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  • newtoearth
    06-16 03:33 PM
    They should
    1. not be based on client location (only visit and communicate), must work from sponser's worksite.
    2. not be managed by client. Must be managed by sponser.

    if the work will be controlled and supervised by a different employer

    READ again

    L1B's work will be controlled by the same employer related manager not by client manager. Client manager's are just facilitators there!

    Also please note that there is a difference between
    L1B - Blanket and L1B - Individual

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  • thakurrajiv
    11-25 04:07 PM
    People like you and boreal are doing much better because you decided that a 2 bed room house for rent is what you can afford because the prices shot up by guys like punjabi who wanted to make money and overbid on an house they cannot afford. Otherwise guys like you and many others would have bought house at a resonable price.
    Don't you see what is happening? They live a rich man's life buying house that they cannot afford and then they foreclose with banks taking the hit. The banks in turn gets money from Governement, which they tax on people like you and many others who are renting, so that the guys like pubjabi are entitled to big house and bailouts. This is sick. Where is my bail out money. I want my rent to be subsidized too. I think boreal 's anger is real.

    As I said I am against bailout. As none of these people/organizations should be bailed out. On this issues I resonate with you and boreal.
    But if I am in situation like Punjabi I will think in similar way. I think he has got enough suggestions for him. He needs to decide whether 20k is worth foreclosing.
    On living rich, I prefer living decent in long run than living rich for a few days and then suffering later ..

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  • santb1975
    01-12 12:41 AM
    Do you belong to a state chapter?. If you have not joined a state chapter yet please let us know your residing state and we will direct you to the appropriate state chapter. State Chapter's can provide information related to all EB issues we are working on. Thanks

    What is the source for the number 218,000? Is this purely speculation or in some official reports? USCIS Ombudsman report, some official USCIS publication or from any other organization?


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  • SunnySurya
    08-23 11:35 AM
    The congress has suggested the following to you, please keep the following companies in mind:
    Aviation Travel
    615 Pavonia Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07306
    Ben Bow Travel Inc.
    25, Kinnelon Road, Kinnelon, NJ 7405
    (800)-526-5366, (973)-838-1905
    BMR Travel
    311, Raritan Avenue, Highland Park, NJ 8904
    (877)-267-8747, (732)-545-0411
    Comfort Travel
    Edison, NJ.
    Gateway Travel
    1 Gateway Ctr. Newark, NJ 07102
    Gemini Travels
    97, Main Street, Suite#201, Woodbridge, NJ 7095
    High Fly Travel
    1389 Oak Tree Rd. Iselin, NJ 08830
    Mahan Travel
    14 Path Plaza Jersey City, NJ 07306
    Mahan Travel
    Edison, NJ.
    Metro Travel
    1432 Oak Tree Road Iselin, NJ 08830
    Personal Travel
    215 Nassau St. Princeton, NJ 08542
    Pooja Travel Service
    43 Ocean Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305
    Rupa Travel Services, Inc.
    1939 Lincoln Hwy (Rt 27S), Edison, NJ 08817
    Sarko Travel
    1340 Stelton Road, Piscataway, NJ 08854
    Travel Concepts
    68 Mommaugh Rd., Oakhurst, NJ 07755
    Travel World
    813 Newark Ave., Jersey City, NJ 07306
    (201)-659-8844, (800)-278-2244
    Universal Tours & Travel
    1 Penn Ave, Metuchen, NJ 8840


    Just send the loud message" UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING, WE ARE GOING BACK.".



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  • victory123
    05-17 03:50 PM
    Yes, my I 140 was approved.Recently my company was audited.So I suspect the USCIS want all the company info before they could give my H1B extension.Infact when they filed for first tiem there was no query and second time extension also was smooth but this time there is a query.

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  • bobzibub
    06-29 05:07 PM
    Could it be a class action lawsuit? Yes, I think it does have that smell of a class action law suit.

    I went through hell to get this done in time. This had better be a false rumour.



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  • dealsnet
    08-26 12:33 PM

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  • everonh1
    07-25 05:58 PM
    I came across this coverage by Voice Of America... Please do note that this is in Hindi (Indian National language) WITHOUT any sub-titles.

