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  • trueguy
    09-11 01:42 PM
    Can we get an updated list (of senators) to whom we should be calling?

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  • snathan
    04-27 01:39 AM
    I totally agree with you. H1b and employment based GC's are so intertwined that they are almost inseparable. For example, you can get H1b extension based on your pending/approved PERM labor or your approved I-140 application. So, any change to H1b will in some way impact the GC process. I'm all for closing the loop holes in H1b provided certain reforms are also made in the EB green card process- like removing per country quotas and may be give EAD upon I-140 approval.

    But do you believe they will do any good for us or they are really interest to protect us. Their aim is to divide and rule.

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  • imbond707
    08-07 11:29 AM
    SunnySurya and Rollling_Fraud,

    Good news for your guys. I am EB3 but recently my labor got approved in EB2 and very soon I am going to port PD from old labor. :DHa..:Dha..:Dha..You can?t stop me and very soon I am going to stand in front of you in EB line.

    Note: Please post your reply ASAP. I am compiling your posts and will send this in ?Best Joke of the Year? challenge.

    No, I just don't want people in Eb3 line to come as stand in front of me.

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  • Milind123
    01-25 11:19 PM
    I bought tickets from British airways last week (called them to find out they were non refundable). Wish this post had been posted earlier.........I agree with the author the questions they ask for a TV are hilarious. Maybe I will have some wonderful experiences worthy of a post. :)

    Well good luck with your visa. Don't forget you might have to go for finger printing too. I was one of the lucky few who applied in November, so no need for FP. Here's my experience on Air India from NY to India via London.

    After spending couple of anxious days waiting for the green light from Mr. Gordon Brown, we finally got our visas. The little kid in me was jumping up and down with joy and at the same time the mature man in me was saying "What's the excitement about? It is only a stupid visa and that too transit!? Anyway we packed our bags and took Air India into London. The NY-LHR trip was uneventful except that the entertainment system was not working for most of the passengers including us. Needless to say my kids were totally disappointed. I was not. Maybe I had suspected things like this are a routine on Air India. Flight crew was courteous and helpful (against my expectations). Food was good (I admit, I enjoy airline food).
    After we landed, the passengers were asked to exit the aircraft along with their carry bags. Many of us were puzzled as some of us wanted to catch up with our sleep. Reluctantly everyone had to leave the aircraft. Someone was saying there is another aircraft waiting to take us to India. Makes sense, that is why they asked us to take our cabin bags too. After we entered the building we were asked to take the left door. Behind the right door was a waiting room. A couple of turns led us into a corridor which was probably about 1/2 mile long. At the end of the corridor there was security check. Again I was puzzled, why security check now, we are already in a secure area. The transit visa form with those 111 questions suddenly came in front of my eyes. Nothing less than a new complete security check will satisfy these neurotic people. It was time to go thru the exercise again. Took off the shoes, wallet, coins, Jacket, belt, pants .... when I was gently reminder by the security guard that it was not required today. When my turn came to send the items thru the machine, I complained about the fact that I have to put my jacket in a bin that was probably used earlier to keep someone?s shoes. (And you know where the shoes go. And sometimes when it gets wet, it is not necessarily because of water. The thought itself was so revolting that I decided to get my jacket dry-cleaned after I reached India). Needless to say my protest landed on deaf ears. After going thru the security gate, it was time to go thru the final check. I assumed the flying eagle's position and was quickly scanned and cleared. Beyond the security point was the shopping and restaurant area. I was bit thirsty but could not force myself to spend on a bottle of water. I was so put off by this whole experience that I did not want to spend a single cent here. We looked at the monitor to find our gate and quickly proceeded towards it. Again we walked for about half a mile or so. Things looked familiar, but I quickly brushed off the idea. At the gate we presented our credentials and were admitted into the waiting area. Then again I got a sense of d?j? vu. I soon realized it was the same freaking waiting room that I saw earlier and the same aircraft was waiting for us. We needlessly walked for more than a mile, subjected ourselves thru security check. All this for what?
    After waiting for an hour we were allowed to go into the aircraft to the same seats and surrounded by the same little pieces of garbage still on the floor. I congratulated myself for not buying the water bottle and looked out of the window to say final goodbye to London. Never again! Never.

    Flying Eagle Position

    . . . . O
    . . . . |
    . ---------
    . . . . |
    . . . . |
    . . . ./ \
    . . . .| |
    . . . .| |
    . . == ==

    (Gurus! How do I replace the dots with spaces without collapsing the spaces into a single space?).


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  • ItIsNotFunny
    01-15 01:27 PM
    IV members, Please go to and vote for my idea. No one has gone and voted up for this yet. Wakeup please. Go and vote for a good cause.

    I thinks its a better idea to post URL for your idea.

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  • letstalklc
    08-27 01:01 PM
    I called Vonage Customer service , If you signup Vonage World there is no 5k Min. limit. Its unlimited. Guys please don't post the wrong info.

