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  • vaishnavilakshmi
    07-20 12:03 PM
    Hi all,

    Though my application reached on 30th June2007(non-working day),our lawyer told us that it will considered as 2nd july reciept.


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  • zoho
    08-28 07:54 PM
    My wife has h4 visa till 2010.
    Her AP is going to expire in october and planning to go to india soon.
    Can she go to india after applying for AP renewal.
    Applying for her AP because if my i 485 got approved and her's will be pending,then her h4 visa will automatically get cancelled which prevents from entering into US.

    Please advice guys

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  • shimul99
    10-25 03:51 PM
    I have nothing more to say guys. what some people are saying is logic and what i'm saying is the fact.

    Anyway, My lawyer used the PERM. right after i received my Labor I had to renew my H1b which took 6 months (regular processing). After i received my renewal I sent my I-140 application. I didn't even bother to use the premium processing for my i140 because the i485 was not current that time, instead it way way back as a EB3. anyway, you know the rest of the story.....

    Shimul999 may not be trying to play or may be doing so, only Shimul999 knows. But there are legitimate observations such as below (Assuming s/he provided all information for his/her case correctly) can lead any person like VKKKK to believe that.

    1) He is claiming labor filed in Feb 06 and he got approval in May 06 (As per
    his signature). Now if his file is in BEC this would not have happened so it is
    safe to assume that either he might have used substitution labor OR his file
    is filed in PERM. Now Feb 06 was the initial stage of PERM and during that
    period there were lot many software glitches in the PERM system so many
    lawyers were almost hesitant to file under PERM. But assuming that his
    lawyer took decision to file under PERM, end to end process was almost 4
    months for PERM so either his file was reached before Feb 06 then only he
    could have labor approval in May 06. So there is definately something
    wrong there.

    2) If my labor is approved in May 06 why would I wait to file I-140 till Feb 07
    (His signature)?

    Now 1st point, considering Shimul lucky even that time one can assume it might have happened. For second point one can assume any reason for that long wait so it is not necessary that by looking to these both points we can fairly say that s/he is not representing the fact. It can be a fact and in that case s/he deserves our congratulations.

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  • sury
    12-30 03:35 PM
    It is impossible that US will break in 2010.

    US will come back from recession/depression.



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  • ganguteli
    04-02 01:03 PM
    Then call senator grassley and ask these questions and prove you have the BALLS!!!! Otherwise you know what it means.

    Best answer I have seen in a long time.:D

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  • EB3_SEP04
    06-29 11:43 PM
    According to my thinking:
    I would type the information related to the COPY OF EAD that you are sending now.
    I would type the information related to the EAD which is of most use to you.

    Also dont only listen to people on this forum.
    Call USCIS !!!

    My original "Reciept notice" of 485 came from "California service Center" then few weeks i got another notice of action notice type = "Transfer Notice" that said your application has been transfered to "Nebraska service center".
    For EAD renewal should i send copy of just Receipt Notice or both?

    Also should i send the EAD renewal app to "Texas Service Center" as per instructions because i live in MA ?


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  • lost_in_migration
    05-14 03:57 PM
    This thread is still relevant even after today's VB and even for folks with PD<Jun2003 so just /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ up :)

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  • sweet_jungle
    12-19 01:58 PM
    When does the "Approval notice sent" status appear, it is about 7 days since I got the production ordered.

    ok, so you got card prodcution ordered. then after 7 days, it changed to "notice sent". then, card came in mail. Is that what happened to you, gcseeker?


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  • vivekm1309
    05-28 03:13 PM
    Good point , but neither H1B says its only for INNOVATORS rather it says only SKILLED workers. Not even every PhD is innovator . May be in some circumstances the so said perspective is true but i dont agree with every point.

    There are no enough Americans who can do the Job if you guys think its H1B and remove H1B every Job will land as an outsourcing . If not h1B many Outsourcing IT firms will find some way to temp bring IT pros and eventually outsource.

    The Key point that IV is making is how much taxes we are paying and how good we are making to American economy. If they remove H1B ,then they understand how and what they have lost.

    Good points, only thing to add is not all innovations can be brought to notice to relate to a sinle employee ...most of the times we as employees are part of systemic effort that is innovating. It would be wrong to say that H1-bs are not contributing towards innovation anymore.

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  • msp1976
    05-11 03:12 PM
    My understanding :
    The current versiion of the bill says thus :

    All illegals have to establish eligibility for adjustment of status..Now that could be done through a labor certification or some kind of review by the USCIS. The law does not say how.
    It could mean that all of them submit some sort of form to USCIS immediately after the law comes into effect..Then after 6 years they would be eligible to adjust status..that is 485 filing...


