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  • loudobbs
    10-22 11:46 AM
    Which organization is the cause of the namecheck delay....
    FBI or USCIS?
    If I am not wrong, USCIS sends the data to be checked on a weekly basis to FBI on a Electronic disk or tape. More than 90 % of the cases are returned, I assume on a disk or tape back to USCIS. So only a small fraction should be stuck in name check...

    Could it be that USCIS is not updating the files in a timely manner with the namecheck information?

    Also looking at data, a whole bunch of people got their namwecheck claered in a couple of months...

    Any thoughts???

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  • Caliber
    09-24 02:52 PM
    Since the forecast is EB2-I will be current in a few years. Does that mean that someone with a PD of 2009 (EB2) would get the GC faster than someone with a PD of 2004 (EB3)?

    Unfortunately YES.

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  • crystal
    07-15 08:00 AM,0,5046454.story?coll=bal-opinion-headlines

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  • dingudi
    01-11 08:37 AM
    One of my co-workers recently went for 10th year stamping to Mumbai consulate. He was asked to wait for 4 weeks. Looks like renewals and extensions beyond 6th year are taking long time for stamping. He works for fortune 500 companies and with 20,000+ empoyees worldwide.


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  • sc3
    08-20 11:02 PM
    I got 3 negs.. not that I care about the reputation system here... but it shows people are unwilling to confront me openly, and choose to hide even though this forum is already anonymous.

    One neg says:

    "old system - like we're going to let that happen. interfile if you can."

    Why should I interfile? I am putting my energies into getting USCIS to follow the rules. It is the right thing to do, just because I am willing to wait for my turn, doesn't mean I will cede my position in the queue.

    Also, I am trying to take recourse from the written laws, there is nothing that anyone can do (barring USCIS' own impediment to follow the law) to not "let that happen".

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  • drona
    07-09 08:07 PM
    Thank you for your efforts nixstor. Wish I could go but I'm in California. Please take pictures for us!


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  • MeraNaamJoker
    08-17 10:13 AM
    I received my Green Cards (mine and my family's).

    PD : Dec 30 2001
    State Labor approved : Nov 2002
    Federal Labor approved : Oct 2006
    I 140 Approved : Feb 2007
    I 485 Filed : July 2007
    485 Receipt Date : Sep 2007
    CPO Status Changed : August 5th, 2010
    CPO Email : August 6th, 2010
    Welcome Notice : August 12th, 2010
    Received Green Cards : August 16th, 2010

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  • grupak
    03-24 09:04 AM
    This is the email I just received from CapitalOne:

    "Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been out of the office unexpectedly and am now just getting a chance to catch up on past messages. Unfortunately we can't pursue candidates with EAD cards either."

    There was a thread related to similar issues which I could not find. Apologies for opening a new one.

    Doesn't the above constitute discrimination and illegal ? What recourse do we have when we are disqualified because of EAD ?

    Is this for a job?
    According to I-9 form, employers can't discriminate based on EAD. There are some exception where they require security clearance for the jobs.

    You might want to remind CapitalOne of this anti-discrimination notice on I-9 or bring it to the notice of USCIS.


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  • snathan
    04-27 01:39 AM
    I totally agree with you. H1b and employment based GC's are so intertwined that they are almost inseparable. For example, you can get H1b extension based on your pending/approved PERM labor or your approved I-140 application. So, any change to H1b will in some way impact the GC process. I'm all for closing the loop holes in H1b provided certain reforms are also made in the EB green card process- like removing per country quotas and may be give EAD upon I-140 approval.

    But do you believe they will do any good for us or they are really interest to protect us. Their aim is to divide and rule.

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  • snathan
    03-31 10:06 PM
    I'm not able to access that thread. It says insufficient previleges. Is it because I haven't donated anything? :-(



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  • english_august
    07-11 12:15 AM
    Please use this link to email to your friends and reporters the media coverage for this event

    I will keep this link updated with any new reports.

