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  • EkAurAaya
    07-10 09:19 PM
    Found the Reuters article posted on the NZ site under the section Oddstuff! :)

    Vikas Bajaj, a software developer in Wisconsin good job!

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  • i99
    09-14 11:59 AM
    no nothing... our attorneys are absolutely useless in addition to this situation.

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  • nozerd
    01-24 01:23 PM
    You are wrong. Even with valid H visa you need TV for UK. My wife had valid H4 visa in passport during her last visit to India and she had to return home from the airport and pay extra $ 250 and travel next day via Paris.
    According to check in agent per UK rules even if you have a valid visa but have not travelled intyernationally within last 12 months you need TV.

    So its not just for ppl who have AP or expired visa, thoise who have valid H visas but havent travelled out in last 12 months also need it.

    For those in South ( Texas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Louisiana) best way to go to India is new Emirates direct flight between Houston and Dubai and then onward to India.
    I have had 3-4 friends fly this route since they started flying in November 2007 and they have nothing but praise for everything. These guys have excellent food and entertainment and no transit visa hassels plus duty free sopping in Dubai is good.

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  • aristotle
    05-23 09:25 AM
    another question for gurus.

    my i140 is based on EB3 and now I have around 8 years of expereience I can apply inn EB2. Can I still retain my priority date?

    Yes, some people have successfully done that in this forum. Look at thread for porting PD with approved I140.


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  • TUnlimited
    09-15 09:03 PM
    Did you have LUD on your I 140?
    Nope. Why?

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  • eb_retrogession
    01-27 11:37 AM
    I don't know is it right Thread or not.
    But i found this information in Rajiv's website.
    The Mesg says:-
    New Volunteer Organization Formed


    Some members of this portal and others have come together to form a new organization supporting legal mmigration with special focus on issues faced by employment-based applicants. Please visit:

    DISCLAIMER: The Law Offices of Rajiv S. Khanna, PC cannot endorse or verify the activities of any organization. Please use your own judgment.
    If we really not get his Endorsement, then we should remove that Information from our website.
    Think about it

    The core-team of IV met with Mr.Khanna personally and spent several valuable hours with him. He does support our cause and appreciates the effort. The verbiage on our endorsement link is indeed from Mr.Khanna and was transmitted in the form of an email.

    Everyone in the immigration community is now actively following the IV website (including the office of Mr.Khanna), and if something was completely mis-represented, they would let us know!

    Nice try!


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  • pappu
    08-19 03:11 PM
    Here is some information nixstor dug up.

    One can get FBI Identification Record for $18. However some more research needs to be done about what is covered here. Obviously, one cannot get sensitive data analysis here that is done by name checks.

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  • wandmaker
    08-07 12:21 AM
    I could not resist from writing this post-

    A fisherman is selling two baskets full of crabs. One basket has a lid on it, the other doesn?t. An inquisitive buyer asks him why this is so. He smiles, pointing to the covered basket and says, ?Well I have to cover this one because if I don?t, the crabs will all climb out?. ?Why not the other basket then?? persists the buyer.

    ?You, see, they?re Indian Crabs - if one tries to climb out, the others will pull it back in, hence there?s no need for a lid?

    Concentrate on action items and work harder than ever, which can bring a great relief to entire EB community. It does not matter how many times we failed or succeeded, every attempt we are an inch closer to our ultimate (IV) goal.


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  • amsgc
    06-26 02:52 PM
    The salary in employer letter should match the one in labor or in I 140?
    Mine is more in labor than I 140.

    Here's what I requested my employer to write in the Letter:

    Current salary is XXX.
    Salary that will be offered on permant residence will be not less than YYY (mentioned in the labor)

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  • mohican
    01-05 04:16 PM
    Nothing significant--still waiting for the denial letter. My attorney rcvd receipt stating that a copy has been sent.

    I was lucky to negotiate infopass appointment on the spot. They can not tell the reason until they get the file from TX. They have requested that and it will take 3 weeks.

    I also got to know that since I had changed addresses and files for AR11 in 2004, my I485 does not have my new address. This is per infopass. Not sure whom to believe since after filing for AR11 in Oct 2004 (changed from apt to house), I called in Jan 2005 and asked to verify my address on record as well as address on I485--i was confirmed about my new address. Also, I have been correspondence on my changed address, receipts, letters and finger print notices. Does any one ever get confirmation in writing after submitting AR11?



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  • mail2me_Ds
    10-01 03:53 PM
    I think if you have I-551 stamped on your passport then you do not need any other document. i-551 is as good as physical green-card. You can carry the approval notice with you. This is my opinion, do no quote on me.

    Thank you.

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  • veni001
    04-04 07:20 PM
    A simple calc to find out how much EB3-EB2 porting going on as of today:

    If you look at Demand data released last month by DOS, It lists
    Prior to January 1, 2007 , EB2- I pending : 13,200

    In my opinion Demand data includes EB3- EB2 porting as well since Demand data reflects overall demand for one category.

    Now if you look at inventory data released on Jan 5 ,2011 ,
    EB2 India Pending Prior to Jan1st 2007 : 13,516
    But if you exclude all the data prior to May = 13,516 - 1,110 - 103 - 133 - 74-108 = ~ 12K

    EB2 I demand from the inventory btwn May - Dec 06 = 12K
    But Demand data says EB2-I demand is 13,200

    Diff : 13,200 - 12K = 1200 ( This number has to be porting)

    We know EB2 - I dates have not moved since Oct ,2010 .
    So India regular quota for the last six months : 2800/2 = 1400 .

