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  • jonty_11
    09-11 03:38 PM
    the Oct VB was expected gaffe by USCIS/DOS...they dont know what the hell they are continue this effort andmake more VISAS available which will make them work rather than just sit on their u know what...

    Keep calling....

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  • chanduv23
    11-12 12:25 PM
    got a reply from ombudsman....iam sure others got this too...

    Thank you for your recent correspondence to the Office of the Citizenship and Immigration Services Ombudsman (CIS Ombudsman).

    We greatly appreciate your comments regarding issues concerning AC21 processing at the Service Centers. As we have received several inquiries such as yours, we are currently discussing these issues with USCIS and reviewing their policies and procedures regarding these petitions.

    If you have evidence of a specific I-485 case that you feel was erroneously denied due to USCIS not adhering to AC21 guidelines, we kindly ask that you please forward us a copy of your denial notice or provide further detail as to the reasons for the immediate denial.

    Please submit information via email to with the subject AC21 Evidence of Immediate Denial. In addition, for protection of privacy we ask that you please omit any personally identifiable information such as names, a-numbers, case numbers, etc.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Please work with pd_recapturing on this. He is communicating with folks whose 485 has been denied erroneously and those who are willing to give their details.

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  • mchundi
    01-02 07:28 PM
    Hello mchundi, Would you like to participate in the joint effort to talk to lawmakers on both sides so that more democrats would vote in favor of the bill.

    I send u a PM.

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  • gc28262
    09-25 06:22 PM
    Just a quick question for current Vonage users.
    Currently I use Phone Power (VOIP, almost same as Vonage). They give me one nice feature called Remote Click 2 call. What it does is, if I am in office (where there is no long distance calling allowed), I login into my account and click on Remote Click2Call. This asks me to enter the number where I am at, and the destination number. So I get a call at my office phone and it connects me to the destination number. And there is no charge for this call.
    Does Vonage offer this kind of feature? and can we make calls to India (under their India unlimited plan) using this feature?


    Yes vonage has it.
    Vonage - Standard Features - Click-2-Call (
    It should work for india call too.


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  • Karthikthiru
    07-11 01:11 AM

    The page does have the picture of the flowers


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  • Macaca
    07-13 09:36 PM
    ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ Hides Good News Behind Negative View of Free Market ( By Charles Simpson Research Analyst, Business & Media Institute
    CNN's Lou Dobbs - The Minister of 'Propaganda and Enlightenment' By James Opiko, 2007-05-25: part 1 (, part 2 (, part3 (
    You Can't Even Get a Taco These Days Without One of Your Extremities Falling Off... ( By David Weigel, May 11, 2007
    Immigrants and Prison ( By DAVID LEONHARDT (, May 30, 2007
    Truth, Fiction and Lou Dobbs ( By DAVID LEONHARDT (, May 30, 2007
    Below the Beltway By Gene Weingarten ( (, June 17, 2007
    When Demagogues Play the Leprosy Card, Watch Out (, By LAWRENCE DOWNES New York Times, June 17, 2007
    Stop, Stop! A North American Union! ( As Some Stoke Fears of 'Dangerous' Partnership, Reality Takes a Detour By Marcela Sanchez ( Special to, July 13, 2007


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  • kams
    07-18 05:20 PM
    Lou Dobs is going to talk about immigration legislation burried in defence spending bill (which is under debate now) now. He just mentioned that there are pieces of 'Amnesty' legislation in the bill and he is gonna talk about it.

    If anyone has DVR please record it and we can disect it and post it on you tubes.

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  • stuck_here
    02-07 11:17 PM
    Sorry to hear about your predicament Shwetha. I hope you get the thing cleared soon. This is scaring me a little bit too !

    I have called the consulate multiple times and DOS once. They said it is under PIMS verification. They haven't mentioned any 221(g) or anything like that ! But I guess lacking any accountibility to the applicants or employers they can practically do anything !
    Hi stuck_here, how do you know you are stuck for PIMS and not anything else ??


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  • desi3933
    06-16 03:18 PM
    Desi, that is a question to OP who is shouting that for sure l1 violation happened. Why are touching your nose? :p

    But you have put your post in the forum and in this thread. You didn't send him PM.

    It seems, you have no answers to my questions in mentioned in the post. That's why you have chosen personal attack.

    Have a good day!

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  • Ramba
    08-21 05:25 PM
    . The ambiguity of the law for the preference of vertical vs. horizontal spill-over allowed them to do that.

    There is no ambiguity in law. The law is clear. One law (and one rule) should yield one interpretation. If someone interperting the languge of law differently; then that is their mistake. Thats what DOS was doing in between 2001 and 2006. This could be possible for them because no one was going after DOS. Now somehow they realized (or some affected applicants notified DOS). If the old practice is a result of correct interpretation of law, why they should change now? This is very high sensitive area; DOS might have not changed their practice without risk analysis. They should not care about how much retrogression in India; They should only care about implementing the law correctly, as becuase they are executive branch of government not legislative branch to worry about retrogression.


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  • piyu7444
    08-24 01:27 PM
    If you give my reference we both will get 2 months free.

    Srikanth Vadlakonda
    972-798-0307 (H)

    I think you need to send an email via vonage account to refer someone and the system automatically gives your account a credit when the other person signs up. Dont know if you can give a phone # and say that MR ABC should get the benefit of 'refer a friend'

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  • vikki76
    09-18 02:59 PM
    I want to move from reliance to airtel or trueroots before deciding on vonage. Can someone tell me as how good is airtel 1c/min offer? hows the quality to india and other countries?


    I tried airtel and then moved back to Reliance and ReliableCalling. Airtel number wouldn't connect regularly. Reliance call quality is good but expensive. ReliableCalling is almost as good as reliance but 50% less expensive.

