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  • gccovet
    11-29 12:44 AM

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  • Calouste
    07-15 04:44 PM
    There's an interesting blog about Lou Dobbs' "inaccuracies" here:

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  • ItIsNotFunny
    01-15 01:52 PM
    I voted for all ideas supporting us.

    Nice job. Green from me.

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  • Lasantha
    01-30 04:16 PM

    Are these delays happening in all the embassies or is it just Madras? Anybody who had their H1 visa re-stamped at other consulates in other countries can you please share your experience?


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  • abhijitp
    01-13 05:16 PM

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  • inderman
    10-15 06:02 PM
    Called one more time using the POJ method to NSC... This was probably the most fruitful call to NSC in the last 7-8 odd times i have called them.

    Someone called Terry answered the call... Hats off to this lady...If there is a way i would want to recommend this lady for a promotion and make her the project manager for all the rest of the IOs who answer the call!!!

    My case PD is 1/15/05, filed at TSC, transferred to NSC in Mar 08, applied AC 21 in Aug 08 and did biometrics in Feb 09.

    Information i received on my case from this call:

    1. This lady got my receipt#, checked details and history on my case, let me know that the case is preadjudicated (she defined preadjudication before that)

    2. and then, told me that the case is NOT in storage area.

    3. She mentioned that preadjudicated cases are held in an area called exams area and my case is currently on its way from exams area back to the officer who had preadjudicated my case earlier in Oct 2008.

    4. She then checked my wife's file to see if that is also with my case just to make sure that file is not lost etc and confirmed that both files are together.

    5. She also mentioned that nothing else needs to be done right now for my case as it is already on its way back to IO.

    Thanks to know that there is atleast one person at NSC who understands what we are going thru' and is willing to atleast provide some details...


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  • iv_only_hope
    01-14 11:00 AM
    Yes and then we will spend the rest of the year just discussing current and future VBs

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  • ArunAntonio
    06-21 03:02 PM
    Canadian_Dream and jonty_11, thanks for helping out, I like this forum much better than a lot other forums I have visiting of late...
    and it is because of guys like you :D


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  • pbuckeye
    04-01 04:09 PM
    This is not I-485 and its a CP case...

    Thanks. That was an obvious oversight indeed.

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  • loudobbs
    09-29 02:08 PM
    They may not the FPs for everybody but they can always run the names against suspected persons list.

    It is easier to obtain names than finger prints.


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  • gc_dedo
    09-09 07:11 PM
    Done calling.

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  • sravani
    05-15 10:16 PM
    My 485/EAD/AP application was filed last month at NSC and the recipt date is 04/19/2007. First time when you apply for EAD at NSC how much time it will take approximately to get the EAD approval?

    Appreciate your help


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  • gg10004
    07-09 06:29 PM
    This message is posted on USCIS website.
    Atleast the Director is now aware of the sufferings of GC filers.

    The flower campaign ( is getting heard.

    Message from USCIS Director Emilio Gonzalez

    I understand that individuals are planning to send flowers to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) beginning on Tuesday, July 10. USCIS has made arrangements to forward those flowers to our injured service members recuperating at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and at Bethesda Naval Hospital.


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  • ski_dude12
    09-21 09:31 AM
    Finally, we got the approval emails for self & wife.

    I had got an email from last friday (09/17/2010) with the update below-

    1: The review was complete
    2: Visa numbers were requested 2 months ago and all security/prints are current
    3: Files have been forwarded to officers for completion.

    In my case the email to helped a lot. They in turn sent an email to to step up the processing.

    As others have mentioned IV has played a big part throughout this journey. Thank you again.


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  • drona
    07-09 11:57 PM
    Thanks gdhiren! Please take pictures if possible!

    Please post your message at the thread below as that is where the group is coordinating the event tomorrow.

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  • uumapathi
    01-25 11:04 AM
    I recently had to apply for a UK transit visa and the process went smooth as ever. I had to answer a lot of questions for both my wife and myself but after I have done that the process was easy. We just had to show up for finger printing just like for our 485s, send all the necessary documents to the correct address by (reliable) mail and just got emails that our visas have been approved. I have flown with BA before and their service is far better than any other airlines I have flown with before.