    Since dates have not moved, I am assuming 1400 should also be considered towards porting.

    so my conclusion is so far 1200 + 1400 = 2600 porting already took place. (though only 1400 really got GC)

    What about the 1,194 EB2I cases pending with PD upto 12/31/2005?


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  • letstalklc
    08-27 01:03 PM
    5000 minutes Limit, I did not know that ................... where does it say in fine print, do you have any link for same.

    Thanks a lot for alerting everyone ...........

    Click below link and look for 5.4 for the same

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  • meghanap2000
    10-20 03:05 PM
    Its good to hear from ppl that they got an Yellow form from Infopass etc... I have been to San Jose USCIS office multiple times asking for status.... I just don't receive any concrete information from them...Infact, they are even hesitant to create an SR to request an update...

    Any one else visited San Jose USCIS office? Similar experience, please share it with us...

    and What do u mean by stating that 485 is at local USCIS office? All 485 applications will b at either NSC or TSC, rite?

    I had an SR open for which i got the response as wait for 60-90 days and case is in the process of review.

    I went to Infopass (San Jose) twice and both times they said, i need to wait as your case just needs to get picked up for processing and every thing else looks ok...

    Called the NCSC and they also tell me to wait for 30-60 days....

    What other things can we do to actually get our case picked up?

    My case was at local office for interview and transferred from TSC. If your case is at TSC..Please dont waste time by taking infopass. Only way for you to raise SR is to call i-800 number and request them to create SR. Infopass officers usually does not creates SRs.



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  • Kalpen
    06-26 10:48 AM
    Both me and my wife are here on H1-B visas. I am filing 485 on my own without a lawyer. My wife is going to be my dependent. I have 2 questions:

    Do we both need to fill out I-485s or should I attach a copy of my I-485 alongwith my wife's documents?
    Also, does anyone have a sample covering letter for I-485 application?

    Please reply ASAP.

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  • nk2006
    09-15 11:10 AM
    Called half of them..

    Meanwhile new updates from opponents

    Not sure how true is that

    good find. I guess we should intensify our efforts - HR5882 is a big/last opportunity for all of us. I called all the members once, will write and post letters today.

    The suggestion to make Sept 18 (to mark anniversary of IV rally) as call your congressmen is good. Lets make a last push of the year.


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  • Devils_Advocate
    03-10 09:27 AM
    I strongly support this thread and the message. Lets make an action plan how to pursue this.

    Devils_Advocate: I know your type. But you must also understand that unless the line in front of you is cleared, you and I will go down the drain. You are talking about EAD. I dont even have that, yet I support this.
    Your thinking appears narrow minded. Wake up.

    Dont give me that BS ok, if you know my type then i know your "type" as well. FYI i dont have an EAD as yet either, and Mr YOU need to wake up, if you actually think US Govt will skip your full GC step and give you citizenship in this environment where they are deporting valid H1B holders from the POE then my friend you are nothing less than insane, nobody gives a sh*t about us right now, if you're so over your head and fail to realize that then go ahead i wish you all the best.

    I sincerely request you to promise us that you will stand for public office when they give you your "expedited citizenship" and change some rules for the benefit of all of us.:)

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  • Pineapple
    07-11 01:24 AM
    Please make the New York Times article and the Washington Post article the most viewed and most emailed articles on the site

    The Washington Post article is truly moving.. All those who sent the flowers, know that it was not a wasted effort.
    Hats off to a brilliant campaign, and whoever came up with the idea...
    DO email the article to all the people you know. That will generate a feedback loop which will propel this campaign forward..

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  • snathan
    03-31 08:31 PM
    Important information is available on this in the Donor Forum. VBKris77 have compiled the information from the previous analysis and the latest information released by Dept. of State and IV's recommendation.

    But I am not allowed to post the information here...:D

    07-09 07:19 PM
    USCIS has decided that the flowers sent by skilled, legal immigrants to director Dr. Emilio Gonzalez will be forwarded to injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.

    We welcome the fact that Dr. Gonzalez acknowledged the symbolic gesture of our protest. We are even more happy that these flowers will brighten the day of our injured service brethren. It is their contribution to the American freedom that has made this country such a desirable destination for highly skilled professionals from all over the world.

    We also want to convey to the service personnel receiving those flowers that our message accompanying those flowers is, "Thank You and God Bless You".


    Very well said..English_August!

    05-16 04:22 PM
    I talked to my immigration about this today. My wife is on h4 and her h1-b is not selected in this year lottery process. I wanted her to go a school which issues CPT in less than one year so that she can start work. But my lawyer strongly recommended not to change her status from H4 to F1. My PD is 24 March 2005 EB2. Lawyer told me that it might cause a problem for my wife to get the GC on her I-485 application. Lawyer said some of her clients got through without a problem and some of her clients have problem regarding status change from h4 to f1. Fianlly i decided not to take that risk. I'm still waiting to file I-485.

    My lawyer also strongly advised me against converting her H4 to F1. However since there was no visibility so I asked him what to do to get my wife working status. It was then he advised me that if she wants to start working badly then go ahead and apply for F1 but don't travel out of country while on F1.

    Updates Via E-Mail