    Pal351 - It's not wrong, what I said based on my chat and call with customer support and they confirmed the smae that 5K limit per month for Vonage World Residential Plan .

    Click below link and look for 5.4 for the same

    for your information I am pasting the same from Vonage website

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Inconsistent with Normal Use.
    If you use the service or the device in a way that is inconsistent with the normal use for your service or plan, you will be required, at Vonage's sole discretion, to pay the rates for the service or plan that would apply to the way you used the service or device, or terminate the plan. For example, if you subscribe to one of our residential service plans, and you are notified that your usage is inconsistent with normal residential use, you may thereafter be required to pay our higher rates for commercial service for all periods in which your use of our service or the device was inconsistent with normal residential use. More than 5,000 minutes per line per month for unlimited residential calling and more than 10,000 minutes per line per month for unlimited small business calling will not be considered normal use. The creation or use of related multiple accounts or excessive residential lines to circumvent these levels shall also be considered inconsistent with normal use. Usage over these levels or other inconsistent use will result, in Vonage's sole discretion, in immediate mandatory transfer to another appropriate plan, suspension or termination of service. You acknowledge that if your service is terminated under this provision, you are subject to all applicable termination charges. For a non-exhaustive list of examples of uses of our service inconsistent with normal residential use, click here.

    Commercial, not-for profit, governmental use or other similar useThe use of the service at a multi-residential address for more than one single residence; orThe use of the service by others who do not reside in your personal residence primarily by reason of its unlimited feature


    Hope above will clarify......


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  • usertt123
    02-28 02:58 PM
    I agree calabor well said ;), but realy its frustrating when you have a family to look after and a house. The worst thing is no one is accountable for this mess. Specialy when you have been in US for such a long time.
    Veeru123, so in your case did you call DOS and then things worked out or consulate themselves send you the email/passport on 25th. Let me also know is it an automated response system at DOS or we have to speak to someone and give our EAC# as case reference. Your advice would be of great help.

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  • BharatPremi
    03-25 04:11 PM
    Not a lawyer, obviously :) , but the first line on I-9 about discrimination covers "hiring, discharging, or recruiting or referring... It is illegal to discriminate against work eligible individuals."

    Yes, "Interviewing" is not written there. And we all know that "Recruiting" or "Hiring" is not equivalent of "interviewing"


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  • navkap
    07-10 01:57 AM
    Now Lets send a DVD for Munnabhai MBBS to Emilo -- atlease once these Soldier get the DVDs they will be thrilled . . .

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  • factoryman
    05-16 07:32 PM
    :) I will make sure to ask the Attorney / firmto overnight it via FedEx on Jun 1. In the meanwhile, I am working on the check list of documents, vaccines list and take medical appointment. Already prepared I-485 filing documents way back in Aug 2005. Maybe the attorney will send a set of new forms, I don't know; I will complete in one day.

    late last month my father passed away and I had to fly back to Australia to attend the funeral. My lawyer and I were already in the process of preparing my i485/ead/ap. They arrived at the service centre on may26 and I left the US shortly after midnight on the 27th ( talk about close). My lawyer told me that as long as I was present in the US the day that the Service centre recieved my applications, I was ok. I also had my L1 re-stamped in Sydney before returning. :)

    So based on my experience, no you dont have to wait for reciept of filing, just must be in US when filled.


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  • gc_on_demand
    09-16 09:59 AM
    Single Person's Effort Makes Difference
    Everyone should try.
    Please call committee memebers and local congressmen/women

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  • royus77
    07-09 10:23 PM
    For your information

    EB2 India
    I140 approved-Sept 2006

    I have MS in EE from US and working since 2001,filed my GC in 2005 May(PERM).

    However can you please tell me anyone who got GC in Eb2/Eb3(India) in 1-2 yr in the last 15 yrs?
    Exactly that is now 2006-2007 PD guys are expecting to happen a miracle, right? I mean, apply 485,EAD ASAP.

    If you guys really care about 2002-2003-2004 guys, then please please wait for OCT 07 bulletin and after that you can do anything you want. If they will retrogress the dates, then please fight but not before that.

    This is just a suggestion. If you like follow it, otherwise ignore.

    filing 485 doesnt mean they will give GC in the next few days .....Do you think how many people left from 2002 ...( the number of labors doesnt equal to the number of Genuine applicants ...most of those labors are hanging because desi employs want to sell them ) ...


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  • anotherone
    01-30 10:58 AM
    now ford, gm, capitalone and I'll post mine when i hear about the explanation from legal.

    i dont know if u can sue without much written proof, or if they refused to interview you. but if you do have an interview etc., and some written proof, we may have something

    a class action lawsuit ? if a lawsuit is expensive i am sure there are some lawyers who take on cases either probono or we all pool in our money and do something...

