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  • americandesi
    03-26 02:53 PM
    I was thinking exactly like you until she educated me on this yesterday.

    The problem with the EAD is you are invoking AC21. There are several possible problems here including

    1. Complying with AC21 requirements of job code, 180 days after 485 RD, etc.

    2. Invoking AC21 without 140 approval. This is not against the law, but is risky in case of a 140 RFE.

    There are more reasons, but these ought to provide enough clarity on the problem. It is in the employer's interest to ensure that the candidate does not have any such issues; issues which will lead to termination of employment. The Recruiter cannot check DOL job codes and USCIS documents. That is the job of Legal which means $$$.

    So if the hiring manager does not have a budget for these extra costs or if he has an equally good candidate who is a GC holder or a citizen, it is easier to go with him or her.

    Agreed. But EAD doesn’t apply to EB based immigrants alone. There are hundreds of thousands of family based immigrants who use EAD until their status gets adjusted and I-140/AC21/180 days etc. are not applicable to them. Same applies to the spouses of EB applicants. In such cases it’s a waste of time/money for the company to consult with the legal department.

    I believe it’s the responsibility of the EAD holder to communicate what he expects from the new employer (like AC21) after which the company could decide whether to go with the legal department or not. Just assuming that all EAD cases fall under I-140/AC21/180 days etc. is plain ignorance.

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  • yabadaba
    01-08 09:29 AM
    example of a personal blurb

    Sir, I came to the United States of America 8 years back. I graduated from <xyz> University with a Masters in <XYZ> and started working for <ABC> company where I hold the position of <ABC>. While in many respects I live the American dream of participating in a thriving economy, the dream is still incomplete because I cannot buy a home because the lenders do not consider me as a viable risk considering my Employment Authorization Document is valid for 1 year. According to them I am a risky prospect although I can easily put down 20% of the house value and have a stellar credit rating. This weighs on my mind heavily and many people I know are contemplating moving to other economies of the world to take advantage of a fairer immigration policy. In other circles I am also aware of developing nations trying to lure back their citizens to boost their Research and Development potential.

    another one:

    Sir, I came to the United States of America 8 years back. I graduated from <xyz> University with a Masters in <XYZ> and started working for <ABC> company where I hold the position of <ABC>. While in many respects I live the American dream of participating in a thriving economy, the dream is still incomplete because under the work visa provisions my wife of <x> years cannot work inspite of having a <MBA> from <XYZ> University. Many people I know are contemplating moving to other economies of the world to take advantage of a fairer immigration policy. In other circles I am also aware of developing nations trying to lure back their citizens to boost their Research and Development potential.

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  • SunJoshi
    01-01 09:00 AM
    Any idea when the new proposals will be implemented if they become law :confused: Do we have to wait until Oct for these new proposals to take effect.


    These are very tough and partisian bills (immigration bills). This also being an election year, some lawmakers will try to puch their own agenda. Don't expect a featherbed solution. This will be a dogfight.

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  • amit_sp
    06-29 04:32 PM
    My Guess is , It is a rumour . since the USCIS suspended the I -140 Premium Service for the month of july . It clearly indicates they are aware/expecting many of the I -485 filings from July 1st and do not want to promise I- 140 decision in 15 days during July .
    Yes, I am of the same opinion. USCIS wants to stop the premium processing for I-140 only because it anticipates large volume for I-485. I don't see why it would stop the cash-cow (premium processing) and stop taking I-485s too!!!


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  • cygent
    06-29 08:23 PM
    if July bulletin is revised on say July2nd or 3rd, What about the cases filed on July 2nd, will it be rejected?


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  • gc_chahiye
    06-29 11:15 AM
    Can someone share advice/experience on this scenario:

    Husband Files I140+485+ His EAD + His AP

    Wife Files I140+I485+ Her EAD + Her AP
    Addes Husband name, no EAD, no AP


    1) In order to add husband to wife's application, is it recommended to provide the alien number of Husband which he received through his own I485 filing.

    2) If a primary applicant has already added a beneficiary when dates were current, can the primary applicant choose to request an EAD for that beneficiary at a later date when the dates are no longer current.