    Please use this thread to report all media articles - I will try to stay on top of this thread and update the main link on a regular basis.

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  • BharatPremi
    09-24 11:42 PM
    Why dont USCIS clarify on the report they put out

    1. Lack of description and detail about what it is ?
    2. No time stamp on the report
    3. Provide some commentary and detail about the parameters used in the report.

    Becuase It is USCIS :D


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  • mail2me_Ds
    10-01 03:53 PM
    I think if you have I-551 stamped on your passport then you do not need any other document. i-551 is as good as physical green-card. You can carry the approval notice with you. This is my opinion, do no quote on me.

    Thank you.

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  • singhv_1980
    02-07 01:58 AM
    hello casinoroyal, singhv, stuckhere, bepositive..EVERYBODY..need help..

    this is the email came from my lawyer today..for the inquiry they did with the consulate regarding my visa.

    Hi Shweta,

    We understand how frustrating this is for you. We received a response to our inquiry with the consulate. It seems the application is being kept pending for additional administrative processing. The stated reason for the review falls within the law under Section 221(g) of the Immigration and Nationality Act. Under these circumstances, we typically see that the government issues a notice to the applicant wherein additional information is often requested. Kindly advise if you have received any notification from the consulate on this issue.

    Best regards,


    also the same day i called DOS and they told me case was approved already in that means that now more processing needs to be done ??

    ADVICE ??

    I am sorry and can understand how frustrating this would be for you. But you keep your spirits high. Can you ask your lawyer to contact DOS himself and inquire about your case? Once he has some information, he can communicate with the consulate here in India directly. I am not sure if you can do much here. I am wondering if there is anyway for you to contact VO instead of VFS ppl.

    But importantly dont get discouraged, you will sail through.


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  • zCool
    03-24 04:36 PM
    Companies can and will have internal documentation standards regarding employibility.
    In fact lately, judges have even upheld firings of smokers from certain companies.
    IF there is a pattern of discrimination based on age, sex, national origin etc etc. THEN you can sue.. but NOT just because you don't like the policy of the employers..
    People don't realize it but US laws actually give plenty of leeway to employers related to that.. only relevent law applying here would be "EEO" and that doesn't mention anything related to EAD.
    Legally you don't have a leg to stand on.. but you can try.. tell the lawyer , they have chance to set precedent!

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  • saimrathi
    07-11 01:46 PM
    I agree...

    No disrespect to Al-Jazeera. But putting our story on that channel is not a good idea. People view anything on it with lot of suspicion, and Fox news interprets everybody Al-Jazeera sympathizes with as you know what.
    Don't come after me for saying this, its not my opinion. But general opinion that I have observed from people who are not well informed(read majority of people). Lets focus on the main stream media in US, outside coverage is not that significant anyway.


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  • Libra
    09-09 08:45 AM
    Yes, USCIS works backwards, dont you see, mar 2005 is still waiting while May 2006 getting approved? There is no pattern even to the approval statuses, god only knows how they work.

    I was wondering why the status went backwards (from CPO to Decision) and if that that is a normal process.


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  • Libra
    01-10 09:34 AM
    hand written :)

    Just finished it and made a photocopy for IV PO Box.. How many more are up to the hand written challenge? :D

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  • psam
    09-16 10:23 AM

    Just did.

    09-09 07:24 PM
    Got Greened on the first day of September. It was a pleasant surprise to see an SMS from USCIS on my mobile.

    Applied in 2006. So a wait of 4.5 yrs relatively looks short (but was a long one)

    Good luck to all who are waiting to be greened

    10-12 04:54 PM
    @ fatjoe:

    "With an IO" and "Assigned to IO" is the same, according to me. You need to ask them whether the IO has actually picked up the app. They use a bar scanner to update the status in their systems. So, ask, can you tell me if my IO has physically scanned my file and picked it up from the holding area? If yes, good.

    I just tried the POJ method and it does appear to be blocked. Bummer.

    Updates Via E-Mail