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  • trueguy
    08-22 11:47 AM
    lets ignore all the negative comments in this thread and stay focused.

    Lets start with letter campaign and see what happens when new year starts. Does somebody has a letter drafted and ready to send out?


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  • bigboy007
    09-26 06:10 PM
    Today only I realized that I filed G325 instead of G325A. I am still not in teh system. But I am v depressed. Any one aware of similar case and what is the possibilities?
    i dont think thats an issue veerufs . there are some who did in past and idont think thats enough for return but not sure what other expenses dont get depressed.

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  • checklaw
    06-15 11:39 AM

    Hi everyone ,

    i have three question please please anyone answer ....

    1 - i have previously applied but was returned due to pd not current , what to file in the form where it say if u have appllied before ? ( i am filing on my own this time )

    2 - should the salary be there on employment letter . if so the present day salary or the one with labour approve ?

    3 - i have an A# when my file was returned should i use that or leave it blank wherever it is asked also my wife have TIN number is that what i am supposed to write where it ask her to give her SSN

    i will appreciate anyone answering any question please

    thank you


    Is it mandatory to submit Form G-28 ?

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  • ArunAntonio
    06-21 03:02 PM
    Canadian_Dream and jonty_11, thanks for helping out, I like this forum much better than a lot other forums I have visiting of late...
    and it is because of guys like you :D


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  • agadre
    06-29 06:02 PM
    I tend to believe the CIR angle to this. Since, teh time CIR has failed, these Rumours have surfaced.....
    Another poison choice!!!!

    To make it look politically correct, I guess the new revised buletin won't be out till the end of 1st week july. They will make it look natural and stop taking new applications from 9th. :D

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  • vinabath
    07-10 09:46 AM
    Why would they think like that?, USCIS made a mistake. They tried to cover (by making visas unavailable) their ass to save their jobs. Thats why we have congress to help us out.

    For USCIS its a bad publicity.

    I am telling you guys, the USCIS is gonna SERIOUSLY think "Lets keep screwing these guys and getting free stuff AND free publicity"


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  • letstalklc
    08-26 10:05 AM
    I've been using Lingo for 3+ years, I called them to ask if they are aware(of course they are), rep said within a week they are coming up with a plan that's better than Vonage. unlimited calling to india and 100+ countries for $22.95. Plus i think they are going to include some free minutes every month that you can use to call india from your work or cell phone using a toll free or access # (just like you use Reliance).

    Rep said you will receive an email in a week or so about the new offer/plan.

    If you are already a Lingo customer I'd wait a week, Lingo has history of beating any competing plan.

    Thanks for the info, It will good if you can update here as soon as you get an email regarding the offer...

    Very +ve news from Lingo.

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  • akred
    01-27 07:58 PM
    Obviously it must be an attempt to protect India from being taken over by Hong Kong ;)

    You got that right. Hong Kong is part of China.


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  • lazycis
    09-25 08:12 AM
    How to find out if you name check has been done/cleared.

    Call USCIS customer service and insist that you want to speak to the immigration officer. Be persistent. IO will be able to tell you that. No need to waste time for Infopass.

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  • grupak
    03-24 09:04 AM
    This is the email I just received from CapitalOne:

    "Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been out of the office unexpectedly and am now just getting a chance to catch up on past messages. Unfortunately we can't pursue candidates with EAD cards either."

    There was a thread related to similar issues which I could not find. Apologies for opening a new one.

    Doesn't the above constitute discrimination and illegal ? What recourse do we have when we are disqualified because of EAD ?

    Is this for a job?
    According to I-9 form, employers can't discriminate based on EAD. There are some exception where they require security clearance for the jobs.

    You might want to remind CapitalOne of this anti-discrimination notice on I-9 or bring it to the notice of USCIS.


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  • godbless
    05-04 10:24 AM
    Should your address showing up on your w2 and pay stub be matching with the address of your parent company that filed your LC for Permanent Residence? My parent company that filed for my GC is in MI and so my Labor was also filed from there and currently I am working in IL and have been filing tax return for the state of IL for the last 3 years. The addres that shows up on my pay stub and w2 is for the state of IL. As my I485 is already filed so would it matter at the time of adudication of I485 about this address issue?

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  • leoindiano
    08-07 06:15 AM
    SunnySurya, Flood,

    I see that you guys didnt join IV until 2008. So, you know very less about this org. The people who only can think for their own wont come to join you at any stage, it was proven many times. They will just keep writing messages here and use valuable information on the forum.

    I am EB2/Masters/PD Nov 2004. I do not not support your idea. I loose patience at times, but not to the extent of effecting other peoples chances. I know quite a few of my freinds who had masters, their corporate employers applied in EB3, none of them are trying to do conversion. But, i feel their pain.


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  • smaram1
    08-17 12:57 PM
    So you still think that 2 weeks logic still works :)...

    Your prediction for urself and gbof went on fine :)..

    I have no clue where my file is..

    Wait continues for me

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  • Saralayar
    01-15 12:29 AM
    Some ideas are good. In order to implement them, we need support from members. Pls volunteer and take up the ideas to lead them. For example I have mentioned about poster and banner campaign. If each one of us, prints them and post them in various places, we can get good publicity.

