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  • ChainReaction
    01-16 12:25 PM
    For those people who still hav'nt contributed please don't wait till the last few days we need the funds now so that we can hire a prof lobbist ... by the way I have just made my second donation via paypal, it is working fine.

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  • admin
    04-03 10:40 AM

    Let me also repost what I had posted in reply to your post earlier.


    We have spoken to AILA about this and we're regularly in touch with many other immigration lawyers. As logiclife had pointed out the interest of AILA is elsewhere. In fact my company's immigration lawyer told us earlier that it is not in the interest of companies to shorten the green card process.

    There are only very few broad minded lawyers like Rajeev Khanna, Mathew Oh and Shusterman who support our cause. For after all if we get our GCs quickly, the lawyers will not get money for H-1 extensions, EAD extensions, AP extensions and so on. Moreover if the GC process becomes simple and quick, many people might self petition and cut out the the middleman.

    Another thing to note is that, AILA has very little support from Republicans.

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  • dummgelauft
    09-07 03:07 PM

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  • Wendyzhu77
    09-22 04:58 PM
    There is a story: when seeing a bottle filled half with water, optimistic people would say it's "half full", pessimistic people would say it's "half empty". I think this problem is also just people's perspective. Retrogression is still there, it will not be any better or worse with/without the July event. Some people see that retrogression is still there so they are pessimistic, some people see that at least you get something from this even, so they are optimistic.
    I see this prediction every now and then. Why don't you guys get your facts straight. Retrogression will remain the SAME. The pace at which they process GC's is not going to change. It's just applications moved from your home queue to the USCIS queue. Why would that make retrogression worse?? Think before you talk!!


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  • GCmuddu_H1BVaddu
    03-13 06:32 PM
    Guys, c'mon stop criticizing. Let this thread die, why digging and putting it back on the top and beat the crap out of me. Do you guys have any reason??

    Do you have any reason for just starting this thread? Anything you can do about the numbers moving by trying predict?

    Instead please focus on the efforts by IV core and support it in anyway you can so that we send out an united message.

    - cheers

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  • uma78
    11-17 10:11 AM
    Hello H1b Guy,

    I am sorry for the situation you are in. The employer should be punished. Let me ask you:

    1. do you have any email correspondance with the employer asking you pay for h1b fee?
    2. if you don't then pose him a question using office email something like "how much is still pending on my h1b fee that i owe you (replace you)". Address this to HR or Payroll or the boss it self. Wait for the reply, and then take copy of it for record purpose.
    3. if '2' does not work then wire tapping is way to go: As per the law in New Jersy, one party should be notified and if you are recording you conversation, you are the one party and the other do not have to be notified. Are you using voip in the office? if so use wireshark to record the conversation. If not then there are devices available outside for cheap to do it.

    I am not a lawyer, please do some more research and then find a way. If you really want to trap these type of guys there are tons of legal ways to do it. Hope, this helps. Take care. All the best.



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  • shreekhand
    08-16 03:14 PM
    Yes, perhaps people don't post these type of investigations. If you have heard any N-400 issues (from your corporate position) about someone caused by leaving the petitioning employer soon after GC then let us know, otherwise it is one of the rarest of rare issues. My attorney clearly mentioned to me that he has seen no such issues in his long career when someone left the employer soon after.

    Coming back to the AC21...if someone changes to a similar job after 180+ days after filing I-485 and informs USCIS of it and then gets a GC, there is no question of any wrongdoing. If USCIS wants to do their audit investigations I wouldn't care an iota about their investigations as long as I have the right paperwork with me.

    Secondly in a non-AC21 case even if one leaves the job of the petitioning company immedaitely how does the intent become questionable when the person is working for the same company for several (5+) years. On the contrary it would be easy to prove the intent here.

    I'm just curious as to how many postings you see on these boards where a persons case has been denied; DOL/USCIS has visited their home; their visa got cancelled by consultate when h-4 went for stamping; got caught in interview lying; DOL investigating companies, etc...

    People do not post these types of issues on immigration forums.