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  • aquarianf
    06-18 12:10 PM
    A lot of lawyers try to preempt a possible RFE by including "AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE" documentation. 3 years of tax returns prove nothing more than what 1 year of tax return would prove.

    Also, having a tax return of 2004 doesnt prove that you were in status at all times during 2004. Tax return shows total income that includes salary, bonus, deductions etc, and even Einstein cant figure out the immigration status in 2004 and whether the candidate was in good status at all times just by looking at the tax return.

    Some lawyers send many years' tax returns, thinking that it might pre-empt the RFEs. Some lawyers send only whats neccesary. I've heard that one of the lawyers in New York doesnt even send employer's letter. That means, basically nothing from the employer. And he too gets cases approved.

    Overloading the USCIS with a heavy file, sending a ton of things in addition to what they expect, may be a good strategy if you believe that it might thwart a RFE (and the delay caused by RFE). However, sending too thick a bunch, would also make your case look like a "difficult" case. (my belief, I dont know but just common sense would indicate that thicker bigger files are complicated cases if you give it a first look). And what that means is that it will get delayed because the CIS ombudsman report has documented that officers tend to work easy cases first (get the low hanging fruit first) and beef up their performance statistics by doing more cases in less time. Therefore, the complicated bigger cases that should be work on first, instead get worked on last.

    So think a little before sending USCIS 20 pounds of paperwork. More paperwork and overwhelming USCIS with documentation may not mean faster RFE-free processing. (Again, my belief - something to ponder about. But do what you think is right and what your lawyer tells you. I am not a lawyer).


    Seems what you are talking makes some sense. i didn't think that way. I would just follow my attorney's recommendations to send only what is required.

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  • thomachan72
    03-10 09:03 AM
    no, the idea is; if you cry for gold you will atleast get silver. When the point is raised that people have been living here legally, paying taxes, ss, owning houses etc etc for 10 years!! What more is actually needed for citizenship?? The idea is to highlight that legal residents (many of them) have been here for ever!! 10 years is almost 15% of an average life span!! If only this thing is highlighted in some strong news papers. Isn't this protectionism at its worst. Us is complaining about labor laws in china???? What the heck is this here??? You pay taxes and ss and medicare etc for 10 years and then you are asked to leave??????????? Isn't this slavery??? Either take of the requirement that workers on visas have to pay the required ss / medicare etc or assume responsibility for having taken their hard earned money and let them in as soon as possible into the society.

    somebody with skills in finding out stuff should research on how much money per year is contributed by the working h1b employees and given the numbers that are sent back how much is actually "stolen" from them. I once again say "stolen" from them. If they are sent back they should atleast be entitled to all the money that was "ilegally" taken from them.

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  • grupak
    08-21 12:23 PM
    EB3 will not any visa from recapture bcoz it will go to EB2 first. EB2 line is not going to clear in next 10 years bcoz nowadays everybody applies in EB2 and as they move VB forward for EB2, more and more people apply for AOS and it never ends.

    So EB3 won't be benefited by recapture unless there is a clause specifically for EB3 allotment out of that recapture

    We need some numbers to back this up. I think you are saying EB2 will not become current even with the recaptured number. There is another thread for requesting numbers from USCIS about pending applications per category, per country. So, participate in that campaign as well.

    We need the numbers. I would have guessed roughly 50% of pending 500K applications are from India, 50% of that is EB2, so recapture of 200K visas should help.

    06-21 02:53 PM
    I got fired last April. I had my I-140 approved. Employer HR told me will not withdraw I-140 but cannot give me employer letter. How should I proceed with filing I-485? Please help.


    06-29 11:15 AM
    Can someone share advice/experience on this scenario:

    Husband Files I140+485+ His EAD + His AP

    Wife Files I140+I485+ Her EAD + Her AP
    Addes Husband name, no EAD, no AP


    1) In order to add husband to wife's application, is it recommended to provide the alien number of Husband which he received through his own I485 filing.

    2) If a primary applicant has already added a beneficiary when dates were current, can the primary applicant choose to request an EAD for that beneficiary at a later date when the dates are no longer current.

    Appreciate any insight.

    what does 'add's husbands name' mean? Are you filing a dependent-I485 or just mentioning the name in your forms?

    you can request EAD even if dates are not current.

    Updates Via E-Mail