    Appreciate any insight.

    what does 'add's husbands name' mean? Are you filing a dependent-I485 or just mentioning the name in your forms?

    you can request EAD even if dates are not current.


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  • augustus
    07-01 11:06 AM
    After such mad rush and bad news about visa bulletin revision? How many are considering to file on July 2nd and July 3rd? What is the general advice regarding filing from lawyers and oneself about sending documents on July 2nd and July 3rd?

    My lawyer is sending through FedEx - overnight delivery - going there on July 3rd. My worry - Is it a huge risk on my part? What happens if Monday morning it is revised, or worst Tuesday it is revised?

    How many are risking on this??

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  • jung.lee
    01-30 02:34 PM

    Can you tell us more about communicating to ALIF? Is it via email?

    I think all the folks who visit this thread must send out a complaint.

    Also please contact your attorneys and tell them to complain on this half baked PIMS implementation.
    My wife received her approval email from Mumbai consulate yesterday. When I contacted my attorney, he asked that after she returns to the US, to send him more details and he will lodge a complaint with the DOS through his liaison.


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  • admin
    02-20 02:41 PM
    Can someone explain why it seems harder to find backers in the house than in the senate for immigration reform (even the employment based legal immigration)? If we understand this, maybe it will help us focus our lobbying efforts better. Just a thought.


    The constituency of a Senator is the entire state while that of a House Rep is usually much, much smaller. So the Senator needs to make sure that all his actions are more 'Inclusive' and do not offend a lot of people.

    But since the House Rep has much fewer and probably much more homogeneous set of people, the needs of his/her constituents are not that diverse and hence they can afford to take a hardline stance in many cases.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-21 12:57 PM
    VLDRAO does a good job of predicting but...I dont think EB2 I will be current in a year, try to understand, the visas might be there but the USCIS simply does not have the capacity to adjudicate so many cases. There will be a flurry of approvals in September when they reassign people from other departments to consume as much as they can of the existing quota, but the fact of the matter is that visas will still be wasted.

    It is naive to assume that EB2 will be current and all problems will be solved. think practically.

    As for EB3 if all the spillover is going to EB2 then ROW EB3 as a whole is getting increasingly backlocked which implies that there is less available for spillover for EB3 I/C. Watch out for more EB3 countries getting retrogressed in early 2009.

    If I am not wrong VDLRAO is predicting Eb2 will be current with in a year if USCIS continue horizontal spillover. What is wrong with you..


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  • guest_mister_08
    08-12 12:06 PM
    Got CPO mail today morning 9.45AM (PST)


    Opened SR on 08/11/2010

    PD: 28th Nov 05
    RD : 07/16/2007
    ND: 08/25/2007

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  • puvathoor
    01-24 05:26 PM
    Talking about travel experience, here is one I had at the CDG Airport in Paris..

    I was flying back this Dec 31st, 2007 from Dubai and had a 5 hour layover at CDG. I had to go to a different terminal from the one I landed in... and that meant going through security check again at the new terminal.

    I placed by carry on backpack on the x ray machine and I was waiting for my bag to at least start moving before I walked through the metal detector. While the ICTS (pvt company) security agent on the othe side signalled me to walk through, i said (in English) that I would like to wait till the bags get into the X-ray machine..

    This did not sit well with this ICTS Agent.. He walked past the metal detector and proceeded to shove and push me past the metal detector.. (I forgot to mention that I had knee surgery ~ 20 days back to fix an ACL injury)

    I could not believe that I was shoved past a metal detector.. I said to the ICTS agent that he had no right to shove me and I asked to speak to his supervisor.. This made this so called agent more angry and he started to threaten me repeatening "you want to report me"!! His immediate supervisor said that since this was a security issue nothing could be done.. Not willing to give up, I asked to speak the head agent there.. He was a bit more helpful.. he gave me a website and a mailing address where I can write to..(with the details of which gate and what time I experienced this)..

    I kept repeating to every supervisor that I did the right thing and their agent did the wrong thing by shoving me..

    I was not satisfied with just some addresses and website for the terrible way I was treated. After a while of sitting at the terminal, I went back and I asked that I wanted to file a Police case against the agent. Initially, the agents said once you are in the terminal, you cannot get out.. I spoke to the head agent again who let me get out and gave me directions to the Police booth in the airport.

