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  • english_august
    01-10 05:58 PM
    1. In the draft letter to president, the line "Reinstate premium processing of
    Immigrant Petitions." is a bit ambigous and dosent specify which petition.
    Shouldnt it read "Reinstate premium processing of I-140 Immigrant Petitions."

    People to whom this petition is going know that the Immigrant Petition implies I-140 petition. We do not want our letter to read like an alphabet soup.

    2. Also shouldnt the goals be in the order of ease of acheivability. Many of the
    more difficult (though more powerful) goals are at the top wheras items like
    reinstating I-140 premium proessing are at the bottom.

    What do you folks think..?

    You really cannot determine the achievable factor of a goal on a scale of 1 to 100 so that ordering is moot. In fact, there is some merit in keeping our most ambitious goals upfront - with enough support from the community we might just achieve them.

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  • RDB
    11-20 02:41 PM
    I am sure you have already tried this, but is renting it out not a good option? Even if you rent it out for half the price than your current monthly mortgage amount and if you get a salary hike of approx that much difference, won't it be better? For e.g., let's say you are paying $2000 monthly mortgage payment and you rent it out for $1000, the difference is $12000 per year (out of your pocket) - would this be approx. equal to the amount of salary increase you are getting if you get a new job?

    Thanks for the feedback so far from people on this group.
    Answering to the question about making bad decision and having a good job..well it is not my bad decision that has brought down the whole market but the banks and stupid people who took loan and didnt knew the consequences of ARM loans and then started filing for foreclosure.. because of those foreclosures the property rates have went down and i cannot get what i paid for the house.
    if this whole mess was not there then anyone can find a good job and sell his house, if not profit then atleast with no loss..

    i hope u got my point..

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  • jonty_11
    06-29 05:57 PM
    I have a few theories on this. This is meant just to open discussion.

    1) The USCIS and State department are not communicating at all. This is not at all uncommon within gov't agencies as we all know.
    The State Dep't released the bulletin perhaps without realising the full ramifications. Having heard from the USCIS..........hey hey hey what the F&^% are you doing? They may have realised over the last few weeks what a mess they have on their hands. Now they are trying to undo it.

    2) Another possibility I can think of, is that this is a grand plan(heck I almost said grand bargain) concocted by the USCIS to get 485s OUT of the system as much as possible while minimising those that can get IN. Hence you might see in the coming few weeks thousands of approval letters all dated the 2nd of July. That will allow them to clear their backlogs of pre-approved, approvable cases and clean the slate fresh for the new fees structure/new quota in the new year. Some of you might remember they retrogressed to unavailable around this time 2 yrs ago. They do these weird things in the 4th quarter.

    3) Of course the last option is their brains have the same IQ as that of any common critter that messes up your garden.

    Pick your poison, it is all the same. I feel for everyone whose hopes were raised so high. It is truly inhumane of them. If they planned this, they should atleast have delayed the release of the July VB.
    I tend to believe the CIR angle to this. Since, teh time CIR has failed, these Rumours have surfaced.....
    Another poison choice!!!!

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  • krishmunn
    03-31 09:26 AM
    This is approx data from last year DOS yearly report.

    EB1 = 41k
    EB2 = 53k
    EB3 = 42k
    EB4 = 11k
    EB5 = 2k

    Total was ~ 150 k ( 140k + 10 K from Family Quota's Spill over )

    so basically EB1 and EB2 row didn't give any spill over , it was EB5 and family based spill over.
    This year we will not get family but instead EB1 will give same share so in the end total spill over for year will not be more than 20-22k.

    This data shows EB2 ROW indeed gave a lot spillover. Total EB2 was 53K out of which India was 19961 and China 6505. Which means around 27 K was used by ROW. So , balance of ROW was added to spill over


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  • EndlessWait
    06-29 07:22 PM
    WEDNESDAY - Suspended I-140 PPS anticipating huge demand from people
    for whom the visa numbers would be available - FACT!!
    FRIDAY - Allowed doctors from "any area" - FACT!!

    MONDAY - We won't accept any applications?????? ----RUMOUR

    they don't add up

    Well of all the money USCIS makes, they better have calculators. Lets ship them one calculator with every application..

    ..but i wonder if they would know how to use it ..;)

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  • aau
    08-08 10:26 AM
    This helps answer my question. I am a little unclear about promotions and whether that will qualify one for a new labor, etc. I personally am not planning to change anything at the moment. My promotion, etc is not being stalled because of my status. So I am OK. Thanks again for your answer.

    Yes, promotions will qualify you and by promotion I mean a more Senior position, that needs more experience or an Advanced degree. Basically its just like you are applying for a NEW job altogether. You will need to file a new Labor and then I-140, but this time in EB2.


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  • Techieforever
    08-13 11:32 AM
    Hello guys

    Today I had an infopass appointment but it was not at all helpful (The chinese guy whom I talked had no idea at all).. could any body please tell me how to open SR (Any help is greatly appreciated guys)


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  • webm
    10-01 12:49 PM
    Got 485-approval emails for me and my wife.


    Can you elaborate on your EB/Category,Service center details etc..?


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  • coopheal
    08-07 10:55 AM
    Many of us are prone to extreme selfishness. You could be a numberusa guy or really frustrated EB applicant.
    Do some meditation for ? hour of so. May be sanity will return to you.

    Here are the list of divisions we have
    Row vs Non Row
    Eb2 Vs Eb3
    EB2NIW Vs Eb2
    US Master vs Non US Masters
    RIR vs Non RIR
    Nurse vs others
    etc etce...

