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  • whitecollarslave
    01-08 11:19 AM
    ? Recapture administratively the unused visas for permanent residency to fulfill the congressional mandate of 140,000 green cards per year.

    Anybody knows how many visa numbers can be recaptured if this is approved by the President?

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  • kumar1
    07-13 02:47 PM
    And to make matters worse, this jerk married a Mexican woman. He is alway behind Mexico and Mexicans for some reason. Imagine that, he lives in NJ, has a several acre house, makes 7/8 figure salary and then teaches American middle class a lesson to avoid goods produced in China/Mexico/India. Avoid them because they add up to trade deficit of USA, avoid them because those countries have stolen jobs from middle class Americans. Why doesn't Lou Dobbs stop using software written by some Indian/Chinesse guy? Why doesn't he stop eating at a place where in the kitchen a Mexican guy is making his meal? why doesn't he stop using Japnesse cars? Why doesn't he quit eating Pizza....afterall it is Italian food? Why doesn't he stop driving on interstate highways...part of those were made by African Americans. I am asking Lou Dobbs to show me his grand father's VISA/I-94 when he came to the USA, on a ship, half starved, half naked from some european country and never went back! This guy blames mexicans/legal or immigrations for this country's broken health care system. Other day, he was concerned that in California, especially L.A. and surrounding area, white people's percentage has gone below 50%, Mexicans and Indians are having too many kids, whites are not having enough kids.........this is by far the most racist program CNN runs and we need to do something to put a stop on it.


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  • newuser
    10-28 04:08 PM
    Did e-mail already as per the intial thread. Will mail the letters soon.

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  • CADude
    10-03 05:46 PM
    Some member are asking for TSC Fax#

    TSC I485 Dept Fax# 214-962-2632, 214-962-5441

    Good Luck.


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  • inderman
    10-20 01:09 PM
    Its good to hear from ppl that they got an Yellow form from Infopass etc... I have been to San Jose USCIS office multiple times asking for status.... I just don't receive any concrete information from them...Infact, they are even hesitant to create an SR to request an update...

    Any one else visited San Jose USCIS office? Similar experience, please share it with us...

    and What do u mean by stating that 485 is at local USCIS office? All 485 applications will b at either NSC or TSC, rite?

    I had an SR open for which i got the response as wait for 60-90 days and case is in the process of review.

    I went to Infopass (San Jose) twice and both times they said, i need to wait as your case just needs to get picked up for processing and every thing else looks ok...

    Called the NCSC and they also tell me to wait for 30-60 days....

    What other things can we do to actually get our case picked up?

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  • soni7007
    08-07 12:54 PM
    U are saying - The person's GC category should be same all through out the GC process, irrespective of the technical advancements the person make during the course of the GC process. A person is porting only because he is qualified for the category, U folks are talking as if there is an open slot and everyone is clamoring for it.

    U'r logic should be similar to the below scenario..

    A person joins a company as a Jr. Engineer, then based on U'r logic he/she cannot become a Manager (which requires an MBA / equivalent) because he entered the workforce as a Jr. Engg. Even though the fellow would've acquired necessary skills and even MBA (going part-time to school), still he/she cannot become a Manager. U are vouching that an MBA who joined few months earlier can become the Manager but not the home groomed fellow. Wow, U'r logic seems to a ground breaking thought process, please extrapolate U'r lawsuit for the case mentioned above. If you win, this might be the most ground breaking decision in US.

    Personally I've reported to folks who joined company as high-school grads and worked their way up to Managerial position ofcoz acquiring the necessary college education while working. They have shown up those experience to move ahead of other folks who joined later with higher degrees.

    sunnysurya and rollingflood,
    Rather than focusing on divisive efforts why can't you focus on real problem - retrogression. Why don't you work towards IV's goals? You folks joined the forum few months back and have already made great impact. Hope you would channel U'r energy into something positive for the entire community.

    Ok, i will try to make it as simple as possible:

    2 guys (names - JE and MBA respectively) graduate with BS in Engineering in 2001.
    Both go to USA in 2002.
    JE goes on H1B (as Junior Engineer) while MBA goes for an MBA on F1.

    In 2003, JEs company files for his GC, PD 2003, EB3
    In 2004, MBA graduates and joins a company as a manager.
    In 2005, MBA's company applies for his GC in EB2, PD 2005.

