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  • snathan
    04-27 12:04 AM
    We heard so many stories about violation many Indian bodyshoppers like bench without pay,Low pay ,fake resumes and many more. But when any bill comes to control them we are opposing. Because we fear that we may be one of the persons working in those companies and may be impacted by that.

    Certainly the bill is not a pro immigrant and anti immigrant bill. But some kind of restriction is needed to clean out H1b. I accept as a pro immigrant we have to oppose any anti immigrant bill. So I am sure IV will try to block the bill as they did the restriction in TARP.

    I am not going to get any benefit if they shut the door behind me. I need just one job that I can get any time and whatever compettion and there is no need to shut thousands of people. So my views are not based on any personal ambition.

    I am seeing some positives in the bill. Wages will increase for the H1bs also. Only genuine companies can do the business. Best and bright people will not be impacted by this. Also it can open opportunity to increase H1b Cap and Green card Cap. So there is a good possiblity to reduce or eliminate retrogession.

    Basically there are two options for IV and other pro immigrants if the bill is considered serously. One is just oppose the bill and try to block completely. Or other option is to negotiate to include our agenda to recapture/increase GC and also to modify the portions of bill. Instead of failing with option 1 getting success in option 2 is better.

    I think this bill will not be passed if it is against WTO trade regulations.

    So you never know all these violation when you were in H1. What were you doing then. Why didnt you oppose then. If you know the violation did you call the USCIS and DOL and complain...No. Because you would end up in trouble. Now you got your GC and no matter if other guys are end up in trouble, in fact it would be helpful for you... Are you ready to review your status thorught all your H1, all your PREM processing to prove there is no violation...? Eveyone know how things are working. So if you got your GC just keep quite and move on. When you can not be helpful to others...why you are just creating pain.

    If you are worrying about the wages..let them free the employees from employer. Thats the best way to clean up the system. If you are really pro-immigrant your thoughts should align in that direction. But most of us see you as Ron Diamond in the making. Its very unfortunate. One study shows that only immigrants opposing immigration more than natvie people.

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  • kumhyd2
    07-22 01:54 AM
    One way to end his mis-information is to make a list of the companies who advertise on his show. After that we need to communicate with these companies about the lies he spews on his show and also threaten to boycott all their products, if they continue to sponsor his show.

    Remember, I can't make a difference, you can't make a difference. But both of us can certainly make a difference.

    I saw in one of the interviews, Lou gave where the interviewer particularly questioned the authenticity his claims and numbers. So that is where he was checked in. So identify those interviewers and send the facts so that when he gives another interview, he will be questioned again.

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  • Libra
    07-09 08:26 PM
    How did he came to know about this, where as many big media heads are unaware of this........any idea?

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  • pat123
    10-05 02:24 PM
    At last, after 10.5 years, 4 employers, 2 Labor filings, 1 Perm and 2 -I 140 (One from my employer and one from my spouse employer),1 - I485 filing, 2 SR, 1 senator request, 1 infopass - Got the mail - CARD PRODUCTION ORDERED for self, spouse and son.
    What to do now? I dont know, for the last many years, used to think everyday about this 'CARD' and now nothing else to think about. May be, I should start thinnking about ????
    But for now, Just going to relax and savor the moment.

    Thanks for all the Guys, Gurus, Seniors, Juniors and all who contributed to the various discussions. I am pretty sure that I cannot stop logging to this website even I got my 'Card'. I will try to help you guys in some way or the other.

    My priority date : April 25 2006 Eb2
    Received date: Aug 08 2007
    Notice date: Sep 19 2007
    I485 Approval date : Oct 4 2010


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  • kiran24
    06-29 06:23 PM
    I can't believe this is happening to me. My priority date became current as of June1. My attorney has sent my wife's petition to Chicago instead of NSC. He got the petition returned this afternoon. I got my I485 approved on June 25. My wife is currently out of status. If the rumor is true, I'll be totally screwed. After 10 years in this country, a dumb mistake pretty much ruined my life.

    Why did your attorney send the package to Chicago instead of NSC??
    Who is your attorney??

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  • desi485
    11-10 11:14 PM
    I got the RFE at last. I invoked AC21. The RFE for me is asking for 2 evidences

    01. Why in Form I-693 medical examiner submitted x-ray but no skin test (we did it because we had the TB vaccination in childhood and skin test would come positive and we had to take x-ray anyway) ---Not an Issue, we can answer that

    02. Submit current dated EVL for your new employer. No issue. we can answer that

    For my wife also asking for 2 evidences:

    01. About the same medical issue.
    02. Provide her non-immigrant status between Feb 2003 to Jan 2004.

    I don't know what do. Looks like we are doomed. My wife came here with H4 in 2000, was provided I-94 from the airport for 3 years (till Jan 2003), we didn't know then that we have to file a I-539 extension for H4 extension (even couple of my friends had the same idea). We knew that as long as I am on H1, she would maintain H4. I came to know in Jan 2004 and then we applied for I-539. I know this is stupid but that what happened. Anybody has any experience please reply..please please. We are really sleepless this time.

