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  • bitzbytz
    06-25 12:14 AM
    My wife does not ahve paystubs from Oct 06 to Dec 06 and no W2 for year 2006. SO I would need a absence letter. Any for mat of letter would be appreciated.

    We have paystubs from jan 07 to Jun 07 and plan to leave in July after filing 485 and plan to re enter in August using unexpired H4 visa.

    I know of someone who used unexpired H4 visa inspite of being on H1 before leaving US

    Any issues with above scenario?

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  • belmontboy
    03-19 05:49 PM
    I-94 form does not have any such thing.. But DS-156 and 157 might have.. so if the guy goes and does not apply for a visa he shud be fine i think...

    The immigration and customs from that airline gives you has.

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  • nnan
    05-25 10:42 AM
    Hello ,
    yesterday i was watching Cspan 2 and debate about of the senator (i don't remember the name ) was telling about a story of a woman with six children migrated from some poor european country ten years back to America.unfortunately her husband died after coming here.She move on in life and went to idhao and opened a cattle ranch and brought up her children well.Now she is very proud and successfull business woman and mother of six grown ups whom i am sure will be well establish them selves.
    i listened the story and thanked the God that she didn't came on H4 VISA.otherwise she couldn't achieve the same.
    For H4 this land is certainly not land of opportunity.Rather i suggest all H4 including my wife to burn their masters in business administration degrees and PHDs ,start doing cleaning jobs like illegals and eventually apply for Z visa.
    Nobody is listening to us on capital hill .H4 are inanimate objects who came here to USA to accompany their fellow husbands or wife.No matter if it is for one year or 30 years.
    And in the end no reform for H4 in this bill and no hopes for getting GC to their spouse.
    I am not sure whether you should so frustrated that you should step aside and do other odd jbs just to get a "GC".

    Should be you downgrade your education because of a GC? Is India in such a bad state that after receiving PHDs etc one stands to ge nothing?

    Arise Awake ( Swami Vivekananda's quote), India is doing great.
    Yes I am waiting for GC, I understand the frustrations ( I am one in your boat), but I only have a B.E and cannot afford to pursue an MBA ( time is the cost, not money alone), & I still don't feel a B.E has no value.

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  • ags123
    04-07 04:01 PM
    Thanks Karthik but I am just an MS :)
    But one thin I enjoy is problem solving and this is one of the hardest out there as it is dynamic.

    With Eb3 India the Horizontal spillover methodology kills most hope as there is the large Eb2 India backlog. In 2007(I think) the vertical spillover methodology was followed and Eb3 India got 17000 or so visa numbers. So with Horizontal spillover and no number increase I am sorry to say movement is limited.


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  • singhsa3
    10-02 03:26 PM
    I will try..

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  • singhsa3
    08-13 10:58 PM
    I am unable to keep myself awake. I will discuss this with you tomorrow. Have a good night!

    According to Ombudsman's report,

    Pending cases = EB + Family + Refugee + Asylum + ... = Backlogged cases + Unripe cases = 1,275,795 (page 11) + 1,316,740 (Figure 1, page 14) = 2,592,535 (as of March 2007)

    I am approximating 1M to be EB based, 1.5M to be family based and 92,535 to be asylum + refugee (which is a lot).


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  • dummgelauft
    09-07 03:07 PM

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  • gvenkat
    03-19 05:08 PM
    Shop lifting has to be the most cheapest crime our indians commit when they land here.. They think the stores dont have anything and try to put it in their pocket and go away..

    This is not an accident. there is no justification for what this guy has done. but maybe he can be given a benefit of the doubt that he did a stupid thing, in the rush of blood. I dunno if he inadvertently tried to put something in his pocket , forgot and left the store...if that is the case the guy deserves a break...

    if not i cant fathom the fact that a sane person who took so much effort to get here thro F1 or H1 or what not, had this cheap idea... :eek::eek::eek::eek:

    I read in one of the posts that they forgot to bill that item and could have been caught. Most cases if u are buying so many items and miss one they will leave u...

