily to check status of expedite and still remains pending. My case now pending about 157 days. Anything more that I need to do ?

    You are not the only application was also sent on July 2nd and I got FP notices (both my wife and I) and AP approved (both my wife and I).
    My wife received EAD on 10/22 and so far there has been absolutely no update on my LUD and EAD application is still pending. The service center is Nebraska and I am the primary applicant. I think there a a lot of people in the same boat.

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  • franklin
    09-20 02:32 AM
    I wonder why the bulletine prediction has not used to be fun...

    those people are too busy on the tracker threads now

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  • sagar_nyc
    09-05 02:31 PM
    While AP entry officer Stamped date one year back on my I 94 and AP Doc.Which means my stay was already expired before entry . Thank god I verified all dates before leaving counter. He changed it immediately. My advice to guys check it all before you leave counter. You never know which things can come back and haunt you.

    you should possibly also carry a copy of the AP application. At least my application clearly stated that travel was for business/personal reasons...

    I am sorry you had a bad experience...possibly because of the officer's ignorance...worth a complaint...maybe you can draft something with your lawyer....don't just ignore such bad behavior...

    I have travelled on AP and didn't have any problems..although the officer stamped a wrong date (one day earlier) on my about incompetence

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  • gunabcd
    05-24 03:10 PM
    I'm surprised that everybody in this thread got so scared of the language in a stupid bill and stopped thinking how clever Indians are in finding loopholes. I hate when all the extra-ordinary people think in the same direction. To start with, is it possible that these jokers will pass anything agaist the will of big techs like microsoft, intel, csco, think again? even if they did to make average(stupid) Joe happy, they wil keep loopholes making the law irrelevent. e.g. H1 quota limited but L1 unlimited. businesses more than 50 emps can not have more than 50% H1Bs, what do u think big desi consulting cos are in trouble? they will simply 10 more companies each having 49 people.

    Other direction: when i came to US in '99 from SEEPZ, my US salary(in Rupees) was 12 times my indian salary, now it's just 2 times. Indian salaries are increasing 10-20% every year, and Dollar is going down (down 20% in 6 years, 40% including indian inflation), very soon there will be no advantage in coming over here, and you are worrying about future H1s having trouble getting GC?

    No matter how stupid and selfish politician look/sound they always think about their contries future, and folks these are US politicians. take it easy and take a walk outside, it's nice out there.


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  • hopefulgc
    09-05 02:18 PM
    "A valid reason to obtain an AP can be for leisure, visiting family, business and countless others"


    Most people has very misconception about "parole". It is not a free/flexible travel document like visa. As a AOS applicant, one should not leave US till it is approved/denied. One MUST present in US during AOS. The parole is only for any emergency purpose; which is similar to prisioners. As USCIS is flexible, in approving the AP, the people don't realize the travel limitation of AP. They are travelling on AP for vatation/fun etc.. As per law, the AP is not intended for it. The CBP officer was right in asking the legitimacy of the travel. The AP document clearly says it is based on "humanitation" admission to retrun after an emergency travel.

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  • gccovet
    05-21 01:36 PM
    I don't know about it true that i can get interim EAD after 90 days???

    Not sure if this rule still valid (some websites still has them , including murthy),
    check this out



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  • Macaca
    06-15 02:41 PM
    As illustrated below, since 1994 there have been over 218,000 un-recaptured employment-based visas lost due to underutilization of the employment-based visas."

    Some unused EB #s were recaptured for families in following year. For example, in 1994 there were 29,430 (column 2) unused EB #s. However, 27,721 (= 253,721 (column 3) - 226,000 (family quota)) of these #s were recaptured for families. Thus, only 29,430 - 27,721 = 1,709 (column 4) were un-recaptured.

    Also, 50,000 unused EB #s from 01-04 were recaptured for Schedule A.

    Finally, unused EB #s in 99 and 00 were recaptured, hopefully for EB.

    Thus, unused EB #s are more important then un-recaptured EB #s (mentioned above) since some of them have not been recaptured for EB.

    The unused EB #s is 506,384 (total column 2) - 98,941 (99 recaptured for EB) - 31,098 (00 recaptured for EB) = 376, 345

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  • dilipb
    06-30 09:28 AM
    My original "Reciept notice" of 485 came from "California service Center" then few weeks i got another notice of action notice type = "Transfer Notice" that said your application has been transfered to "Nebraska service center".
    For EAD renewal should i send copy of just Receipt Notice or both?

    Also should i send the EAD renewal app to "Texas Service Center" as per instructions because i live in MA ?

    As per section 7 of the instructions "with a copy of the receipt notice or other
    evidence that your Form I-485, Application for
    Permanent Residence or Adjust Status, is pending"

    So you should send a receipt notice and that should be enough.
    But for the heck of it, it does not matter if u send that transfer notice.
    USCIS will not create any issue for you, just because u sent TOO much documentation. Here we are talking only about 1 extra piece of paper.

    For legal fanatics: Technically the statement clearly states that they are OKAY with only the receipt notice. In fact that statment also tells me that you could show anything as evidence of a 485 filing. So even a xfer notice should also be fine. I simply recommend, send the recpt notice. Thats all.

    So now its all upto you.

    Yes. Read the instructions and send your applicaiton as per stated. So if it says that MA people are supposed to send to texas, send it to texas.


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  • wellwishergc
    01-18 08:10 AM
    I was trying to donate some additional money. Got an error. Please check the error. I have also urged my colleagues to contribute.