    Cool video. Good to see acknowlegement of flower campaign as a reason for USCIS decision.
    Who is the guy in the video being interviewed - is he USCIS official?


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  • msadiqali
    09-15 02:43 PM
    Got Card Production Ordered today..

    Priority Date - Nov 2005, EB2

    Got an RFE last month, approved after RFE was responded..

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  • ashshef
    09-24 05:07 PM
    1) Each (EB1/2/3) - 28.6% WW quota = 40040
    2) 5 subscription cataegories under each EB category: I,P,C,M,ROW
    3) Assumption - USCIS distributes equal share among these 5 different subscription categories = 40040/5 =8008 in each EB category for a particular subscription category.


    EB3 All = 40040 ( 0.286 x 140000)
    EB3 ALL = EB3 I + EB3 C + EB3 M + EB3 P + EB3 ROW

    Assuming equal share of all of these 5 subscription categories - 40040/5 = 8008 applications to be worked for "Assigning the visa number" not " for granting the visa (IN other words physical greencard order)"

    7% + 2% = 9% country specific limit is meant for "Granting the visa - Ordering Physical Green card" out of "Applications which have been assigned a visa number"

    Number 2) and hence number 3) are definitely wrong.
    As I mentioned in my other post, the categorisation for I,P,C,M and ROW is based on the fact that I,P,C,M are the only countries with demand exceeding the annual limit.
    ROW = All countries not hitting the 7%(or 9%) country limit. That doesn't mean they are capped at X/5. What would be the basis of that cap.
    Assuming USCIS acts like it is supposed to, follows all rules etc........They start using new numbers on Oct1st of the new FY with a fresh slate of 140k available.
    Now by law, they will first divide the cap into the 5 EB categories -EB1, EB2, EB3, EB4 and EB5. Now once they reach the 7%(or 9) cap in any of the categories, they will have to stop assigning numbers for that country. So for EB3, once they reach the 7 or 9% quota for I,C,M,P - they will need to stop. The rest of the countries(ROW) will get the 100 - (7 x 4) = 72% of the quota. This could be divied up between UK, France, Pak, Germany etc etc. As none of them are going over the 7%, the country cap doesn't affect them. But Since there are a lot of apps under EB3-ROW, there's never any number to spill over to the capped countries.
    In case of EB2, only 2 countries hit the cap - India and China. In this case even P and M are part of ROW. But since the apps from ROW is less than the remaining quota of (100 - 7 x 2)% of the EB2 quota, the remaining will be spilled over. The spillover rules will determine who these go to.
    The way the current spillover rules stand, your final calculations will still hold true for EB2 due to the spillover ultimately remaining the same to EB2. But not for EB3.


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  • Leo07
    09-23 04:15 PM
    I guess we'll need to ADD to that number:
    1. BEC stuck folks who could not file in July 07
    2. PERM approvals starting August 07

    to the 47,728. Plus multiply by 2.1( for dependents ). That'll give the total VISA numbers required for this category to make it Current.

    If I have to guess-- (1) would be very less, may be 100-200 max
    (2) around 5000 ( just a PUMA)
    So, there are about 53000 EB2 I applications. and 2.1 * 53000 = 111300.

    If we can create 111300, EB2 I visas then it'll be CURRENT. easy:)

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  • Michael chertoff
    03-29 04:42 PM
    Can you update your profile for a better EB community statistics?

    Can you please ask snathan same thing.


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  • Macaca
    10-16 02:48 AM
    CNN Shifts Slot for Dobbs ( By BRIAN STELTER | New York Times, October 16, 2007

    CNN will move ?Lou Dobbs Tonight? to 7 p.m. from 6 p.m. and introduce a three-hour block of the late-afternoon show ?The Situation Room? next month, the network said yesterday. The unusual decision to move Mr. Dobbs ? the host of CNN?s second-most-popular hour ? is intended to bolster the perennially low-rated 8 p.m. hour recently vacated by Paula Zahn. The former NBC anchor Campbell Brown is scheduled to be the host of a new 8 p.m. program starting in February. ?The move will put Campbell?s new show in between our two highest-rated programs,? said Jon Klein, the president of CNN/U.S. The only program with more viewers than ?Lou Dobbs Tonight? is ?Larry King Live? at 9 p.m. ?The Situation Room? will be broadcast from 4 to 7 p.m. In the schedule shuffle, CNN risks losing the loyal audience for Mr. Dobbs?s passionate coverage of immigration, outsourcing and politics. Mr. Klein said Mr. Dobbs and Wolf Blitzer would repeatedly promote the changes ahead of the Nov. 5 move.

