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  • willwin
    09-16 10:15 AM

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  • Devils_Advocate
    03-10 09:34 AM
    No, the idea is; if you cry for gold you will atleast get silver. When the point is raised that people have been living here legally, paying taxes, SS, owning houses etc etc for 10 years!! what more is actually needed for citizenship?? The idea is to highlight that legal residents (many of them) have been here for ever!! 10 years is almost 15% of an average life span!! If only this thing is highlighted in some strong news papers. Isn't this protectionism at its worst. US is complaining about labor laws in China???? What the heck is this here??? You pay taxes and SS and medicare etc for 10 years and then you are asked to leave??????????? Isn't this slavery??? Either take of the requirement that workers on visas have to pay the required SS / medicare etc or assume responsibility for having taken their hard earned money and let them in as soon as possible into the society.

    Giving an "expedited citizenship" is not like giving a stimulus check.
    Over here if you cry for gold you wont get silver you'll get laughed out, see the context of the situation then apply relevant metaphors.

    Yes if the point of this fruitless exercise is to "raise awareness" then its fine coz it might just do that and nothing else, but then hope you do know the difference between being "famous" and "infamous".

    Again once you guys get your "expedited citizenship" please join the congress and change laws for all of us, and while you're at it change a law that requires the president to be US born so one of you can become the president as well :), since you know, changing laws is so easy in this country ;)

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  • rajuram
    05-27 11:12 AM
    hello, anyone with this info pls reply

    What is non immigrant visa number (page 2 of 485 form)?

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  • hpandey
    08-07 04:09 PM
    Why don't you just ask those 10 guys you know are comitting fraud ( by not joining the desi consulting companies and trying to workaround etc ) which company\companies they are working with and then file a complaint with DOL about them. I am sure DOL would surely look into their workings and will very very surely find out that they are doing something illegal in other things ( even if this is not one of them ). Those companies will get blacklisted and will set an example for other companies.

    But I don't think you should stop anyone who is doing it legitimately. If one qualifies for EB2 and has been in the queue for a long time he has the right to do it.


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  • Nil
    03-10 12:26 PM
    This idea has reached critical mass.
    Great to see individuals pursuing the efforts of calling their government.
    Is there something we can do collectively as a part of IV?

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  • drona
    07-10 11:52 PM
    Murthy Law Firm reports the Flower Campaign on their website:


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  • xlr8r
    09-24 10:51 AM
    Received the CPO email yesterday late afternoon. Whew!

    My case had been sitting with an officer for a month and a half before adjudication.
    For a while I thought I was going to miss the bus, if they ran out of visa numbers.

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  • kshitijnt
    05-10 06:14 PM
    It is not true that all the H1bs are creating jobs. For one example I worked in a big garment company and they laid off hundreds of people(around 800) 4 years back and did offshoring 90% with 10% H1b and L1 to Infosys. This would have created less than 10 new admin jobs for setting up office here but it displaced 800 jobs plus all the new projects(jobs) go to Infosys and US government lost millions in taxes for a private company to save a few million dollars. But if a H1b is a real innovator or investor then he could create scores of new jobs but those guys are very less. They should be identified and rewarded by faster GC process.

    But real intention of H1b when it was created was to fill shortage of skills but not for competing with citizens in rate. If the real intention is to compete globally then that needs to be revealed while lobbying with Senators. There is nothing wrong with immigrants or H1b persons. Most abuses are done and enouraged by employers. Corporations prefers a person always to be in H1b so they want more H1b quota and less gc so that they can exploit people.

    Basically H1b numbers and offshoring needs to be increased when demand is high(Really it was needed on 1999 and 2000) and it needs to be decreased when demand is low. Also today also there is shortage of skills in a few areas. System should handle those also.