    At the police station, I stood around with Visa violaters for a while.. Eventually, they were able to find someone who spoke halting English.. Since I was not physically hurt, I could not file a Police case against the agent. What I was able to file was something like an incident report (but unfortunately no tracking #)

    This was an interesting first hand experience in overt racism.. being treated like crap because the agent thought he could get away with doing that to a South Asian looking person..

    I have since written to
    - ICTS France, Roissy Pole le Dome, 1 rue de la haye, 95000 Roussy CDG Paris, France

    - Air France

    - e-mailed ADPWEB []

    - Nicholas Sarkozy

    and a few others..

    I am not going to let this ICTS Agent treat people like crap.. After he saw that I went out to put a police case, he came to talk to me at the terminal saying that I can shove him if I want and a lot of other excuses.. I kept repeating my mantra " I did the right thing. You did the wrong thing. You cannot force me to do the wrong thing.."

    I will keep writing to all the parties until I hear back..

    and Air France, even though I liked your service at the airplane, I am not flying through CDG ever again..

    Lets vote with our feet.. Lets vote with our money.. Lets avoid airports that don't treat all passengers equally..


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  • amitga
    01-24 02:52 PM
    I always use AMEX and I know they have a good service. Maybe that is the reason they don't accept AMEX. I also disputed the charges with my CC company and they just got back to me after a month. They require some kind of proof (which I have), but I know what they are going to say. Since the email from UK emb(ass)y clearly mention the amount of $184 and $276, they (CC company) will say the charges are correct. The trick is to catch someone at the emb(ass)y, but it will only work if their email's are working or someone out there will handle my voice mail message left on their answering machine. It is much easier for them to delete/ignore the message than to take pains to correct the situation. Remember, I am dealing with a useless govt. organization rather than a highly competitive private company.

    You can take a printout from the UK emb(ass)y website showing the standard charges for Visa. I think if you print page from the following link , that will be good enough proof for CC company.

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  • gc28262
    10-09 10:55 PM
    My interenet setup
    Cable internet -> Cable Modem -> Wireless Router
    Should I put vonage adapter in wireless router or in cable modem ?

    BTB if anyone wants to split 2months referal rent for a new connection please send me a PM
    or give number 703 652 4295


    It does not matter where you connect the vonage router. Just make sure none of your internet traffic is routed through vonage router. Vonage router should be be handling voice traffic only.


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  • Dipika
    10-02 04:41 PM
    same here.. still waiting, Opened SR - Under Review and senator inquiry but same reply.

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  • eyeswe
    09-25 09:28 AM
    Thank for bringing that up.. I had the same inkling, of course , w/o anything to subtantiate when I first saw these "inventory" figures.. I had also posted couple of times this poser.. esp those who were in the math crunching mode to determine the D-days baed on our PD..

    This makes such a huuge difference to the queueu.. I am reminded of a post who said he starts the day happy when he sees such numbers and ends with kicking his dog... Gosh I need a dog!!!!


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  • addsf345
    09-24 06:42 PM
    Hows ALLVOI compared to vonage and lingo?

    Do they offer unlimited india plan? I never heard of it.

    I know teleblend offers unlimited india plan for 49.99 per month. This is almost double to vonage.

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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 11:42 PM
    Why dont USCIS clarify on the report they put out

    1. Lack of description and detail about what it is ?
    2. No time stamp on the report
    3. Provide some commentary and detail about the parameters used in the report.

    Becuase It is USCIS :D

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  • newtoearth
    05-10 08:44 PM
    Look at this looser.. Don't have a job and typing such a long long prose stories get over his career failures and projecting his impotency as some else?s fault... This bloody racist is out of job because of his such a rude behavior... But we have a job... so it is waste of our time talk to this bloody...

    Hey fool Hunter.... you are a bloody illegal in this country get out of here if you don?t know history ask your grand father. First do some thing about your illegal status and then talk about India. You are cultured less brut, I repeat cultured less brut. Its damn real that your youngsters are doing only three things drinking, sex, crime...

    Thank you for admitting most of what I stated here true. Actually all of what I stated here as ?skills? are based on my experience in IT management over the last decade. If you suddenly found my post to be stereo typing, you were blind to the stereotypes propagated in this forum for a long time.