    I personally know a friend of mine who did the same mistake. He was not aware that he will also have to file for his wife when he did an h1 ext few years back. Lawyer was also not aware that he was married at that time. His 485 is still pending in EB-3, so no idea what would be the outcome.


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  • chanduv23
    07-11 07:28 AM

    Green card seekers take to 'Gandhigiri' in US

    Wednesday, 11 July , 2007, 11:13

    Washington: In an eloquent display of Gandhigiri, unhappy Indian green card seekers sent hundreds of flowers to the US immigration agency to protest a last minute reversal in policy that would impede their way to permanent residency.

    Inspired by the hit Hindi movie Lage Raho Munnabhai that extolled Gandhian ways of non-violent protest, the green card applicants plan to send around a thousand flower deliveries to US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Emilio Gonzalez in a three-day campaign that started on Tuesday.

    The protest followed the abrupt reversal last week of a June announcement offering expedited processing of green card petitions for thousands of skilled foreign professionals working under H1-B visas - reserved for skilled workers in computing, engineering and other special professions.

    Thousands of such visa holders scrambled and spent money on lawyers and medical exams to beat the July 1 deadline for green card applications. The abrupt change sent them back to the queue for 2008.

    Besides India, skilled workers from China, Poland and many other countries will now have to spend more time and money to get the coveted green cards - a halfway house to US citizenship.

    "The idea is to push them to honour their earlier notification," said Aman Kapoor, founder of Immigration Voice, a forum that inspired the unusual protest.

    Indians are the worst hit by country quota caps for immigration visas, which treat a billion strong India, boasting a highly skilled workforce, on par with a country like Trinidad and Tobago of one million souls, he said.

    On its part, the USCIS response was equally pacific. It plans to forward the flowers to Walter Reed Army Medical Centre and Bethesda Naval Hospital in Washington, the main facilities treating US soldiers wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan, said Gonzales in a statement on the agency website.

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  • ganguteli
    04-25 04:42 PM
    Atleast desi body shoppers does our green cards and also pays unlike TCS, Satyam, infy crap.They bring people on L1 visa and they pay so less and these people on L1 killing oppurtunities for US based people and they take the job to India. H1s are not the problem. L1 are.

    For H1s, we need reform and regulation of law
    For L1s, stop giving them or enforce the law very strictly. Or else everybody will be jobless

    I have seen this in my company, a wireless provider in east coast.They have been eliminating silently all US based resources for the past 1 year and replacing with L1s

    Why do I get this feeling that you are an anti-immigrant on this website?

    Come clean please.


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  • vinabath
    07-10 10:13 AM
    I still think, the USA is the best place for democracy loving people. Govt and its agencies try their best to be accountable to law. Now if you want our Immigration issue to be put before IRAQ in the Congress, I would think that is selfishness. I have colleagues whose sons are in IRAQ. For me their lives are more important than my GC. Now that does not mean we stop making our point to Congress.

    PRECISELY My point. First it is IRAQ, then it will be the Presidential Elections then something else. The Government has NO time to question the USCIS and NO real motivation either.

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  • ajay
    11-09 01:03 PM
    I mailed those letters physically by mail. No replies yet though!!!


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  • Hunter
    05-10 10:43 PM
    Corruption in India called as Corruption and illegal there, but here you fools call it as lobbying. You know what When I started reading this thread I have some sympathy, but I will celebrate it now.
    You know what having sex with mother and sisters, and with animals is not development (Don’t believe go and look at your mother, Son). You are in Stone Age fool. :mad:

    Are you sure you are not confusing with Indian epics that discuss how Lord Brahma had sex with his own daughter? :D :D

    Unfortunately, you are showing your culture here with responses like this by clearly proving that you are incapable of provding a proper response. You are not making any case here, actually you are undermining it. This clearly shows the contempt that you have for the people of the country where you are desparately trying to immigrate to.

    If things were so rosy in India compared to US, you wouldn't be posting in this forum, will you?

    As a matter of fact, people like you, irrespective of the qualifications, should never be allowed to immigrate to anywhere. You should remain in India or should I say "arsha-bharatha"?

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  • jayleno
    01-13 03:31 PM
    Looks like Obmudsman office have acknowledged the problem. Just read this on their site

    However, the Ombudsman understands that USCIS may deny the Form I-485 in cases of portability (the ability to change jobs) before first issuing a Notice of Intent to Deny in certain limited circumstances. These include, for example, where the beneficiary is ineligible for the benefits of the Form I-485 by statute, or the Form I-140 is withdrawn before the Form I-485 was pending for 180 days........

    Once again a big Thank You to all of the volunteers behind this campaign.


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  • Green.Tech
    09-09 12:07 PM
    EB-1, EB-2, EB-3 doesnt matter, let's get the calls going. If you don't want to be at the same stage next September, please pick up the phones and call. GC sooner or later, it's your choice! Make it happen!