    We have to make do with such low cost volunteer work. Someone pointed out that we should contact newspapers and get articles published. Wish it was so easy. We have written tons of mails but that alone does not work. You need to issue press releases and publish them online. Publishing them each online costs a couple hundred dollars by publishing services who distribute, and there is no guarantee it will be picked up. Thus you need a focussed campaign for it. There are services where you can contact reporters and media on a specific topic and send them email, press release directly. If they are already writing article you can know the deadline. If you have an idea, you can pitch a story idea to the reporter directly. A good service I know costs 5K for non profits for one year. If you need access to International reporters database add 2k to it. All this is possible only if we have these kinds of resources. When we can hardly get contributions of 5k in 4 months after collecting $5 each, it is tough to plan a big media campaign. The reason why other big organizations and big anti immigrant orgs can get so much publicity is that they probably can spend their huge resources on such services. They can also afford a full time staff. We do not have all that and run IV along with our full time day time jobs. So the first thing we need to do before we run any campaign is to get more members and more contributions and monthly signups. Without that ideas may only remain on the forums.

    Today, I have posted the idea of this thread in site. All members please visit the site and vote for this idea.


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  • drona
    07-10 06:49 PM
    Immigration Voice Represents All Nationalities:

    Although the recent Reuters article mentions the flower campaign as an "Indian" effort, the flowers were sent by nationals of numerious countries to USCIS and this organization represents all nationals affected by visa backlogs and the visa bulletin fiasco. Immigration Voice recognizes and appreciates the contributions and participation of the members of all nationalities. This is not an "Indian" effort, its an effort supported and organized by all the legal skilled immigrants stuck in visa backlogs.

    From IV Core group.

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  • cnag
    09-09 04:40 PM
    I could not reach the following reps the first time in the morning. I called them again now:
    Tammy Baldwin 202-225-2906 - Congresswoman will vote in favour of the bill
    Rick Boucher 202-225-3861 - Will pass on the message
    William Delahunt 202-225-3111 - Will pass on the message

    Guys, Please keep calling. will take less than a minute per call


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  • americandesi
    03-24 05:50 PM
    I've seen many job ads asking for US citizens or GC holders only. That implies that EAD and H1B holders cannot apply. And at the same time at the end of the ad, u can see a text that says "xxx is an equal opportunity employer". Though both the statements are contradictory, companies post such ads. Not sure though if companies are allowed to have such policies. If so, why?

    Pls refer the link from DOJ posted above. It clearly states that "US citizen and "green-card" (i.e., permanent resident) only policies are generally prohibited, unless required by law, regulation, or government contract"

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  • ChainReaction
    05-27 11:36 AM
    Any benefit in filing 485 on the first week of June versus last week of June? Any FIFO implications?

    Yes, the I485 filing fee will be tripled anytime, the longer U wait the more likely it is you have to pay the increased fee. If you are family of 4 it will be 4K just in visa fee + Medical + lawyer fee...etc:(

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  • greencardvow
    07-31 07:23 PM
    Just send a letter to USCIS with Receipt # to fix the typo. This wont get rejected.
    What happens if we type incorrect A# on spouse application, are they going to send RFE or case will be denied?

    11-04 11:47 AM
    I-485 Employment-Based Inventory does it include Spouse applications also

    CAN Some Senior members clarify my doubts:
    USCIS release I-485 Employment-Based Inventory countyr wise. Is this Numbers listed every year for the Employment based category include applications filled for Spouse also?

    If it is not included then we need to take in to account that for every 485 application we will bare minimum have 1 spoude 485 application that requires VISA Number.

    Link from USCIS:

    09-26 10:38 AM
    cir failed because the senate did not have a filibuster proof majority (60) to pass cir. This time the democrats are expected to gain 4 to 5 seats in the senate, that will take there majority to 54 or 55 from the current 50 (49 +liberman). With a majority of 54 or 55 the filibuster will not happen again in senate and cir will pass in the senate.

    The difference between Bush and obama in calling for cir is that Bush was an unpopular lame duck president, his party was a minority in both the house and senate. Obama if elected president would have the democrats in control of both the house and senate, therefore when obama says he wants to pass cir, it will happen, so take it seriously and dont live in a fantasy that CIR will fail again.

    to all those people who cliam that cir won't be bad, please, please name some provisions that were good for Eb immigrants. Please dont use words like "hope", might" etc,durbin wants to knock the living daylights out of EB immigrants. I want to know if there was anything good in cir, not good things you hope to be in cir

    These are a list of bad things that were in cir and will be in durbin cir

    -DId cir have stem exemption? answer no
    -Did cir have visa recapture? answer no
    -Did cir increase the eb quota to reduce the backlog? answer no
    -Did cir exempt the existing EB applicants from the new "points based
    system", answer this seems to be a gray area, no clear answer (there is a
    debate about this)
    -Did cir have draconian restrictions on H1, answer yes
    if there are any more nagatives please add to the list.

    guys, the reason behind this post is not to pick a fight with anyone or to win an argument, but to look at the facts and realize the deep shit we will be in and address the issues. Just like a sick patient will expire if he lives in denial and does not take his medicine, we the eb immigrants will expire with cir if we dont realize we will be sick with cir and start looking for medicine.

    Updates Via E-Mail