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  • breddy2000
    07-01 11:24 AM
    Yes but on Monday morning it is NOT going to be current appantly. So, technically you did not send documents ( if you are getting it out on MONDAY) when they were current.

    Just imagine, overnight bulletin was revised, what should we do? They did change it,if you know what I mean?

    Guys this is a revision to the July Visa Bulletin. Meaning, even if the revision happens on July 29th to the July Visa Bulletin, it holds good for entire july.
    This is not August bulletin.

    Looks like people have misconception, that if their file goes to USCIS on July 2nd and visa bulletin is revised on July 3rd or later date, then they are safe. It is not so.
    If at all if there is a change to the August bulletin it holds good for August and not to July bulletin.

    Pls let me know if my understanding is wrong


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  • krish2006
    04-05 09:14 AM
    Nothing is void, unless the application(i485) is denied. If we compare Oct 2010 inventory with Jan 2011 inventory we see changes in monthly pending cases before 01/01/2006.

    DOS look for approvable cases in a particular month, as opposed to USCIS look at overall pending cases.:)

    The bottom line is how one is interpreting the data/information available? We really don't know how DOS is interpreting USCIS pending inventory when publishing their demand data.

    I strongly doubt your argument. For the past six months , Demand data before Jan1st,2006 stayed zero for EB2 I/C. If USCIS thinks one of those pre 2006 cases are approvable then we would see this reflect in DOS demand data.

    At the end of the day, whatever data that is listed in Demand data is all that matters. Since it is the only determining factor for setting VB dates and nothing else

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  • FinalGC
    08-12 01:59 PM
    I am so emotional now........just got the email, text message and message on the website changed to "Decision"

    Mine, my wife's and my son's cases APPROVED!!!!

    My case was in NSC. No additional fingerprinting, except one in Oct 2007, my son had to do one since he turned 14 this year....

    14 years of wait is over......Praise be to God for his faithfulness and mercies



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  • GCOP
    09-09 04:24 PM
    I called all the Congress members on the List. Their staff assured to convey the message to support/ vote in favor of HR 5882.

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  • kumar4875
    03-31 10:39 AM
    That's because the existing cases have not had a chance to file their I-485 and therefore are not visible in that report. Does not mean they don't exist. My case is a perfect example of that. I'm not counted in that report but I certainly exist! :-)

    Thaks for correcting me.any way I hope they Does that :D


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  • gin07
    02-20 12:33 PM
    hey guys in one of the forum you r talking about some A# in H1 approval under beneficiary box......but in my approval i don't have any number.....what does it mean??? i have to face PIMS problem:mad:

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  • skynet2500
    09-26 01:52 AM
    Can someone post the link for the 485 data? the original link posted on this thread is not working for me any more. It worked for me yesterday, but doesn't work anymore.



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  • Macaca
    07-15 08:43 AM

    DOBBS: It's pretty remarkable. Two million people legally admitted to the United States each year. Four hundred thousand H1 visas each year. Nine hundred thousand other employment visas each year. Six hundred thousand student visas issued each year. Four hundred fifty-five thousand temporary employment transfers granted.
    In addition, over 700,000 legal citizens. In addition, a million permanent residents. My gosh, what in the world are you folks talking about?

    1 para from How many H-1B visa workers? Counts vary ( VALLEY EMPLOYERS AMONG TOP USERS By Chris O'Brien ( or (415) 298-0207) Mercury News, 07/15/2007

    The federal government awarded 124,096 H-1B visas in the fiscal year ending October 2005, the most recent annual totals available. That includes renewed visas, which don't count against the annual cap. It doesn't include the 20,312 applications the government turned down.

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  • jonty_11
    06-29 03:59 PM
    if this rumor is true....then DAMN this GC.....!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • ushkand
    09-14 10:42 AM
    Its interesting that July 2nd apps have not been receipted yet. I made two applications (based on the same I-140 from TSC because of the July fiasco), one on July 2nd and one on July 19th.

    You can see the first application details in my signature. My second app's checks cleared the bank on 09/12/2007. This is the application that reached NSC on July 19th - the receipt is from TSC.

    11-10 11:25 PM
    we didn't know then that we have to file a I-539 extension for H4 extension (even couple of my friends had the same idea). We knew that as long as I am on H1, she would maintain H4. I came to know in Jan 2004 and then we applied for I-539. I know this is stupid but that what happened. Anybody has any experience please reply..please please. We are really sleepless this time.

    It's your company's responsibility to make you aware about your dependent's status too.I worked for a small desi company for sometime and they lied that My wife doesn't need H4 extension because she is dependent on me.Fortunately I came out of that company.

    05-16 01:36 PM
    Do you have F1 stamped or you just changed your status from F-1 to H-4?

    My wife has H4 stamped on her passport which expired last year. We had got H4 extended last year, but has not been stamped. After that she changed status to F1 again not stamped. Now as per my lawyer's advice probably we will need to change her status back to H4.

    My lawyer has suggested that it is not advisable to be on F-1 while applying for 485. You might argue that you are not the primary applicant ( on F1), and USCIS might buy that. But risks remain. Specifically if you have to travel out of country before your I-485 application is adjudicated you will have problem.

    Since we all know that right now USCIS is just taking applications, and it might be mighty long time before applications are adjudicated, I have decided to not take risk applying on F1 status.

    Updates Via E-Mail