    BTW, i'm curios as to what u shoplifted and where...? :(


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  • NKR
    05-13 05:57 PM
    I-140 premium processing was stopped last year...It takes upto a year or more to get I-140 approved, that too if its a direct case...If its a interfiling case to capture PD from Eb-3 to Eb-2, then its taking even longer..One of my friends filed I-140 in March 2007 to capture his Eb-3 PD of Apr 2004 to EB-2 and he is still waiting....I-140 processing dates are well beyond his receipt date but still his application is pending....So porting PDs is not that straightforward these days...

    I forgot that premium 140 is no longer there.

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  • yabadaba
    11-08 09:54 AM
    msgs like this help establish the notion that this is an indian website dedicated to indian immigration issues. I didnt see any post wishing happy Eid/ Eid Mubarak nor did I notice last year that anyone wished a Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays, nor do we wish our Chinese friends a Happy Chinese New Year.


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  • nrk
    08-11 10:57 AM
    Good luck for you as well.

    Thanks nrk for your thoughts and advice. Good luck !!!

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  • tikka
    07-06 11:16 AM ring_Immigration_Lawyer _Americans tin


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  • Jimi_Hendrix
    10-11 09:15 AM
    I personally don't think any dramatic change will occur by december. You should probably follow your lawyer. This is a reasonable guess based on warnings issued in the November bulletin and assuming that even if any positive legislation is passed there will not be any movement in December bulletin - such movement would occur only later.

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  • pappu
    05-28 12:57 PM
    IV admins,

    For those who are attending the event, it would be beneficial if someone could provide some tips about moving around DC area/Capitol Hill area for these lobby days. Will there be an IV arranged transportation ?

    Appreciate if we could get more details about the planning for these three days.

    We are going to be posting FAQs soon on IV website. People who have confirmed their participation will also be contacted personally. Please also check with IV co-coordinator (Starsun) if you have specific questions or write to info at


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  • xu1
    04-03 10:47 AM
    These IV core people took it up and organized a real grassroot effort when no other h1b or former h1bs were able to or willing to get organized and fight together to alleviate our pain.

    The other day, reading posts/comments on WashingtonPosts by some former h1b holder against our cause really aggravated me.

    If you don't agree with IV approach, that's fine and just add your dissenting voice into this organization, and continue and add to a healthy discussion. Now that this legislation pass or fail is so imminent, can't we just focus on one thing at a time? Being a detractor is not of much help with the senate and hostile house considering major reform bill(s) within the month. Let's say AILA would be of great help and sorry IV failed to realize how important they were, it's all too late now, so let's focus on doing whatever at hand the IV has already organized and built a momentum for.

    Whatever the outcome, I'm happy some people organized this all. We'll fight on..

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  • gcnirvana
    10-12 03:25 PM
    I agree with nixstor. I have my own template but not my personal story. It mostly highlights IV and its mission; plight of skilled legal-immigrants and in turn US' and also seek for some help from the media.

    I recommend every one writing their own words rather than doing the copy/paste. If I were to recieve 10 emails with exactly the same content, it might make me feel like some ONE just sent 10 diff emails. IMHO, Its a good idea to write the gist of the story in your own words. Save it and use it for all the people in the media.


