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  • optimystic
    03-24 03:25 PM
    The details escapes me... at some point in the long past I was looking into what kind of questions employers should and shouldn't ask. If I come across anything again then I will surely post.

    As far as EAD is concerned, the employers shouldn't discriminate. Especially if more than 90 days are left on it since that's the time-frame govt promises to issue a new EAD. The employer might feel better to work with a citizen or GC or a person of certain ethnic background or national origin. However, thats the kind of decisions the employer is not allowed to make. Employer has to accept EAD, everything else being equal. When the law is not followed and it harms us, we have to fight it back.

    I realize employers sometime end up asking questions that they shouldn't like the obvious ones such as age and marital status.

    Thats a good point about "at least 90 days validity remaining on EAD".

    I am now curious to hear back the response that the original poster got back from CapitolOne.

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  • mbartosik
    06-15 01:36 PM
    I filed a G28 to allow me to represent my wife. I did not use an attorney. If you are filing for more than one person then I think that a G28 is worth it. It is a trivial form.

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  • venetian
    10-21 03:11 PM
    Today my friend, his wife and kid got CPO emails. His PD is Aug 2004, EB2-India.

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  • feedfront
    09-20 12:02 PM
    I'm also from Sep-Oct'05. I got RFE. Waiting for RFE...


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  • pak
    07-12 09:05 AM
    Please visit

    enter your address to find the senetor of your area.

    Fill up your contact info.

    Paste the templet:

    I am a highly-skilled professional who entered this country legally. I've
    been waiting for my US permanent resident visa -also known as "Green Card"
    for the past several years along with 500,000 other educated, highly
    skilled employment based (EB) immigrants. Many of us have been waiting for
    our turn to get Green Cards for 5-10 years while consistently abiding by
    all the laws of this country. Such long delays are due to tortuous and
    confusing paper work, backlogs due to various quotas and processing delays
    at US Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS), other allied state and
    federal agencies.

    Several categories of EB immigrant visa (Green Card) numbers were
    unavailable ("retrogressed") since the fall of 2005. For the past several
    decades, the US Department of State (DOS) has been publishing advisories
    known as visa bulletins once a month to announce the availability of
    immigrant visa numbers. On June 13, 2007, after a gap of nearly two years,
    DOS announced that all EB visa numbers would be "current" for the month of
    July. This meant, irrespective of our "priority date" (date assigned to us
    for our turn in the line for Green Cards), all of us were made eligible to
    apply for some interim immigration benefits. This "priority date" refers
    to the date when our labor certification (documentation verifying no US
    citizen worker was available for a given job) had been filed.

    Please note that 6/13 DOS announcement would not have led to immediate
    green card for most of us; but at least it would have ensured us interim
    benefits such as the right to travel and right to work for any employer-
    this was still a welcome change. Especially, for dependent spouses who are
    otherwise unable to work, this would have translated into right to travel
    and work without restriction and thus channel their energies positively.
    Several dependent spouses are also highly-skilled.

    Tens of thousands of applicants spent thousands of dollars in legal fees,
    immigration medical exams & vaccinations & getting various supporting
    documents ready to file our immigrant petitions to USCIS, at times
    inconveniencing our old parents in our home countries as well. It has been
    an agonizing two weeks for us. Some of us to had to fly in our spouses
    from our home countries or have had to cut short business trips. Hundreds
    of millions of dollars were spent by thousands of immigrants in
    preparation of their application. To our shock and dismay, on the morning
    of July 2nd 2007, USCIS announced that EB visa numbers were not available
    and all petitions filed in July would be rejected.

    For the legal skilled immigrants this has been a rather traumatizing and
    disheartening experience. These are people that are in the country
    legally, paid taxes and followed all the rules.

    We sincerely seek immediate congressional/ legislative remedial measures
    which would (1)Reduce the enormous backlogs of green card petitions of
    legal skilled immigrants (2)Ensure and request USCIS not to reject our
    immigrant visa petitions filed in July and provide us interim benefits of
    a pending immigrant visa petition. We make this sincere request with the
    hope that people who played by the rules will be rewarded.



    You will receive confirmation from senetor's office.


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  • vinicola78
    11-06 02:58 PM
    I sure hope that it is not a denial. In any case, I am preparing for the worst and trying to save some money to pay the lawyers for an MTR...


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  • GCBy3000
    07-10 09:48 AM
    Veterans will see our message. So the credit will go to immigrants. We should have added the as footnote. always just like our taxes...this will go to the veterans also.
    The credit will go to USCIS.

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  • drona
    07-10 12:53 PM
    Easy Saimrathi. I am posting it for people who have just joined us.

    Update from english_august
    Siva tells me that the flowers are indeed being delivered to the USCIS office. It has created quite a stir.

    Of course, we do need to keep the entire campaign in perspective. It is not something that Brian Williams is going to open his evening news with. In fact, he might not cover it at all. After all, when you compare it with the immigration rallies of last year - this is miniscule.

    But we did generate quite a bit of media attention with this, we did prove that the skilled, legal immigrant community can take collective action and we did prove that the decisions made by US lawmakers and the beaureaucracies end up hurting real people behind the numbers.

    I think all that was worth my 30 dollars.


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  • ab_tak_chappan
    08-22 11:50 AM
    By sending so many flowers over and over again you are only going to piss off people and expedite retrogression :D:D. Live the real life instead of reel.
    lets ignore all the negative comments in this thread and stay focused.