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  • letstalklc
    08-20 12:32 PM
    Is there any contract obligations for this?

    Yes, there is one year agreement.


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  • anilsal
    01-26 12:24 AM

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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-19 09:03 AM
    Hi All, I had a quick question.
    My I-485 got approved earlier this week from NSC and I received the approval/welcome letter by USPS.
    My online status is at post-decision activity and not at CPO.
    Though my welcome notice says that I should receive the card in 3 weeks, I am wondering if I need to be at CPO status before that happens....also I read somewhere they may require another FP before CPO (that was talking more abt transfer cases, but mine has always been at NSC).....but nowhere in my approval notice does it ask for an FP.
    I was wondering if I should just sit tight and wait for the physical card or try to find out more information.
    Thanks so much.

    No need to worry at all. The cards will arrive very soon. My case pretty much similar.


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  • mrsr
    06-27 04:01 PM
    you can write ITIN number ( lawyer says so )

    Hi ,
    I left the SSN for my wife blank in I-765
    My attorney told me to fill in ITIN # if available.
    My wife is on H4 and she do have ITIN#.
    I am confused.
    Can anybody please clarify.

    Thanks In advance

    Contribution so far - $100

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  • ski_dude12
    09-28 12:13 PM
    What part do you want interpreted? It says in plain simple english that it is wating to be assigned to an officer.

    You can take an infopass to find out if your case is pre-adjudicated, prints/name check are clear.

    Hi ,
    My priority date is March 26th 2006 and current for month of September.
    I created a SR on 09/14 and got the following response today.

    Service records indicate that your application is pending and waiting assignment to an officer. You will be notified when a decision has been made or if additional information is needed. If you do not receive a decision or other notice of action from us within 60 days from the date of this letter, please contact customer service to complete another service request

    I would appreciate if someone can interpret the message.


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  • gdhiren
    07-11 12:02 PM
    Nice to know the film makers comment about our campaign. How about contacting them to get the hundreds of DVDs of 'Lage Raho Munnabhai' and send them to Walter Reed where flowers are going? Just a vague thought, I am sure someone else also mentioned similar thing earlier.

    09-03 03:58 PM
    Anyone tried

    VoipWise | Free Calls (


    SmartVoip | The smart way to save on your calls! (



    They are free or just 1 cent a minute. This is much better than Vonage.

    All these (and many more) are Betamax companies. Here is a wiki article about Betamax. (

    I personally use ActionVOIP (another Betamax company). No real big complaints so far - except for the weird feeling something that they are occasionally stealing minutes from me. It's still cheaper than trio of Teliance/Trueroots/Airtel (as evidenced by my consistently lower spending per month). Even after getting vonage - I intend to keep my account in ActionVOIP with a small amount in it just for emergencies or when away from home.

    However, in case you are planning to use any of these Betamax outfits - please keep in mind that Betamax is borderline shady. There are complaints galore about them misusing credit cards and using shady fly-by-night companies to evade responsibilities. So never ever give them your credit card number - always use paypal.

    07-10 06:49 PM
    Immigration Voice Represents All Nationalities:

    Although the recent Reuters article mentions the flower campaign as an "Indian" effort, the flowers were sent by nationals of numerious countries to USCIS and this organization represents all nationals affected by visa backlogs and the visa bulletin fiasco. Immigration Voice recognizes and appreciates the contributions and participation of the members of all nationalities. This is not an "Indian" effort, its an effort supported and organized by all the legal skilled immigrants stuck in visa backlogs.

    From IV Core group.

    Updates Via E-Mail