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  • nixstor
    07-14 03:17 PM
    Dear Nixtor, we should not question that when they do not have IV on their site and they do not cut us any checks. It is their site and they can architect it the way they can. Yes, the Indian Express misquoted Robinderi or may be it was a misrepresentation, we would never know but the good thing is that he has acknowledged the discrepancy. That is where it ends. Robinder has been a very highly regarded ananlyst and a commentator of indo-us relationship. We needs friends with him and not make enemies. It is a different thing that he is associated with USINPAC and we do not agree with their agenda, approach or the way they misrepresent themselves to be the representatives of Indo community in USA. We have about 2.5 million Indians in USA of which about more than half a million are stuck in this green card mess. Any organization that claims to be a representative of Indian community should have this Green Card reform as a very top priority in their agenda, but it was extremely disappointing for the people fighting for this cause when they approached some of these organizations who could provide just lip service and press releases from their chambers and project that they are on the top of the issue and working hard to get the work done. IV has filled this void for a true grass roots level organization with a huge membership base which is truely global,not just Indian and working in an extremely organzied fashion. I am sure that many of the the organizations envy the way we have built the membership base ( we are not a paid membership org) and have individuals roll up their sleeves, go to the fields across the country and work for this noble cause unlike others who are limited to doing press releases, photo opportunities and advertizing to promote them selves.

    At the end, time will tell if Immigration Voice would be successful in the agenda it has enbarked on, but what ever the final result be, our efforts would be analyzed for years to come by the ethnic, minority and national groups as to how to unleash the power of the Internet to build and run a grass root level oranization. Can you imagine how it would have been if Internet were available at the time of Mahatma Gandhi? I am sure Robinder has been thinking and analyzing that and we would welcome his analysis.



    I am neither questioning any one nor asking any one to have us on their website. If any org all of a sudden starts giving us more credibility or negative publicity ( I am not referring to USINPAC here, So do not mis construe my point again) I will definitely take a moment to retrospect and see if there was a common goal. If there was a common goal indeed, why we have not worked together? I just pointed out the feelings some people on this side of aisle share. I threw them out there, while others chose not to. I just looked around and why any one is supporting now and not before. Hey, Never late than now. I, personally am more than willing to know why the American Indian Citizen community has always ignored this heavy weight issue, especially when the drums beat heavily on how to retain the culture.

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  • VivekAhuja
    06-30 02:12 PM
    Even though Freedom_fighter's intentions are right, the intelligence is too low. Did he/she suddenly wake up and think 'WOW, I HAVE AN IDEA THAT WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. 600 million legal immigrants have not thought of this but I did?????".

    The judge will dismiss such a case at the start by saying "please produce the culprit who put a gun to your head and told you to come to this country".

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  • chanduv23
    04-23 05:27 PM
    I completely agree with you. However our problem is 'how do we organize a massive protest". IV is a loose affiliation of people affected by the immigration problems. They all realize the importance of fighting, however majority of them are unwilling to contribute personal time/money/energy for this cause. Flower campaign was first time in recent history, when legal immigrants showed some unity to express their anger and frustation.

    It was predicted that once 485 is filed, people have EAD, and spouse working ... affected people will loose the apetite to carry on the fight. And that's what precisely took place. The biggest chellange is to let the affected people realize that if they do not come out and fight, no one will take care of their interest. It seems everyone is waiting for others to go out and fight, so that they can reap the benefits without any struggle. Now tell me my friend "how do we organize a massive protest??"

    excellent analysis. After the flower campaign, and during the rally, IV formed state chapters and state chapters have been designed in such a way that efforts can be organized in an effective manner.
    There is always some activity or the other going on in the state chapters, in fact in our chapter we organized some law maker meetings in DC this week and some members attended the meetings.
    Lobbying is a very effective tool and the more the numbers and support, the more effective lobbying works out.

    I would strongly recommend that the members join their respective state chapters and organize grassroots efforts.

    Unless we help ourselves, no one is going to help us.

    06-13 11:24 PM
    Even my 140 was filed with CP. My PD was current last month. I filed my 485 (AOS) last week. As per my attorney if CP is specified in your 140, you have 2 options. You can file CP or AOS. You can just file for AOS. No need to convert. But AOS is speicifed in your 140 and want to convert to CP. Thank you need to file some form.

    01-13 04:41 PM
    we know what you two will do after getting your GC/Citizenship..
    hopefulgc will join the republican party.. you will join the ACLU :D

    ACLU is too 'far right', need to think of something else, something better.


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