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  • TheNewTiger
    04-07 10:15 AM
    I guess, we need to hire, one octopus for every months' prediction. That will be cheaper, instead of we put our brain in predictions.

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  • fatjoe
    10-22 04:14 PM
    Cali: Did you try Ombudsman too? No result?
    Mine is at TSC. PD: July 04. RD: Aug 17, 2007. ND: Oct 15, 2007. What is your RD and ND?
    I have a feeling that the IO might look at the applications received on Aug 17, 2007, only at last. Its because, when I went for infopass, the IO said that, "You have filed on the last date, so you will have to wait".
    Anyhow, I have tried all that I could, and now I leave it to the Almighty.[/QUOTE]

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  • chanduv23
    01-10 06:07 AM
    Campaigns are good. But to solve this problem we have to go back to the basics of human nature, specifically how or what motivates politicians -

    1. Votes
    2. Money, Fame, Power
    3. Good publicity or fear of bad publicity

    We can not give #1 or #2 to the politicians. So our only option is #3. This was the reason why the flower campaign had worked, they feared bad pubilicity.

    Again, they will not move even a single inch unless there is some motivation and as I said above our only option is #3.

    And for doing #3, the community must cooperate.
    If you have noticed, IV has done various campaigns in the past, though results are not guaranteed, enough publicity and buzz has been created and now we have more people uniting.

    It takes time for big things to happen.

    Mountains can be moved only by motivation, in fact #1 and #2 can never move mountains.

    in 1970s, America opened up green cards to doctors, engineers and chartered accountants from India. A lot of doctors migrated that time and after a while there was heavy resistance from local people but govt cannot stop people from coming, so they implemented harsh rules to appease locals. One such rule was, even if you are a professional - you cannot take a job offer without going through the employment exchange. And in the employment exchange the job they give does not necessarily be the job that you can do. This discouraged new people and many people went back though they had green cards because they did not want to ruin their careers. Everything was good till you land here and no one told u about this situation. People never realised it till it hit them hard and as usual our community is scared to rise and no unity and no one speaks the truth, everyone just painting a rosy picture that they are doing great.

    So, I would only say "Don't look at the result", just keep doing the effort. Try to build trust among the community. In fact you will be surprised to see that it is easier talking to the govt to help you rather than talking to the many unmotivated people who want benefit but are not motivated to do something about it. Keep those people in mind and do somehing to change their minds and set an example.

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  • seekerofpeace
    10-07 12:19 AM
    I resent it to your hotmail account the one that you gave. Let me know


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  • gsc999
    09-09 04:54 PM
    Good to see you back.

    Thanks to all who already called. Lets keep this going.

    Its a great satisfaction after you conveyed the concern for a large community

    Half Million people, families effected ...

    Please call all Numbers except co-sponsors ...
    Find people And ask everyone else also to call ...

    PS: Got your VM. inadvertantly, I lost your phone number, couldn't call back

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  • punjabi
    03-29 09:51 AM
    I didn't see any news like this on the website you mentioned. Can you please share the link?


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  • amitjoey
    07-11 01:41 PM
    I know it is hard to believe, but according to the tracking number below, Mr. Gonzalez signed for delivery of my flowers today.

    See below:(click on view package progress)



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  • atmercyofdol
    07-14 12:28 PM
    Anyone knows who sponsors that show?


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  • shantak
    07-10 10:03 PM

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  • fatjoe
    10-05 10:55 PM
    Congrats SoP. I knew you would get it soon as mentioned in my previous post. All of your efforts got paid off. Yes, I might need your help in writing a touchy letter to Napolitino.
    Could you post the main body of theletter that you sent to Napolitino.

    Today at 2:03 PM EST I received the coveted CPO mail for my wife. I was approved on Sept 3rd and was the primary and I have not yet received the CPO as there is Biometrics issue, my wife had the same issue but the vagaries of USCIS which is worse than Indian monsoon...

    I wish Caliguy, Fatjoe, Apb and many others who are at or older than my PD get their approval soon. If I can be of assistance in any way to you guys please let me know....My wife her case was separated from me and I was worried that it fell thru the cracks..but my persistence with all the channels especially congressional and POJ I guessed did it.

    Not that you guys are leaving any stone unturned but just keep trying...

    She was at initial review stage till Oct 2nd and not preadjudicated and separated from primary case and bingo on 5th she jumped to CPO...

    You really never know...

    Take care and I'll still be visiting IV and commenting and helping out..



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  • arkrish68
    09-28 12:06 PM
    Received the physical card and the welcome notice on mail yesterday for self and welcome notice for my wife. Status still under initial review for self and for wife it is under post decision.

    Came to US in early 2001
    Applied first labor in 2003 and labor went to backlog elimination center
    Joined another company in 2005
    Started new labor under perm process in 2006
    Labor and I-140 approved in 2006
    Applied I485 in July 2007

    Opened SR on 9/1/2010
    Went to Infopass on 9/13/2010, was told that we have to wait and we will get an interview letter.
    Contacted Senator's office - Told to wait for 4 week for someone to contact us from the senator's office, only 2 weeks has passed.
    Sent email to NSC follow up -
    Sent email to

    Either sending email to or should have helped in our case.

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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 11:36 AM
    WOW that is good.. by nov they will clear all backlog ..( Pending more than 1 year ).. from June 2009 name check will be cleared in 3 days..