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  • chi_shark
    09-26 04:50 PM
    Hey! sorry, i did not mean to judge your situation... all i was thinking is that... hmm.. he works for this company... no he does not.. he works for himself... no but he has an arrangement with that company... so i did not really understand and for a minute i thought it was not a sound thing to do (at least for me)... even i had many questions of very legalese nature... i did ask a lawyer to see me for an hour or two... he went over all my papers and advised me about it... took $200 for that piece... $200 well spent i think.

    its ok to start a company... i just got confused with the company bit... sorry again.

    Why do you think that my situation looks like and illegal one....I would really like to get an analysis from you/anyone on why this situation is illegal.
    is it not ok to start a company on EAD?
    is it not ok to start a company on your spouse name and work throug it?

    Your explanations will be greatly appreciated.


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  • docwa
    08-05 11:20 AM
    If your application is an SRC then:
    call (800) 375 � 5283 then 1-2-1-recpt number-1-1-wait for recorded status-3-4 speak with customer service.

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  • pmpforgc
    02-19 07:29 AM

    While waiting for GC ( which may take several more yrs !!!) I want to go for Life Insurance, Since I am at age of about 40 its need to be done, though I have enough of that in India, not in US. In that regards I just started evaluating different options. Plesase share your comments and experiences during search of Life Insurance.

    (1) which is better to go for term life or whole life

    (2) I started contacting agents (mainly desi) and they recommend Whole life ( if you can afford premium). They tell that it is ultimately result in Saving, Dividend etc. So my question is Does paying EXTRA PREMIUM ( i think it will be substantially high for whole life) RESULT in EQUIVALENT OF SAVINGS OR DIVIDENS? or just agents recommends that because they get more commissions with that?

    (3) I see lot of DESI agents in New york Life, So is it due to their speciallity in Indian Community market? Does they offer competative products?

    (4) How to search of best rate for Whole or Term Life, Does Select qoute and Other such agencies are good to their promise of getting low cost? Does companys that we get through Select qoute give Insurance to NON-PERMANENT RESIDENTS like US

    (5) Which reliable comanies offer Life insurance to non-greencard holders (menas H-1B holders)

    (6) please list websites that you thnik are good as per your experience while searching and evaluating different Life Insurance Options?

    thanks for your insput which will help several members like me.

    P.S subscribed monthly contibutions to IV and participating in its other faxing and email campaigns.


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  • mbawa2574
    11-17 08:36 PM
    Hello Guys,
    I need your advice here. Six month ago i joined one of the many blood suckers -Desi cosulting company in new jersey. As you all know, they ask me to sign their contract in which its mention that if i leave their company before 1 year then i need to pay them 15k. Thy also charge me 3k for my H1-B which i am still paying everymonth from my paycheck and we have 70/30. In just six months i am so much fed up with them. These people are so rude...always show their arrogance over phone. I have no libarity to find job by myself. They always looking for higher pay rate sp that their big money tummy get filled up.and i also feel that they didnt told me the right pay rate for the project i am working on right now.

    I really want to leave them, Even before 12 months. Is there any importance of that contract letter i signed with them?. Can they Sue me? What are my options? Please suggest me.....i am in stress.


    Expose these filthy cockroaches @ ur desi bodyshop. They should all be packed and deported from this country. Not only they are blood suckers but give us all the bad name.


    If you On your H1 - What they made you do is illegal. Go ahead and switch the job. In case they come after you, threaten them that u r going to report them to USCIS. No dirt bag will come after you...guaranteed

    Someone wrote in aonther thread about the "greatness" of a blood sucking bodyshops. Can you feel the greatness here................hmmmmm:mad::mad::mad::mad:.

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  • bobzibub
    12-30 10:48 PM

    I got mine at a local automotive ass'n before heading to Europe....


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  • NKR
    02-01 01:59 PM
    Did you or someone you know experience such questions at POE for an advanced parole? Or are you just posing a hypothetical?

    I have recently re-entered on AP and not a single question was asked. Not only that, I was not fingerprinted or photographed at the counter like a visa holder would be. I was taken to the back office where an agent entered information from my AP into the computer, stamped the AP and gave it back to me. No questions asked. Period. This was at the JFK airport in NY.