    So far so good.

    Now, it is 2008. Both are still waiting for their GC.

    Ideally, both are in same position (they should be, as both have same amount of exposure to professional world after undergrad - one replaced the work experience by higher degree and vice-versa).

    Now, JE wants to port his PD and get into EB2 category with PD 2003. This will make him exactly 2 years ahead of MBA. If he doesn't port, they are approximately in the same situation, so the chances of them getting a GC in 2009 will be same.

    What do you think is fair?

    P.S. - I do not support this lawsuit.


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  • sheela
    09-11 09:27 PM
    I will call as many

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  • gc28262
    06-18 12:20 PM
    If companies could survive with GCs and Citizens alone, they would have done it already. The fact is there aren't enough quality resources to be picked from GC/Citizen pool. That is the reason companies are willing to deal with complex immigration laws for hiring a non-immigrant worker.

    Of course companies will look for cheaper and easier ways of doing things.( outsourcing route) I agree with puddonhead that threshold for outsourcing is low in these times. Vast majority of outsourcing was initiated during the last recession ( 2000- 2001).


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  • nkavjs
    11-09 11:35 AM
    I called yesterday and spoke to an IO at TSC.. she says I am seen pending for name check as of Oct 17.
    I am a July 2 filer.

    CAdude.. I have a question for you though.. Did your notices show receipt dates of 2nd July or different.
    I spoke to my lawyer about getting it fixed.. but they never responded to me back.

    *Happy Diwali*

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  • desitechie
    08-26 12:47 AM
    Looks like Vonage is turning the heat on in the VOIP segment. It will be good for us if Lingo and Telebend match or beat vonage.

    I would wait for a month and then decide which way to go.


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  • SunnySurya
    11-03 09:23 PM
    Not an issue. It can be done using business necessity letter. Companies like Google should not have a issue as they regulary higher such qualified people. On the other hand , the non genuine case will have difficulty as from now onwards these positions will be scrutnized more closely. Moreover, any indication of fraud may result in the the audit of original labor also.

    Not only consulting companies but genuine companies in the software arena will also face trouble. If I interpret it correctly, most new hires at places like Google, MSFT, Amazon etc. even if having MS from top-notch universities in the US can apply only under EB-3 as their job description will fall in Job Zone 4.
    On the other hand somebody having a non-IT or CS degree from a mom&pop University can find a job, state its "research" and upgrade to Job Zone 5 and apply under EB-2.
    I wonder how this will fly with the affected companies?

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  • l1fraud
    06-08 10:15 PM
    Thanks ... normal options in USCIS asks you to call ... BUT doesn't seem to have a local office.. please let me know if anyone out there has gone this route and any update regarding what all documents we need to produce to prove our case. Since its a Billion dollar company they are bound to fight the case (hopefully). Any information regarding the same is appretiate.


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  • GT7481
    09-09 07:23 PM
    Finished calling the congressmen/congresswoman got answers ditto as prasad


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  • syedajmal
    08-21 12:44 PM
    I just received my 2 year EAD. Priority date is Nov 2002 - EB3 -India. Well I guess that says it all. If USCIS thinks that Nov 2002 will take at least another 2 years then I dunno what about the rest. I didn't wanna think about EB2 porting being so close and spend another 10k, I guess just need to stop worrying about it now. :)


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  • sertasheep
    07-10 07:41 PM
    Solidarity from Bollywood

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  • fcres
    08-16 10:21 AM
    Thankx fo rthe response.

    Does this mean i will surly get a RFE, and if it is say 1 year later, will i have to go for the medical exam again?

    Medical report is a valid evidence and if its missing they will surely issue an RFE when they are adjudicating your case, whether its now or 1-2yrs later. Since the medical report is valid only for an year if you get the RFE an year later you might have to do it again.
    One thing you can do is, once you get your receipt notice you can send your current medical report along with the copy of RN and a cover letter saying you are sending a missing document. Your lawyer should be able to assist you in this.


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  • heywhat
    11-26 01:00 PM

    There is no similarity between example you are giving and what Punjabi is in ..
    Punjabi is not returning it to actual seller but it is returning it to Bank which is not a seller of that house .
    morally i do not think this is right. Financially also I think people should avoid it if they are planning to stay in USA, because they might end up paying more in long run.