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  • InTheMoment
    10-05 08:40 PM

    Good. Initial Review can jump to CPO as it is literally a matter of 15mins for the Adjudication Officer to approve the case!

    Up until last year till the pre-adjudication was restarted, almost all cases were first look to approval.

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  • vikki76
    10-12 12:45 AM
    Thanks for such informative post KewlChap.
    My case is pending with IO since Sept 15th and there are no updates officially from USCIS. My question is- what should I ask IO through POJ method on phone? They just tell me to wait.
    Should I directly ask "what is status of my application"- tried that once and then was told to wait.

    Got the email about being registered as a new permanent resident on Oct 8th. Thanks to SoP, caliguy, fatjoe and all others on the forum who helped / gave me support. I essentially learned that USCIS will not move quickly on their own, they need to be pursued just like any other govt. office in India. I give my time line below for an idea of what I did. If anyone is waiting still, I sincerely think that you should do all of POJ/SR/Infopass/Senator/Ombudsman.


    Sept 1st - became current
    Sept 5th - contacted NSC several times through POJ. Finally, a very nice lady told me that my case was not even assigned to an officer. Said that she will send in a request to the contractor to pull my case out and get it assigned to an officer.
    Sept 11th - Case pulled out of storage area and moved to a smaller waiting room [got this info later, but this is what had happened]
    Sept 13th: Opened SR.
    Sept 18th - Infopass: Told me that my case was assigned to an officer on Sept 11th (which was wrong really) and that I should wait 30 days. Also told me that my FP were renewed on March 9th and all my checks were clear.
    Sept 20th: Contacted Senator's office. Said they will send in inquiry.
    Sept 25: Response to SR. Case under review. Wait 30 days.
    Sept 27th: Letter from Senator saying my case was under review and I need to wait 30 days.
    Oct 2nd: Contacted NSC again through POJ method. A nice lady, Terry, told me that my case was assigned to officer on Sept 30th. She said, "your case was pulled out of storage and put in a rather large holding area where it was till Sept 30th." Also confirmed that my FP was renewed and other checks were clear. Said, just wait, it will happen soon.
    Oct 6th: Sent 7001 form to USCIS Ombudsman.
    Oct 8th: Got decision email.

    Learnings: Pursue your case as much as you can. Call NSC, but be polite. They are usually in good mood on Thu/Friday evenings and if you make some small talk, they will help you. I kept records of which NSC IO is rude and if they picked up the next time, I would just keep the phone down. In fact, the lady who helped me remembered me 'coz I managed to reach her 3 times. Dont just ask for status, say that you have called in the past and so far you know xxxx about your case. Some IOs are nice, some are rude. Nice ones actually tried to explain the entire storage area, holding area, supervisor supply chain to me. I think I kind of understand the process that happens at NSC just through these conversations now. Approach Ombudsman asap with form 7001. Call your Senator office and ask to speak to the immigration person. They are very understanding and will help you.

    Long-ish email, but thought that I will put it out there, and it might help someone stuck in this morass. If you need more info, ask me / PM me. I will be around these forums for some more time.


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  • sri1309
    01-15 07:31 AM
    Please register and vote positively, . Once logged in, search for immigration. AND vote for all the issues that are relevant for us. EB2 and EB3.. Vote for Legal immigrants

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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 12:48 PM
    No, I did not give you red dots...Also I don't know who rolling_flood is but he cannot give you red dots either as he has three red dots herself.
    These 2 folks SunnySurya and Rolling_flood attacked me with RED points because i said the truth on the other thread of "Lawsuit for Porting/Interfiling". Though i least care if someone anonymous gives me Red points but i'm worried about them.....

    This is what i wrote in that post which was attacked , what's wrong in it ... Try to digest the truth SunnySurya and Rolling_flood - you can't scare folks like by words of Lawsuit....

    Lot of our case was exactly like that - i was eligible for EB2 when my Eb3 labor was filed. Employer took advantage of my compromising situation ( H was having 390 days juice left)

    If Porting/Interfiling is taken off folks like me will be terribly victimized. I'm here for 9 years - my 1st labor was substituted , 2nd labor ( which should be Eb2 but filed in Eb3) took a round trip from Phily backlog elimination center and now i'm stuck in the Eb3-140 mess at NSC


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  • nishant81
    11-06 04:27 PM
    Knowing the fact that so many applicants have been waiting for YEARSSSS and USCIS not doing anything about makes me sick just thinking about it. How can agency be so ignorant and continue to make thousands of people live in dark black hole for years? Has anyone heard about the new plans or action taken by either agency to reduce the backlog. According to what ombudsman said on july 20 2007 teleconference USCIS will dramatically reduce the backlog for people waiting 33 months or longer in immediate future, apparently it has been 4 months and nothing seems to have been moved yet.

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  • CADude
    10-03 05:46 PM
    Some member are asking for TSC Fax#

    TSC I485 Dept Fax# 214-962-2632, 214-962-5441

    Good Luck.

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  • nkavjs
    09-21 08:59 AM
    Just like me.. email to your senator, congressmen and USCIS complaint dept.

    07-09 07:03 PM
    We should send emails to Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, Jay Leno, David Letterman, Conan O'Brian, Jimmy Kimmel etc.

    They have tremendous amount of viewership and seems like a perfect material for these shows. I will send email to these guys but if more and more peple can make them aware of this development, this news can potentially snowball. :D

    05-07 11:57 AM
    It was filed in Premium processing and processed by TSC.

    Updates Via E-Mail