    Well there are different examples you can cite all the time to turn the argument in your favor. By themselves H1Bs in that status can not create jobs, because they are bound to the employer. However there is no denying that a lot of them such as those who graduated from US universities with masters degrees, those from IIT or IIMs are smart and bright individuals. I know at least 2 Indians , family friends that after getting their green cards, started companies on their own and now employ hundreds locally if not thousands.And let me tell you these are not desi consulting cos. The very premise of tying an H1 to employer is wrong, not the individual by himself. Instead if there is point/skill based immigration system then it will ensure only the brightest will come inside the country. Currently the decision to hire the immigrant rests with an employer and hence we see systematic corruption to some degree.

    Also what I said was companies are profit oriented business entities. Of course they will want to hire people who best benefit their business. Nobody is stopping a local from proving that.


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  • SunnySurya
    08-07 11:01 AM
    I am the later...
    Many of us are prone to extreme selfishness. You could be a numberusa guy or really frustrated EB applicant.

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  • barrysingh
    01-13 08:41 PM


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  • anura
    04-07 08:38 AM
    This prediction business is done just to derive satisfaction of doing something towards a goal. This is especially true when one can do very little to get to that goal and it all depends on many other factors. Yet predicting the PD is not a bad endeavor by itself. That being said, predicting PD is not an easy math without knowing the PD of the last pending application in a category with the CIS and many other numbers. If I am right, I believe even the DoS and CIS have trouble with it.

    This what one Mr. Oppenheim says, "This situation will allow me to advance the India EB-2 cut-off date for May". That is it. So the PD will move in May unlike in the past when it moved in June/July/August in a FY. My understanding at this point is that there is no way to predict what will happen to the PD in May VB. THere are just not enough precise numbers available to do that. The May VB may come on 8th April and the numbers that are accounted for in it might be as close as 1st April'11. We do not have that number with us.

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  • apb
    10-06 01:14 PM
    Great to hear your wife's approval and hope she is doing fine now, after the emergency.
    Appreciate your helpful attitude towards others who are struggling with USCIS process.
    After the infopass for me and my wife, we had multiple soft/hard luds and status changed to case moved to local office.
    Received mail that we would be called for interview.
    Wish they get this fast when the dates are current.


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  • nkavjs
    09-19 11:04 PM
    I sent following fax to senator, congressmen, etc.
    If any one knows the fax# of any senior executive @ NSC. Please post here.

    Bottomline, everyone has to fight his/her battle. Help yourself.

    Date: Sept 19th 2007

    The Honorable Senator Dianne Feinstein
    United States Senate
    331 Hart Senate Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20510
    Phone: (202) 224-3841
    Fax: (202) 228-3954

    Sub: Inquiry/status for I-485 AOS application sent to USCIS, Nebraska Service Center on July 2nd 2007 [USPS Tracking No. XXXXXXXUS]

    Dear Honorable Ms. Feinstein,

    My Adjustment Application [type, e.g. I-485] was delivered to INS Express, Nebraska Service Center, Lincoln, NE on July 2nd 2007. I didn?t get any information for said application. USCIS Customer Service are very unhelpful and don?t provide any information.

    USCIS website says NSC are working with August 2007 received AOS applications. So USCIS is either not following the First in First out (FIFO) process for sure or misleading the public.

    I need help of your good office to track my AOS application delivered to NSC on July 2nd 2007. Please feel free to contact me for any additional information.

    Details as provided below:

    Sincerely yours,


    I was thinking of doing things on same line, but thru local congressmen. I dont have any info regarding any top-notch person in NSC :(

    pls. keep us posted. Thanks

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  • andy garcia
    06-19 08:57 AM
    Hi, I am living in Florida. Do I still send the I-485/EAD/AP documents to Nebraska or Texas ? Can some one please tell me.


    Taken from the 485 instructions.

    Where Should You File Form I-485?

    Employment-based adjustment of status.

    File all employment-based adjustment of status applications at the following address:

    USCIS Nebraska Service Center
    P.O. Box 87485
    Lincoln, NE 68501-7485

    This includes an EB Form I-485 filed concurrently with a Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker, and an EB Form I-485 filed based on a pending or an approved Form I-140.