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  • qasleuth
    04-01 09:19 PM
    as of now, there is nothing is just donate, donate and donate.
    we don't even know why we are having new donation campaigns every month ... my favorite color is red start giving me red's for being frank and speaking out the truth

    Zen, simple question: how would you handle something like this without advocacy/group effort ? -->


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  • oguinan
    11-08 11:35 AM
    The election results are ultimately good for us and our prospects for immigration reform in the new year. Despite the best efforts of our friends on the other side of this issue, immigration did not become a major issue in this election. No candidate won or lost because of their position on immigration alone. This is partially due to the fact that the president has recently signed the bill to build a wall on the southern border. With such a clear, physical, image of immigration enforcement in place, no reasonable candidate could ask for a more strict immigration law.

    The president has argues for CIR since his campaign in 2000. We know that our specific issues have strong support amongst both parties as evidenced by the fact that many or our requests were placed in the Senate immigration bill and passed without debate.

    At this point, The President and Congress will want to pass any laws that they can agree on - particularly if both sides can claim it as a victory for their core values.

    Nancy Pelosi is my representative here in San Francisco and I have spoken with her immigration field reps. a number of times. From my discussion, my impression was that immigration reform is something that Rep. Pelosi wants to work for. She is less aware of our specific issues than she should be. This is something that we need to work to change in the short term.
    I'm feeling hopeful and energized after the election - here's hoping for a positive start in the new year!!

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  • mantagon
    04-02 02:34 PM
    ...$100. Good Luck for everything and keep the Faith! :)


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  • StarSun
    05-14 08:52 AM
    I will be there! To contribute my efforts for the big cause.

    Thank you for the offer. Please register for the event through the form available at .

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  • ragz4u
    03-22 08:37 AM
    This has been convered before in some thread and the admin was given a very very low figure for the revenues that could be generated with google ads


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  • walking_dude
    08-15 10:49 AM
    There is nothing in the USCIS memos to suggest that USCIS has implemented any such policy. CR you talked to may be ignorant and giving wrong info. Or it may be deliberate to reduce the number of (repeat) calls.

    I would suggest recording the conversation with CRs so that we have proof of this conversation. Don't forget to ask his/her name and id number while doing this.


    The customer service representative told me to take an info appointment further to get the Interim EAD. I have explained him that local offices are not giving Interim EADs and surprisingly he told me the following thing.

    "You can continue the work with I765 receipt notice provided your employer is OK to continue and told me to provide the receipt notice to the employer as a proof of your application is in pending. As I am surely aware of the fact that in order to continue the work we must have an approved physical EAD. I was totally surprised and asked him "Are you sure?? can we continue the work with the receipt??", he replied "Yes and only if your employer agrees for that!"

    I have no clue???? What to do, friends please share your thoughts on this.

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  • gsc999
    09-22 01:01 PM
    I respect your right to say this. You must respect my right to say "if you do nothing, nothing will happen"
    Franklin got her gc. She is still such a motivated member. IV is fortunate to have her. I didn't intend to defend her, she is more than capable to do that on her own. Just wanted to add this information because that makes a sea change in raising the level of conversation on this thread.

    The contrast is amazing, people who are stuck in the system are not as involved, while members like Franklin and Aman, who have came out of the "limbo" still want to help others.


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  • NNReddy
    09-15 03:03 PM
    I am trying to say something about my financial success instead of lifestyle.
    But I have a good lifestyle too. I socialize, have parties all the time, have 2 nice kids and a nice house and a nice family. What else you want in life.
    but after some time, you get bored by these things, you want to go up in your career(I am just maintaining status quo), want to do some other things, for which I need GC.

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  • aadimanav
    07-14 05:46 PM
    Just sent an email to Senator Barbara Boxer too.

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  • Humhongekamyab
    06-10 08:23 AM
    what state are you living??


    05-14 05:14 PM
    EVERYONE picks their nose and EVERYONE farts in private and public.
    the above is a fact.

    Most of the time it is discreet but there are times you get caught.

    Guys if someone tells you stuff like why do "male desis..." it shows that they do not have a high opinion of desis.

    So even if you visit the salon daily it will not be enough to change their perceptions.

    03-28 09:08 AM
    Ladies & Gentlemen
    I can understand the emotion and commotion among my fellow beings who are stuck with BECs. I waited agonizing 5 years to get my labor cleared. We all clearly understand what are you guys going through.

    But the thing is that Labor Certification issues are taken care with PERM implementation. Also the administration set up 2 BECs to take care of them back logs. Now the issue is purely administrative and not law making. Also BECs made it clear that by Oct 2007 all the back logs will be cleared.

    Right now big things are happening in the immigration law making. So I think we should concentrate to get the best out of it and achieve our goals on the Green Card Visa issues. As Tom Tancredo is going to fight with teeth and nail against Immi Bills, we have to do the same.

    There are many others issues we can lobby for such as

    1) Starting H1B stamping inside the US again( Which was stopped in 2005)
    2) Allow H1B spouses to work. etc etc

    But I believe our priority for the time being should be Retrogression. I request all of you to use this thread for finding a person to testify.


    Mindblowing. Do people really believe the Oct 2007 deadline? Haven't we seen many deadlines come and go? This is extrememly unfair to those stuck at BEC; don't go around spreading this impression that the BEC issue has been resolved.

    If indeed the majority at IV believe that BEC is not a problem, then it would not be a stated goal of IV. Let me repeat, so long as it is listed as a goal, it is the moral responsibility of all of to support and work towards resolving the issue.

    This is important. Don't just pretend to support IV and play down what matters to others. Your must support all the goals we have at IV and not pick and choose what you like.

    Also please don't repeat the false logic of "labor certs will be taken care of by PERM." If that is the case why would we at IV have BEC resolution as a goal? The least you can do it not try to dilute the seriousness of the BEC issue, even if you don't care much about the problem.

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