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  • 485Mbe4001
    10-18 11:29 AM
    :p, unfortunately bouquets will not work here, some people on one of the yahoo groups did try that, pro flowers refunded the money because FBI doesnt accept flowers or some crap like that:eek:

    Thank you sir. If nothing else moves forward on this Front , we have Bouquets :-)


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  • dilbert_cal
    11-23 05:38 PM
    You want to foreclose for a matter of 20K -- I'm really surprised by your thinking process. Based on it, I would assume you had a zero down loan.

    In my opinion and this is my opinion only ( and this is only from a financial perspective only ), taking a hit on your credit report for 7 years for a 20k monetary hit doesnt make sense.

    the moral , ethical part of it -- well there are quite a few folks on either side of it and I'll let them continue arguing for/against it :-)

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  • ksurjan
    07-09 08:45 PM
    Thanks for the comments...I'll personally come and see you off at the airport when you are ready to leave. I gusess you have your bags packed already.
    Just so you know we are not begging for GC we've earned it.
    Hello all
    I am a silent visitor of this website.
    Just my 2 cents... Don't think USA is like India where you can do something forcefully. Why don't you guys understand the real problem of USCIS.
    Do you think that by sending flower to USCIS will force them to make EB2/EB3 current for 2005/2006/2007 guys??

    Please try to understand their problem.
    Also India is the great. Why don't you guys just think that India is your home country where you are born and brought up. Why you people can't just wait and watch?? If nothing happens to the so called GC, then why don't you think to pack up and go back to India???????

    My sincere request, please don't do rally, you might be never know what they can do..... Don't you think that, it is better to go back to India rather than being embarrassed here in US???

    Isn't it a shame on us to go for Rally to get GC?????:D

    Just think that you will get it when time comes, otherwise pack up.

    Please don't take much tension as life is very short. I am assuring you all, nothing will happen with law suit and flower campaign.Don't irritate USCIS by doing all this please.

    EB2 India
    I140 approved-Sept 2006


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  • akela_topchi
    08-07 11:11 AM
    Knowingly, or unknowingly, you are dividing this community on meager self-interests. That's the worst somebody can do to IV.

    We don't need NumbersUSA to divide us when people like you are here...

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  • gaz
    01-09 02:16 PM

    when talking to my friends about IV I have observed the following:
    1) they prefer to "visit" the iv site to get a first hand look at what IV is about
    2) they tend to classify IV as a discussion forum rather than a movement - a couple of people have said that they did not notice any difference between IV and the other boards. they bookmark it and come back only when they have a burning question.
    3) once i tell them about IV's achievements they do seem interested but most appear to be afraid (or lazy?) in actively joining - either monetarily or otherwise.
    4) some people do not even want to post questions actively - instead ask me the question and expect me to post the question/ help them out with a response (not sure why - privacy issues?) - have others seen this also?

    I don't know how to convince the lazy ones - but for the others, would it make sense to restructure the site a little bit so that the home page is a little less noisy and has only information about the underlying movement , IV's achievements and then has a link to the the message board (as a feature of IV rather than it defining IV)?

    I think we are making a big deal of red and green dots. It is only in recent times that people are complaining so much about misuse. We can get rid of it, but then moderation will be tough. I do not think that is the reason for not participating. We do not have much awareness about IV in the community. When we say half million applications are pending, why are we not getting those on IV?

    We need help in raising awareness about this cause in the community. Let us make that as the first action item this new year. All members can take initiatives and help. It does not cost any money and IV is not asking any money. We just need more participation.

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  • superdude
    07-31 05:07 PM
    Well suppose they reject your 485 for lack of Initial Evidence then you are in some trouble. The people who applied prior to new Memo was passed had there applications receipted even without EVL. What will happen after the Memo is passed ...can't say. I think EVL is considered Initial Evidence. Thats my guess.
    Not this time. USCIS clearly mentioned that Completed application with Signatures, Correct Fees should be sufficient. They are even accepting without medicals.

    02-25 10:26 PM
    One can call the US consulates in other contries like canada or mex ask them if they can look up your petition number in the PIMS system. Google for the phone numbers.

    I hope that the PIMS system will be centralized. So if one consualte is able to pull it up, the same might be true for the others.

    Have there been reasons other than Pims for delays? I see a lot of 221g cases in the forums. Are these due to PIMS?

    Anyone with recent experience on h1b revalidation at chennai?

    08-21 12:17 PM
    Hi guys,

    Sorry, I bit the bait and got off track. Let us focus on the issue again. Let us agree on a time line and act accordingly.

    I would say, this week we work on drafting the letter (I took a shot at it, available @ page 2). Having 2 or 3 differently worded letter would probably be nice, but not necessarily.

    Next week we start mailing the letters. We have about 500 responses in the poll for EB3, so if we can get most of them to send the mail (email/fax whatever), it should be a start.

    We probably should start drafting a mail for our representatives/senators too, so that they too can follow up with USCIS.

    We will face a lot of opposition, ridicule and nasty posts, but we should persevere if we want to get our GCs any time soon.

    I agree we should focus on the task. There are lot of people trying to mislead and take the discussion off track. I will draft my own letter and send it this weekend. Its better if everyone writes there own letter. EB3 guys wake up and do something.

    Updates Via E-Mail