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  • Ramg
    08-21 05:56 PM
    One can also sign-up for Annual Pre-Pay with Vonage which will cost $20 per month for the same World Plan. Vonage - Support - Annual Pre-Pay (

    Just pay $240 upfornt. I did the same. Now all the features of Vonage World for $20. :)

    Today I asked the customer service, they told me, I have to 315 dollars for annual plan. 239.99 + taxes = 315 dollars

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  • amsgc
    06-16 12:12 PM
    A# is the alien number that is given to the applicant during the GC process. It is either given at 140 approval or at 485. If you have a A# in your 140 approval then you can use that # in all your 485 forms.
    To answer pranju's question, yes its only for primary applicant. You can leave that field as blank for your spouse.

    Thank yoiu gcnirvana. Your post is very useful. I will use the A# that is on my I-140.

    Here is what I just found:
    - My EAD (from OPT) and H1B approval notice have the same A#
    - My company's rep. did not put an A# in the I-140 app.
    - My I-140 has a 9 digit A# which is different from the one that is on my H1 and EAD(OPT).

    My question is:

    If Spouse has EAD from OPT. Should s/he put that A# on their I-485?



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  • a1b2c3
    06-17 01:03 PM
    When did you realize the L1 Fraud? The day you were hired or the day you were fired?

    There was story of a man who used to beat his wife after coming back from work. Apparently he was frustrated with his boss and his wife was the victim of his frustration. He soon realized a remedy to his situation. He built an effigy of his boss and hid it in a safe & lonely place. Everyday after work he used to go there and beat and curse the shit out of that effigy. He could then return to his normal family life and continue to love his wife.

    You remind me of that guy. This forum is your safe place and all the dumb IV members responding to you are your effigies. I am a part of this dumb group so go ahead and throw some of that leftover shit on me.

    If you had eaten Indian mangoes, you would be happier!!

    You eat indian mangoes, he vents it out on IV. Its all better than beating your wife and living abnormal life.

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  • purplehazea
    05-17 11:29 AM
    You basically get an I131 which has all your immi information on it. It also includes your photo and validity period. There is also an area for stamping it when you re-enter the country. I hope this helps.


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  • mohican
    01-13 04:31 PM
    I read the ombudsman update...

    Have been trying to upload the file, but get an error even though it is within the specified size.

    I wanted to see if others got the same denial notice...

    mine explicitly states "There is no appeal for this decision" that standard or unique to my case

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  • avi_ny
    09-28 09:48 AM
    Got the GC cards in yesterday's mail.


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  • FinalGC
    01-07 11:18 PM
    >>>>I earnestly urge you to implement these administrative remedies without delay, otherwise many immigrant families who came to USA legally to become a part of the ?American Dream?, will continue to stay in a limbo. Your help is urgently needed. Your action will also fulfill your stated goal of attracting and retaining highly-skilled legal immigrants from around the world, eliminating bureaucratic inefficiency, and improving the lives of future Americans already living and working legally in the United States.<<<<<

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  • thakurrajiv
    09-25 08:52 AM
    I concluded the same ( Though never posted that analysis :)) But It looks like we are missing a very critical point - we are assuming that " these pending numbers are the total 485 workload USCIS has" but I referred a different chart on USCIS board and it looks like there is a separte hoard of "preadjudicated" applications already sitting in a queue apart from these numbers. Please check on following link.

    USCIS: National Processing Volumes and Trends (

    I saw this link Murthy's email too. The total pre-adjudicated cases in the chart is matching with the total in the document. Well now there are more un-answered questions:
    1. Does all other pending 485 include employment based ? If yes what % are employment based ? Obviously we do not have any country specific data on these.
    2. Is there any way to know whether individual case is pre-adjudicated or not ?
    USCIS has fooled us again. No good statistical analysis can be done on incomplete/inaccurate data. I am going from hopeful to hopeless again. I am EB2-I Feb 2006.
    Thanks a lot for staying on top of this and posting your analysis.


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  • imh1b
    10-25 04:11 PM
    IV should send a letter to Vonage CEO asking to put pressure on Obama and Senators to approve GCs quickly. We have been very good customers of Vonage.