    Parole is meant to grant entry to resume adjustment of status. Parole is not subject to employment, it is subject to a pending I-485.

    If this is a hypothetical from you, then please shake these imaginations and live in peace and enjoy EAD and AP.

    Too much thinking and too much analysis has caused this community to revert back to H1 lifestyle and they are not using EAD and AP - ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS why we were all so happy due to 485 filing.

    What is the point of having an early 485 filed, if you are not going to use EAD and AP and be at mercy of consulates for restamping and be at mercy of employers who will need to sponsor you to hire you?

    Can we get License renewed using EAD and not having H1?.

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  • lazycis
    12-07 11:48 AM
    Folks I wish your suggestions would be helpful, but I have taken 3 infopass appointments, and to my badluck, everytime I visit I meet the same old-fat-lady who now happens to remember me, and says, "Didnt I tell you last time that blah blah blah ", believe me, she was not willing to even accept request to send interim ead , she gave some reason that NSC outsourced callcenter work to contractors who dont know what they are saying and send us to local office to request interim EAD. She says my FP for ead was done only in Nov(my 2nd infopass resulted in 2nd FP) so it will take 4-6 weeks after that to get EAD. Anyways I will take your advice for a 4th infopass next week.

    Print that USCIS memo (see page 1) and insist that they follow procedures outlined in the memo. They required to provide you a written notice that they followed the procedures. Do not leave until they give it to you in writing. If they refuse, ask for their names and write them down. Ask them for a written notice that they refuse to follow the procedures from the memo. Try to be polite, even though it is hard during infopass, I know :) I know how frustratiing it can be when you go for infopass appointments, but be persistent and talk to the supervisor.


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    04-14 02:23 PM
    Keep it up! 10K this month...

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  • kumara121
    04-19 01:01 PM
    What can Obama do when most of the Republicans are dead against the immigration reform. They didn't allow their own party president to pass the CIR. Do you think they will allow Obama to do it?


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  • rick_rajvanshi
    08-13 06:41 PM
    According to June 12 2008 memo from USCIS FAQ :

    If you filed Form I-765 more than 90 days ago and have not received a decision, who should you contact?

    If you have not received a decision within 90 days of the USCIS receipt date and you have properly filed your EAD application, you may apply to obtain an interim EAD by appearing in person at your local USCIS District Office. You must bring proof of identity and any notices that you have received from USCIS in connection with your application for employment authorization.

    PM if you want a pdf copy

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  • texcan
    08-28 07:23 PM

    For Primary
    Renewal EAD applied : June 18th
    CPO Email received: Aug 27rd

    For spouse
    Renewal EAD applied : June 26th
    CPO Email received: Aug 23rd

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  • sbabunle
    07-20 03:29 PM
    I can't believe both California senators voted against it.....
    You too Hillary Clinton????

    08-22 10:58 PM
    I'm from Bangladesh and applied for my I485 in july 2, 2007 and already received my receipt and the fingerprint appointment letter. can anyone please let me know when can i expect my process to be done.....

    07-15 11:13 AM
    Good luck finding one that covers you till the end AND is low on premium! The cheapest premiums are that of term insurance, and it is intended for such situations where you have taken measures to invest in other places such as real estate, equities, bonds, cash etc, AND you are not counting on earning any return on the premiums you have paid.

    This insurance is plain and simple. You pay low for covering you for a certain period of time - 10, 20, 30 years.

    Btw, if one is 35 years old and buys a 30 year term insurance, you are covered until the age of 65. What is your point?

    Term Ins is the best choice.

    What you need to cover is risk agains your life and it covers it.

    Term = Covers risk
    Whole Life = Covers risk + Savings

    My father have worked for 40 + years in LIC back in India, driving braches and their Developement officers to get new policies and business. As per him, Term is the best as what you need to have is to cover the risk against your life and it does. About savings - so called cash value is all creatures of agents and ins. companies to run their INS businesses and within that business a BANK or Investment company.

    I don't have one here in US so far. Planning to get one in next few weeks.

    Updates Via E-Mail