    And now, proud subscriber of Vonage. Use ReliableCalling for that occasional call from cellphone.


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  • vkrishn
    08-17 12:19 AM
    Hi All,
    I got the I-485 approval/welcome notice from USCIS for myself and my spouse today. But the wierd thing is that my NSC online status still shows RFE response received and case pending (from 2008)...the welcome notice says I should expect to receive the card in 3 weeks...guess I am greened.
    Anyone else face a similar situation?

    PD: Feb 16th, 2006

    Except for the Priority date (Feb 16th 2006) everything else is different. I got a response to my Status Request by snail mail today that my case is pending adjudication by an officer and please call us back if you don;t hear from us in 6 months!

    Congrats to you anyway! Hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for me. :)

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  • singhsa3
    01-07 09:29 PM
    I will be meeting my lawmaker office on coming Wednesday or Thursday. Anyone from NJ wants to accompany me?


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  • spicy_guy
    03-29 01:39 PM
    Lets treat good news for EB2 as good news for EB3 also.
    If not today, some of us EB3 folks may want to port. So it will help more people to port and also to compensate to some extent the #s coming into EB2 pool from EB3.
    Overall its a good news, and looks to be possible we see this on Murthy site also. Lets be happy.

    Hoping for the best. Can't see waiting for another half a decade to get our GC.
    In 6 months?!?! May be toooo optimistic!

    At least EB2 comrades are enjoying the news at least after quite sometime!!!

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  • ash27
    06-16 10:33 PM
    There are lot of people losing jobs because of L1. I totally agree with L1Fraud that we need to expose this racket and make sure everybody is following the rules, period....People like ganguteli must be on L1 and they will always support to continue this fraud. Bringing people on low wages on L1 is causing lot of pressure on salary and I have seen whole floors being replaced from this so called highly skilled people on L1. I'm not against immigration but against people/companies breaking the rules..

    L1Fraud - Can you post on how to go about reporting this fraud. I know you mention about ICE? Do you have a format of letter and any suggestions on how to kick start the discussions and investigation....


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  • webm
    10-01 12:49 PM
    Got 485-approval emails for me and my wife.


    Can you elaborate on your EB/Category,Service center details etc..?

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  • letstalklc
    08-27 12:27 PM
    Hi pointelesswait,

    When we say ‘free’ we mean that you don’t have to pay additional charges per minute to call India, or to any of the more than 60 countries that we’ve added to our Vonage World plan, on top of the monthly $24.99 flat rate. Some other phone companies ask you to pay your monthly service fee, and pay hefty ‘per-minute’ long-distance charge. But with Vonage World, you pay one flat monthly fee, and you can call home all you like. Let me know any additional questions! You can reach me on Twitter @Vonage_Voice (



    I know you are trying to promote vonage, but not addressing the issues in terms of cancellation.

    One more thing is that the taxes on the service, which is really killing part, for new yorkers, have to pay almsot 9 dollars in taxes, which is 35% of the monthly bill (24.99), it's too much when we compare with other VOIP services....

    State/Local Taxes and Fees $3.44
    FUSF (VoIP) $2.41
    Regulatory and Compliance Fee $1.49
    Emergency 911 Service Fee $1.49

    Hope vonage will come up with some thing better than this, aslo there is 5000 minutes restriction on outgoing, it doesnt matter whether you called local or international, every minute counts.....guys beware of that limit, I know 5K is lot many minutes, but still you have to monitor, if it exceeds, the account will be changed to Business and have to pay more monthly.....

    Also it would be great if you guys can come up with a feature that calling from cell phone by using vonage account.....with this option, more customers can sign up, offcourse customer service has to imrpove lot....

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  • CADude
    10-02 12:42 PM
    Please call them every hours.. USCIS is full morons!!

    I am a July 2nd files, they told me to call on the 3rd of October. (I don't know what is the logic to calculate 90 days at the USCIS). I am trying to make the attorney call that day. May be she will have more luck. :confused:

    03-29 06:30 PM
    I am expecting the Dates for EB2 Inidia and China will move to Dec 2006 in May with 12k Spill over.

    So if we get about 30k more for this whole fiscal year, assuming:

    From EB1: 10K more
    From EB4 and EB5: About 10K
    From EB2 ROW: About 10K

    Then EB2 I/C will move about 12 months ahead. That means the cutoff date would be around Jan2008 by Aug/Sep 2011. This is the best case scenario.

    If we get only 20k more for this whole fiscal year,

    Then EB2 I/C will move about 8 to 9 months ahead. That means the cutoff date would be around Jul 2007 by Aug/Sep 2011. This is the worst case scenario.

    This is just my estimation/guestimation.


    06-18 02:44 PM
    When you started the process, you might have authorized your attoreny to represent you. I am not sure what the form you signed, but it should be similar to G28. Revoke this authrorization in writing with anothor from( Dunno what itis called)

    Otherwise, he could revoke your 140 or labor etc as he represents on your behalf. I read this somewhere.

    I doubt that the lawyer would purposely hurt a former client. Its not just unethical, its really malpractice. And its not like lawyers done get fired and they cant handle getting fired.

    However, please do make sure that you have all documents that you need to do your own 485 filing. If there are some documents like 140 approval or other stuff that only he has, then you will have to get it out of him, which he just might delay (a little) in case if he is an absolute nut job.

    For me, I dont care what the lawyer thinks of immigrants as long as the job is done in a TIMELY manner without mistakes. If he hates immigrants and votes for Jeff Sessions, I dont care about it. All I want is TIMELINESS and ERROR FREE job. After that, he can hate anyone he wants and stick pins in voodoo dolls of immigrants.

    Updates Via E-Mail