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  • pappu
    10-11 08:35 PM
    Sent above to - and
    also to
    thank you nycgal and jonty for taking lead on this one and sending mails to the editor.
    only 2 people sent the mail in one day!!

    This work does not even take 3 minutes and we have such a low turnout.:(

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  • masala dosa
    03-27 05:27 PM
    Usually i have seen people read out .. even bush does it.

    if one has to read,
    in that case we need someone who can speak very clearly.. good english and prounciation
    no i am not talking abt accent.. jus very clear
    i think there are many talented folks in here
    good luck


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  • ssss
    08-18 12:40 PM
    I have paper filed at NSC on June 11th, with a RD June12th.
    No approval yet. My AP was approved long back

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  • harrydr
    04-16 01:43 PM
    After multiple requests to my employer, i finally was able to get a scanned copy of my I-140 approval notice. It's just the approval notice and not the original I-140.

    My questions is, is that enough to port my PD in case i want to change my job and switch the company??


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  • rpeter
    10-05 02:08 PM
    I just sent an email to WSJ telling them to correct their misrepresentation.

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  • gc_mania_03
    10-14 05:59 AM
    AP Filed/Reciept date: June 1, 2010
    Created an SR request : ~ September 20, just got standard email saying Intial Review is still in progress.

    We have an Info-pass appointment tomorrow. We chose the 45 day not response option. Not sure if that is ok when we get there.

    Is there anything else I need to know before I meet a rep during the Infopass appointment.

    We plan to take all relevant documents, along with a copy of email from a conference in Canada where my wife is invited.

    Any input will be great.



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  • kevin08
    04-17 11:09 PM
    Unique Transaction ID #5L468486F2892453U
    I am in for $25 for one month.

    Guys, please contribute and show support to YOUR own IV.

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  • cbpds
    07-05 04:19 PM
    Too bad u fell for Obama's political POS :)

    After listening to his crystal cut views about fixing broken immigration system, my confidence level is boosted and felt like Dr.Obama has guts to deal this challenging CIR initiative for the better future of immigrants and for families of all of those hardworking smart legal immigrants who have been waiting for approvals from past 10 years. Hope it's not alluring speech for his upcoming elections. Problem clearly persists with politicians who don't like our EB VISA applicant community.

    I think these following things should be the high priority items for IV core team and to all of us. People who have been patiently waiting to file for 485 since JULY 2007 are loosing hopes based on ongoing immigration trends. I think that it would take at least another 2 or 3 years to pass the CIR and to see it's law in action if GOP fellas have guts and to let this pass it successfully. I think that we should focus on two things to minimize the damage to our personal and professional lives.

    I think one quick solution for fixing the issue of century old broken immigration system of USCIS is by allowing disciplined and long waited legal immigrant applicant to file for 485 application once his/her (I-140) application is approved. (Technically, I-140 is the real application for employment based green card. It makes sense for allowing applicant to file for AOS application (I-485 for personal information). this is justifiable with the current USCIS practice as USCIS doesn't approve his/her green card even if his/her PD ( Priority Date) is current unless they have visas to allocate for the case, so it should make prefect sense for 140 approved applicants to allow them to file for I-485)

    Another thing is about huge EB backlogs for this broken system , that can be fixed temporarily by supporting and passing the recapture bill which allocates visas of those unused and wasted around 400K immigrant visas of last several years..

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  • srinivas_o
    07-09 11:36 AM
    I downloaded the 2004 file as you said and searched it, but could not find any information about my labor. Do you think the labor apps processed by backlog centers are in a separate file???

    If you click on the link called "PERM" on the left hand side - there is an MDB file called 2004 (in a zip file). Try to download an Access reader and go for it.

    04-25 10:35 AM
    Only if the employers knew how much productive time we are spending surfing immigration websites using their resources !!!

    All the suggestions are good but think who gets to influence USCIS more ? It is the EMPLOYERS.

    Action Items are:

    1. We let our employers know the current issue

    03-11 03:57 PM
    Sure, your point is very much valid. What I understand from the Freakenomics experiment and EB3I behavior with respect to IV is that only a few folks have the perseverance to go all the way from D to B.

    Take 100 folks with C grade and give them the $50 offer for B. May be 80% will reach that goal. (I do not recall the actual results of the experiment).

    Take 100 folks with D grade and give them the $50 offer for B. Ideally we should see 80% of folks improving their grade to a C (one level up). But in real life only may be half as much (40%) will actually improve their grades to a C.

    An important difference here is, no matter how many participate in this campaign in DC, we all move up a grade at some point.

    We will all move a few years sooner if we try, and years later if nobody tries anything. (But we will still move!)

    Folks just need to decide: what's more preferable? Slower of faster?

    Updates Via E-Mail