    What a stupid idea.

    Why don't you write a letter to the CEO and threaten to cancel your vonage subscription if the CEO does not help you get a green card.

    Let us see if you choose to do it and lose your $10-15 dollars of savings every month via Vonage in the interest of gaining your greencard!!!

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  • roseball
    09-24 08:39 PM
    Any body know why there are 3341 cases in March 2005 in EB2 I category, is this about the time PERM came?With out quarterly spill over bulletin is going to get stuck in March 2005 till the end of the USCIS financial year.

    Yes, PERM was introduced on 28th Mar'05. I guess the high number of EB-2s was due to employers rushing to file under the old system.


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  • vamsree
    06-22 02:36 PM
    My wife filed for greencard in Oct 2006 under the Schedule A category where she filed for 140 and 485 concurrently.

    We got our EADs in November 2006. Later my company started my GC process(priority date is Nov 2006). I talked to my attorney about my 485 filing and she says that I should go ahead and file my application but only Adjustment of Status and not AP and EAD along with it. I should however give the reference of my earlier reciept numbers while filing my 485. My questions are:

    1. What happens if my wife's I-485 gets denied? How will this affect my I485 process and our EADs?

    2. We have not applied for AP and also didn't get our medical examination done when filing my wife's 485 application. Can I do these now when filing my 485?

    Please advise.

    Thank you.

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  • nixstor
    06-15 01:27 PM
    I shopped around yesterday for lawyers coz I wanted to fire my lawyer (my company's lawyer) and get my own.

    Turns out, they are all very very busy and some of them are refusing to take on new cases. The ones that do accept new cases are asking for something like $3,000 just to file 485/EAD/AP for primary appliant and spouse.

    Although its hard to get confidence in doing this on your own, its also hard to shell out $3,000 just to fill out forms and have a pair of eyes look over it. And after $3000, there is no guarantee that the lawyer's work would be perfect either coz they too, make mistakes as the paperwork (which 90% of immigration work) is really done by paralegals who dont care as much as they should.

    There are lot of people on portal who have filed 485 and EAD/AP on their own. I will link some threads here as I find them. And most people renew their EAD and AP on their own coz they would have left their sponsoring employer and they would be pretty much in charge of everything. So if people can file EAD./AP on their own, then the intial 485 is only one more form.

    Very true. If people can file for EAD & AP, Why not 485? Its no rocket science. All that we need is a correct list of documents and letter(s) needed from our employer. Here is what I found so far reading 485 form

    1) If we have an approved 140 petition, we do not need to provide a copy of the labor certificate.

    2) We need to submit the labor cert if we have an I 140 pending.

    3) We need an employment letter from our employer stating that the job is still available and the salary to be paid.

    4) No need for G-28 for any form that is being filed by yourself. If some one else is representing you, then they will file a form G-28

    Please add more info as you find.


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  • realraghu
    09-22 07:30 AM
    realraghu- 2nd July/10:25/FedEx/J.Barret/NSC/140 - TSC/No CC/No RN

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  • eb2_immigrant
    08-24 02:46 PM
    FYI...I heard from some of my friends that Vonage is good as long as you are its customer. Once you call CS and tell them you are leaving...they play all sorts of dirty tricks.

    What you heard is probably true, I was a customer long time back and wanted to disconnect, on top of stern response and attitude, they charged me for the whole month instead of prorating it .
    I like the new plan , may be I might buy it but if vonage has done this there will tons of other companies who will slash the prices or atleast match vonage.
    The world wide calling if great if you are calling your home country everyday or the phone card companies are costing you more than $25/month(air tel and others). Besides $25/per month these days is ridiculous(before the free worldwide calling plan). You can get a GOOD VOIP service for $10 or even under that these days. Just good "voip service providers"
    Bottom line- Great plan by not so great cust serv company


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  • crystal
    07-15 01:01 AM

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  • chanduv23
    10-28 02:43 PM
    I will definitely send all these letters today or tomorrow. But why are we not sending to all the service centers? Why only Texas? There are many cases at Vermont, California service centers which were never transferred to Texas. Would it not be appropriate to include these service centers in this campaign?

    jungalee - most of the i 485 handling is done at TSC and NSC.