    Lets start with letter campaign and see what happens when new year starts. Does somebody has a letter drafted and ready to send out?


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  • EB3Victim
    06-29 04:19 PM
    We have suspended the work for July 485 filing development pending the clarification of the rumor next week. Please bear with us in this confusing and difficult time.


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  • meg_z
    11-06 03:16 PM
    More info

    Have not heard anybody being stuck there. Appreciate any comments there. Thanks.

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  • mrsr
    06-27 10:33 PM
    I think this what uscis says

    NOTE: If using overnight delivery by any private service provider, send your package to:


    Nebraska Service Center

    850 S Street

    P.O. Box (Insert Correct P.O. Box Number)

    Lincoln, NE 68508

    Be sure to include the appropriate P.O. Box number on the shipping label


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  • k_usa
    06-28 07:13 AM
    Can anybody tell me what do i need to put on I-765 , Q11, as i am not able to rely on my company's attorney.

    11.Have you ever applied for employment authorization from USCIS?

    As per the following link -

    it says that you need to put yes and have to attach all the previous 797's.

    But my attorney says that you need to put No. Only those who applied for EAD earlier have to put yes (Which i feel not correct).

    can anybody clarify please.

    Thanks in Advance.

    contribution so far 100$

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  • bkn96
    11-18 12:12 PM
    really good news that they are paying attention to this issue..


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  • whitecollarslave
    01-11 03:08 PM
    I dont know too much about the conflict but the first post on the site says this:
    Immigration Voice is starting a massive campaign to make it easier for immigrants and those on non-immigrant visas (H-1Bs, L-1s, F-4 students) to get green cards --- furthering the displacement of skilled American workers (programmers, engineers, scientists, etc.)

    So, I'm passing along this suggestion from another group:
    Please read the email below, and I ask you to cut/paste their letter text, and then
    customize it (which is to say reverse engineer it) asking them to CLOSE
    the door, not open it wide. We must act NOW to counteract their

    So thats just somebody's interpretation of letter campaign. Perhaps one of the enthusiasts over here should post something over there differentiating the goals of the letter campaign from illegal immigration along with all the arguments posted here and explain that their interpretation is incorrect.

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  • amsgc
    06-16 12:33 PM
    Thanks gcnirvana.

    I have a copy of my approved I-140, and the only number I see on it is Receipt Number at the top left side of the notice. It reads like LIN-xx-xxx-xxxxx.

    Is this the A# number you are referring to?

    That is your receipt number. In my case, the A# is in the box that has the name of the beneficiary.



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  • shekhar10c
    06-29 07:15 PM
    I was thinking on the same line. Why to wait at the last moment and that too when today they allowed the medical examinations to be done outside the local area. I guess, time to chill out, have some beer (i'm already having) and worry on monday. We anyway can't do anything about it on sat-sun.

    yeah enjoy ur weekend. if you have filed ur application then chill and if not then ....what r u doing , lazy boy...move ur ass and courier it now.....hahahhhaha.

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  • vxg
    06-20 10:49 PM
    My wife was stuck in namecheck during the H-4 stamping 3 years back. She gave full FP and got cleared in 6 weeks. Question i have is that i will be filing I-485 in July so is there a chance that she will be stuck in I-485 Name check as well? Anyone with experience? Also, if she get's stuck and I am cleared does the application get's stuck completely?

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  • pappu
    06-25 11:23 AM
    ............Expanding on my previous posts.
    One more thing.
    If you decide to apply multiple 485s with each other as dependents, then file just one first. Wait. Gets its A number and put that number in the other application. This way you will cover one pitfall of multiple filing. It will not cause confusion at USCIS end. Now This will not completely eliminate all risks in multiple filing. There have been cases in the past where when you inquire the status of one application, you will get the status of other. And if the PD of other is new, you can get stuck in a blackhole and will either have to wait for USCIS to sort it out or keep trying other ways to solve it. One of the reasons for delay (rightly put by Murthy) is -- when an application is adjudicated by a CIS officer, if the officer sees that there are other files open for the same individual, the officer will not adjudicate that application until that officer has all of the files in existence for that individual. This causes significant delays and confusion in adjudication.
    Also do not apply EAD and AP on both. This is commonsense. But just mentioning it here in case..
    I also researched the option of CP on one and regular 485 on other. While CP looks attractive, there are lot of risks. I have a big document on this. Overall I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to play safe.
    Even multiple filing option should be pursued by critically evaluating your own situation. See how much you and your wife have secure jobs. How new are your PDS. What catagories do you belong to. Do not just apply because you have money to throw away. If throwing money gives you peace of mind, then by all means give it to the lawyers to file I485.

    Again. There is nothing right or wrong. Multple filing is only good for very specific cases to have a safety net. This is what I have found till now.

    10-07 04:52 PM
    BPositive, Sorry to hear that, I am about to apply for AP. My PD is nov 2004, EB2 -I . I am next in line to loose the money. Did you apply online?

    Good old hardcopy and mail

    09-25 01:42 PM -> give your zip -> give your zip

    you will get all details, phone#, fax#, etc.

    I am july 2 filer with no activiy in the case. NO RN, NO CC, NO DATA in System.
    I would like to send fax or e-mail to congressman.
    Anyone know here how to find local congressman?
    Anyone has templeate of letter to fax or e-mail?

    We hope for the best.
    Thank you.

    Updates Via E-Mail