    This is directly not going to impact your I485, indirectly it might if you get pink slip in your new job and then you try to get another job but they reject it because of foreclosure while doing background check. And if you remain unemployed for long time and USCIS rejecting I485 application.

    Also you might end up paying more in future instead of saving anything out of this entire foreclosure ..

    I got your point and I difffer with that. Your point is-only defective items should be returned and I am saying it doesn't need to be defective. As long as you are not completely satisfied you should be able to return it and price is an element in customer satisfaction. That's why stores do price match so you don't need to return their merchandise. Stores that don't do price match deserve their goods to be returned.

    Also, I didn't put words in your mouth. "Returning used merchandise is a fraud" - these words came out of your own mouth. Check your own post.

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  • Canadian_Dream
    11-25 02:52 PM
    I agree with you the whole thing was set for a collapse and personal responsibility and other ethos have disappeared long time ago. In my opinion the fundamental problem is money created from debt. The backbone of entire modern economic system is based on creating money from debt. Check out this and you will know how leveraged the entire system is (not just real estate).

    Unfortunately we are all caught in it with only solution to fix is time travel and kill the beast in infancy. There is vested interest by the Govt and Banks to lend because that's the only way money is created. That explains constant rate cut cycle and stimulating artificial growth. The entire monetary system is hijacked by banks. The debt to ordinary people drives the economy and people pay that debt and interest a good part of their life. Thus collapse of big banks could lead to eventual meltdown of the system, and no wonder govt keeps bailing them out.
    In the end personal level frugal living and debt free people are constantly punished by taxing interest like ordinary income and no tax breaks. On the other hand big over leveraged spenders are rewarded with big tax breaks. Why ? Because it allows the well-oiled machinery to work.

    In last 10-12 months, this overworked (overstretched) machinery broke down because the debt (and interest) is no longer paid back. Banking system of the entire countries start to fail (Iceland, Latvia, Hungry...). What happens next is anybody's guess, but we will be collateral damage, mine and your savings will be eroded by diminished buying power due to currency printed to bail out the fundamentally flawed system.
    The sharp decline in moral and ethics is a direct result of entitlement mentality and welfare society. People feel that they deserve everything without having to pay it back and everyone who is better off must be evil. They forget that simple hardworking people can be rich by simply living debt free and with in the means.
    Finally the money from debt driven system might survive but not without huge decline in standard of living, a massive recession and permanent shift away from material possession as a central theme of life.

    It would have been ideal if they mandated 1:5 ratio. Unfortunately, with lax lending standards and unregulated banking, people made almost zero down payment (instead of the normal 20%) and bought into loans they couldn't afford in the first place.

    I would still blame the borrower 95% for all the mess.

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  • gtg506p
    01-08 02:24 PM
    I will participate in this wholeheartedly. One suggestion to the admin: perhaps we can post this in other websites also like ? I know a lot of people use that site for posting problems etc and whoever is not in IV might also get to know about it.

    03-25 11:36 AM
    This is a real problem. I got a letter from a prospective employer, who wanted proof that I was legally eligible to work in the US (alongwith transcripts, previous employment letters etc.) prior to scheduling an interview.:cool:

    I believe employers are seeing a lot of candidates on EAD, and for whatever reasons they dont think EAD is good enough and would like to weed those candidates out beforehand.

    We need to fight back against this discrimination.:mad:

    Start writing to DOJ on the link americandesi provided if you are effected. Enough is enough.

    03-25 04:24 PM
    Yes, "Interviewing" is not written there. And we all know that "Recruiting" or "Hiring" is not equivalent of "interviewing"

    The employer will come up with many excuses to not interview a candidate or hire. If the law doesn't allow you to discriminate when hiring based on national origin or EAD or whatever, rejecting candidates even for an interview doesn't make sense.

    Interview is part of the hiring and recruiting processes. Would you say employers putting a job ad saying we will only interview someone from a particular nationality is allowed?

    However, the more important point is we are fighting to get multi-year EAD in IV among other things. The law doesn't allow discrimination based on EAD for hiring. Let the govt lawyers and employers figure it out if not even interviewing candidates because of EAD comes under the purview of hiring or not and if it is legal or not.

    Updates Via E-Mail