    Dear members - This is an effort endorsed by IV core. Please participate in this campaign and make it a success.

    It would be great if you wish to volunteer towards this effort - contact nk2006 or pd_recapturing or itisnotfunny and you can see yourself volunteering actively for this effort.


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  • sunty
    10-01 12:29 PM
    He is right, but the problem is, USCIS and DOS has always done spill over only at the end of fiscal year and not quarterly.
    Now who will go and tell them to read their own statute again and reinterprete?? (like the spill over that was done vertical for several years until they realize, "it needs to be horizontal by our statute!!")

    Valid point. So its important for us to find out how was DOS reminded of the correct vertical spill over rule and we (IV) should follow the same.

    I don't know why IV is silent on such an important issue. I think I am missing something. Please IV core, any answers on this specific issue ?

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  • ourgcapproved
    08-13 12:45 PM
    Thanks Appas.. I sent an email to ombudsman on tueday and got a response on wednesday with the message. I also attached DS701 form, copy of I140 approved notice, I485 receipt notice.

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    We have received your case problem. We will initiate a formal inquiry with the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
    We appreciate your continued patience and understanding.

    Office of the CIS Ombudsman
    Department of Homeland Security

    did they contact you after this email? or any LUD on your case?

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  • illiguy2000
    07-14 05:55 PM
    The Rep Tom Tancredo a vociferous anti-immigrant both legal and illegal. The very fact that Lou Dobbs allowed his show as a mouthpiece to propagate incorrect information "about H1-Bs being illegal" is worthy of a lawsuit.

    How about a petition to the CEO of Time Warner asking Lou to apologize ?
    I was Just watching CNN and was reporting a part of Lou Dobbs episode,
    Tom Tancredo saying people overstay on H-1B after its "5 year" Expiration.
    I think he do not even have a clue about H-1 B programme.

    05-15 01:03 PM
    I plan to talk to my lawyer today. My past experience is that lawyers don't give all the options themselves. You have to know what options you have and then they will give advice on that.

    So if anybody has gone through similar situation, please give your inputs. I am sure many other people can benefit from this information.

    09-23 05:33 PM
    I've also found more details about Name Check at
    Name check:

    Name check addendum:

    Name Check vs FOIPA:

    1. Did anyone use the following phones to check the status of their Name Check case:

    FBI Name Check Status (Main Line) (202) 324-3625
    FBI NNCP Public Inquiry Voice Line (202) 324 2399
    FBI Name Check Inquiry Fax (202) 324-3367 (Mention Name/DOB/A#/Ph#/Addr#/Email/Fax)

    2. If someone used the FBI Name Check Inquiry Fax how long did it take for them to get back to you (if ever).

    3. Has anyone requested their FOIPA and if so how long did that take to receive a response?

    My wife and I both have filed forms N400 in October of 2006 in Minnesota (Nebraska Processing Center). USCIS received our applications on October 10th, 2006. On October 18th both of us received the fingerprints requests, which have been processed on October 27th. My wife’s case has been approved in February of 2007. She had her citizenship interview on March 16th, 2007 and became the US citizen on April 11th, 2007 after taking the Auth of Allegiance.

    I have not heard anything about my case since the fingerprints appointment. I have tried calling the USCIS Customer Service Number but they did not have any updated information about my case. I have also spoken with the Immigration Officer in the local USCIS office (InfoPass appointment) on July 27th, 2007. I have learned during that interview that my case is pending due to the FBI Name Check. The estimate that has been given to me was as long as 3 to 5 years, maybe more.

    So as of now my application is pending together with 320,000 others. Well since it's been pending for almost a year now I'm a proud member of 152,000 who had been waiting for more than six months, slowly moving to join more than 61,000 lucky ones that had been waiting for more than two years. Hence my next question.

    4. Did anyone hear the Name Check clearing between one year and two? Based on all of the people I've talked to it either took just a few months or more then 2 years. Seems to me once they put your file in that special pile it will not take less than 2 years.

    Updates Via E-Mail