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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-22 06:25 PM
    I agree with focusing on the Logfren bills, but the flower campaign might not work. Last year it was a combination of pressure on the lawmakers, USCIS and DOS by IV, AILA and a other groups. the flower campaign highlighted the issue to the public and gave us wide exposure...last years fiasco did not require a law change. In our case the clear cut issue is to make recapture happen. The only why for it to happen is by pressuring the lawmakers to take a yes or no decision.
    I think we should all request our employers to call the lawmakers, individual calls will help but we need to take it to the next level as the window is very short.

    Ok it too late for the letters..we need to focus on the HR bills by Resp Sen Lofgren..we have a narrow window here.. and bi partisan support..we can send her flowers and request the Senator to take this up seriously..also we can send the flowers to the thier local offices instead of DC ..since DC office is closed now..

    What does EB-3 thinks..we can send flowers to these guys and also to Charles Oppenhiemer...

    Flowers anybody??;)

    we can start the campign from monday!

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  • sunny
    02-12 04:10 PM
    Thats the right way. Probably I should not have told him that I have AP in my hands. This is what my attorney said. But now I have no idea if my h1 will be extended or not once I have used the AP.

    I got my H1 extension...though I entered on AP. You should get it too.



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  • BharatPremi
    09-25 02:07 PM
    I dont get this - the PDF clearly mentions that the table is for ALL PENDING EMPLOYMENT-BASED 485s. So that means: -
    1. It does not include any Family-based 485s.
    2. This is not a count of just pre-adjudicated cases - this is a count of ALL PENDING CASES.
    3. And since this is a count of ALL PENDING CASES, it also means that ALL DEPENDENT CASES are also included in this count - all DEPENDENTS HAVE TO FILE THEIR OWN 485s!

    Sometimes I just wonder, if most people here on this board have an illness or over-analyzing everything. It is so simple if you just read what is stated and take it at the face!

    The only thing I can tell is most of us are trying to search "light" from this "black and dark cloud". USCIS does not seem to be agree with what you are saying. Please have this trend chart and the worksheet in this thread together and then you will realize what we all are saying.:)

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  • gc_on_demand
    04-05 07:09 AM
    I checked some family based data and Date jumps 2-3 years once in a 2-3 year period and NVC gets enough files to work on for next 2-3 years , so dates moves slowly for next 2-3 years. USCIS learned lesson from July 2007 and may follow same approach what NVC do.

    They might go upto 2008 or 2009 in advance this year or next year so they have almost 20-30 k Eb2 cases on hand which can last for year or two. USCIS needs some new cases to work on. All pre adjudicated cases are ready for approval so chances are there they can advance date so that they can get enough cases for next year's spill over quota.

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  • cnag
    09-09 09:43 PM
    just saw the post today. will be calling at lunch tomorrow

    Guess it will be too late. It will all be over by lunch tomorrow.

    09-14 12:06 PM

    Any one received any RFE recently on been current on the month of Sep. please share iit. I got my status update with RFE :(


    I've been current since July, 2010 and got RFE on Sept 10, 2010. I don't have letter with me as yet to know about RFE.

    Before REF, I waited for few weeks then tried followings:
    1) Took infopass : Officer sent email to expedite.
    2) Wrote to Senator: got reply they would get reply in 60-90 days
    3) Sent an email via attorney to TSC: got automated response.

    Then I got RFE after about 2-3 weeks of these attempts.

    09-21 06:55 PM
    I checked with USCIS by calling them and they still have no records for me in the system. They admitted that there are many who have not been entered and issued receipts even though the dates at NSC & TSC shows otherwise.
    Adviced to be patient and call back in October 1st week. According to them its still not long enough for them to launch an inquiry to find these July 2nd applications.
    My lawyer also says she can't do anything yet unless they say that they have filed everything they have received.
    Again what a mess ...waiting for reciepts takes so long wonder when they will finally process the GC.
    I know many 2nd July filers who have even received EADs.

    I hope our patience pays off and they rewsrd it with giving the GC straightaway;).....wishful thinking.....

    Updates Via E-Mail