    You are wrong here. Do you know that companies like TCS/INFY/Wipro offer ?blended rates? in the range of $20+/hr for keeping over 70% of staff offshore? Client directly benefits here. I have seen hypocritical companies that took tax benefits from local governments like cities and counties (which came at the expense of property taxes paid by residents of those localities) for job creation and then turned around and outsourced the very same jobs that they were supposed to create to TCS/Wipro/INFY etc., often dismissing the existing contractor pool/employees which involved people of all nationalities including H1-b workers like ?TN Man? who couldn?t compete with the $30+ rates for the on-shore workers even if something was available from these vendors. Now to dump people at $30/hr rate, even though talent is locally available - like "TN Man", these vendors will abuse H1 and L1 by securing as many of these visas as they can( which were intended to bring the best and the brightest for american companies), causing Bill Gates to advocate for unlimited H1-bs when in reality, what he needs is a few thousand H1-bs which should be available in normal circumstances, had these companies not been poaching those visas.

    So these offshore companies circumvented the prevailing wages through an industrial practice that should be considered ?dumping?, where they dumped green-horns for the greedy clients, because the green-horns don?t have to go through any interviews in exchange of the very low rates. In this case, the people dismissed from the company/contractors were a lot more skilled, yet managers like me would be forced to start from scratch with the new pool, often resulting in delays for strategic initiatives at these companies, but the bean counters at the top never care, since their horizon is the next quarterly earning release, not what the company would do 2 years down the line (and some of these companies are the culprits behind financial crisis today with their very myopic thinking, just a sample was illustrated above)

    The only jobs that were created in those localities due to such corporations in exchange for tax credits often were Indian Grocery shops opening in that locality to cater to those folks from offshore vendors. :D BTW, I don't have anything against them, I like Indian food.

    I have worked with companies where I managed a 50+ member team to execute a project which at another company employing local workforce may have been done with a 12-15 person team (I have managed it both ways and hence I know that as a fact). Now the company employing the 50+ member team will often massage the numbers to show that they saved $x differential per person* 50 for the bean counters and would have secured bonuses for the higher ups because of those paper savings.

    Now I think as a result of people like me interacting with US law-makers, they are getting the true picture of the abuse going on with the current processes. I understand many of you here are concerned about your own career and eventually settling in US, but once you become a permanent resident or US Citizen, you are going to face the same realities. I have seen Indian-americans who went through the GC/Citizenship process becoming some of the the fiercest critics of the current system, because (like "TN Man"), their livelihoods also are threatened by the current process. They suddenly understand that it has nothing to do with the so-called "skill" or "talent" shortage, it has everything to do with what your hourly billing rate is.

    06-25 08:17 AM
    My attorney told me to use control number on your latest stamped visa, in my case it is 14 digit number

    Which one to use?

    This is the number in red on your visa stamp in ur passport. Mine is 8-digits long. Even if ur visa stamp has expired you've to provide that number.
    Hope this helps!

    06-16 01:02 PM
    No one can travel on EAD. EAD is for employment authorization. AP is for travel. You cant mix and match the purpose of them.

    If you dont need to travel or if you have a valid H1 stamp for travel, dont file for AP. If you want to travel and if your stamp has expired and dont want to apply for new stamp, then file for AP.

    If you want to work for your employer and continue there and if you are sure of your job security, then you dont need EAD, and dont apply for EAD. However its a good idea since EAD is a great option of you are suddenly fired or laid off. EAD makes it easy to search for jobs coz the employer doesnt have to file your H1 and you can join them immediately without any hassles.

    Hi Logiclife,

    Can you please provide me insight on my question?

    My company filed for my I485. i didnt file the EAD / AP at that time. I have a valid H1B stamped for multiple entry till 2010.
    So, as per your post, I can apply just for EAD, right? That is if I want to switch jobs after 180 days using AC21 and if I start using my EAD, can I go out and come back with my valid H1B stamping? Or do I need to have the AP since I have started using my EAD??
    Similarly, can my wife use her H4B even after she starts using the EAD instead of AP when she travels??

    Any help is greatly appreciated.

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