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  • Robert Kumar
    03-31 07:04 AM
    If its an April fool Joke we should know on Apr 1st
    Otherwise we will know in 2nd week.

    Dont think so.


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  • p_aluri
    09-09 05:38 PM
    I've got the magic "email/text message" this morning. I came to USA in 1999.
    It's my thrid labor.. all the best to rest of the folks who are hanging in there.

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    06-22 11:13 AM
    I am in the same situation. Details Below.

    Me: EB2(10/2006) Pending I-140
    Wife: EB3(04/2002 SUBSTITUTION) Pending I-140

    Reply from My Lawyer.

    "Many people are in your scenario.
    There are many ways to do this. Each one being a little more expensive then others.

    What can be done:

    Your wife files as primary and you secondary on her 140.
    You file as primary and her secondary on your 140.

    Option #2
    You file alone on your 140
    She files alone on her 140.

    Somehow if the dates should move backwards and her 140 on labor substitution should get denied (you never know with labor sub); then for her to file on your 140 the date has to be current or she canʼt file until it becomes current.

    You and her just file on her 140. Problem is if the 140 gets denied then the window of opportunity to file the 485 again may not be for a couple of years.

    You and her just file on your 140. Problem is that it may take a long time for you to eventually get the greencard approved.

    If you want to be safe and want to spend more money then she would file as primary on her 140 and you as dependent. Then at same time we would file you as primary on your 140 and her as dependent on your 140.

    Reply from Wife's Lawyer(Murthy):

    "It is not possible for you to be her derivative as well as your own primary, and vice versa. It would require the filing of 2 I-485s and this causes nothing but confusion on the part of the USCIS. You have 2 choices. You could pick a case that you are going to proceed under, most likely the one with the earliest priority date, so long as there is confidence that the I-140 will be approved. Or, you can hedge your bets by each filing as your own primary because if one of the cases falls into a problem, the person can switch to be a derivative, but could run into a problem if there were not current priority dates at the time. But, so long as your both remain in H-1B status, and not use EAD/AP, that is minimized"


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  • snathan
    04-01 09:34 AM
    somebody please comment on this.


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  • Cheran
    05-24 08:44 AM
    Can somebody please answer my previous question?? Thanks

    [QUOTE=Hassan11]I have a question regarding the I-693 Medical exam. it was mentioned that you will need to take a vaccine for MMR, Varicella, Tetanus and Hapatitis B. it was also mentioned that they will do a tb test and a blood test for HIV and syphilis. are these all the vaccinations and blood tests required or are there aother blood test required in addition to these??

    please advise. Thanks

    They will go through TB test, which the doctors office will do. But as far as the testing goes you have the complete list
    Varicella (Chicken Pox)
    Blood work for HIV and Syphilis.


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  • mpadapa
    08-07 11:54 AM
    U are saying - The person's GC category should be same all through out the GC process, irrespective of the technical advancements the person make during the course of the GC process. A person is porting only because he is qualified for the category, U folks are talking as if there is an open slot and everyone is clamoring for it.

    U'r logic should be similar to the below scenario..

    A person joins a company as a Jr. Engineer, then based on U'r logic he/she cannot become a Manager (which requires an MBA / equivalent) because he entered the workforce as a Jr. Engg. Even though the fellow would've acquired necessary skills and even MBA (going part-time to school), still he/she cannot become a Manager. U are vouching that an MBA who joined few months earlier can become the Manager but not the home groomed fellow. Wow, U'r logic seems to a ground breaking thought process, please extrapolate U'r lawsuit for the case mentioned above. If you win, this might be the most ground breaking decision in US.

    Personally I've reported to folks who joined company as high-school grads and worked their way up to Managerial position ofcoz acquiring the necessary college education while working. They have shown up those experience to move ahead of other folks who joined later with higher degrees.

    sunnysurya and rollingflood,
    Rather than focusing on divisive efforts why can't you focus on real problem - retrogression. Why don't you work towards IV's goals? You folks joined the forum few months back and have already made great impact. Hope you would channel U'r energy into something positive for the entire community.

    01-09 12:13 PM
    Already a part of the NE Chapter...:-) I'm from RHODE ISLAND so if there is anyone from RI who wants to team up to meet our Lawmakers, please contact me!


    Your first post is outstanding. Welcome to IV. Please join your state chapter so that you can help in a more organized manner.

    Thanks for all the help and support.

    07-11 01:48 PM
    I agree. Its the channel Osama uses anyways. Lou Dog (sp?? CNN smart Ass) will go bananas.
    Any thoughts?

    No disrespect to Al-Jazeera. But putting our story on that channel is not a good idea. People view anything on it with lot of suspicion, and Fox news interprets everybody Al-Jazeera sympathizes with as you know what.
    Don't come after me for saying this, its not my opinion. But general opinion that I have observed from people who are not well informed(read majority of people). Lets focus on the main stream media in US, outside coverage is not that significant anyway.

    Updates Via E-Mail